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Sfogliatella Mary (Sweets shop of Naples "Sfogliatella Mary")

Pastry shop in Naples
Mary is a popular pastry where you can get freshly made sweets all the time.

Pastry shop in Naples
Famous Sfogliatella and delicious Babà!

Pastry shop in Naples
The right is Sfogliatella Riccia (puff pastry) and the left one is Flora (tart) type.

Pastry shop in Naples
The showcase in the shop is full of attractive pastries!!

Taste 4stars It's located on the Toledo street in the Galleria. Since it's a small shop, it's impossible to be seated inside. However you can always take away freshly made Sfogliatella!!
Mood 4stars
Price 3stars
Total 4stars

Neapolitan pastries are very tasty!!

What are famous Neapolitan pastries??
Maybe... "Babà" is undoubtedly typical sweet of Naples: a sponge cake in the shape of mushroom soaked in rum syrup for adult taste. "Sfogliatella" is also popular. It's made from a dough similar to phyllo cut into discs and formed into a pocket to hold an orange-flavored ricotta cheese filling.

There are two types of doughs called Riccia (puff pastry) and Flora (tart).

And for the Spring Easter, "Pastiera" is also well known. It's a cheese cake of ricotta cheese and wheat boiled in milk.
Come and eat delicious pastries while walking the city of Naples!!

This sweets shop is located in the Galleria, the center of Naples. It's very convenient!

The pastry "Mary" is situated in the Galleria Umbert I, in the heart of the city of Naples. This arcade was built in 1890 and still at that time there were many cafes where musicians and artists were gathering. Now many tourists come to see this arcade. After enjoying the visit this arcade, let's taste delicious sweets of "Mary"!!

A popular pastry shop "Mary" always has freshly made sweets!

"Mary" is a popular pastry where many locals and tourists come. Their Sfogliatella is really delicious because it's always freshly made. And you would be surprised by the size of Sfogliatella and of Babà of this shop. However, since they are very delicious, it would be possible to eat all strangely!! While walking, please eat Mary's sweets sprinkling powdered sugar around the mouth just as everyone does in front of the store. After that, to take a Caffè (espresso) at Bar is an authentic Neapolitan style.

Name Mary
Address Via Toledo 66-Napoli Italy
How to reach It's located at the corner of Via Toledo in the Galleria.
Closed Monday
Phone number 081-402218
Opening Hours 8:00-20:30
Price Baba' (big) --- 2.50 euros,
Sfogliatella --- 1.40 euros,
Mini Sfogliatella --- 0.50 euros
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