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Hotel Mercure Garibaldi

Hotel in Naples
The Hotel near the station in a large building. You feel safe in this very bright hotel. It faces immediately on the corner of the street.

Hotel in Naples
Inside is new and beautiful everywhere. Uniformed staffs are waiting for you at all times.

Hotel in Naples
Standard double room. 49 euro per night for two guests, incredible!

Hotel in Naples
Buffet style breakfast, charged separately. 7:30 to 10:00.

Hotel in Naples
A delicious dish of my favorite restaurant near the hotel, "A Figlia d'O Luciano". Please try at least once.

clean 5 stars It's unbelievably economic but very clean and safe hotel. Since it's a business hotel, the reception service is very good and all staffs answer everything carefully.
Around the hotel is a little bit dark area, but in Naples everywhere like this... This hotel is ideal for those who would like to stay safely. It's recommended!!!
room size 4stars
service 4.5 stars
price 5 stars
Total 4.5 stars

You can stay safely in Naples!

Naples is exciting but makes tourists a little bit nervous.
In Naples, it's highly recommended to stay at a big hotel near the Railway station. Then you do not have to walk with a suitcase nor take a taxi. If you can do check-in soon after arriving at Naples, you don't need to worry about picking and trickery of taxi drivers.

Searching for a good hotel with firm security in front of the station, I found this one "Hotel Mercure Garibaldi". The security service is thorough. Since it's a business hotel, the Internet WiFi (wireless LAN) service is also available.

Double room (2 guests) at 49 euros per night!!!

You can do check-in and checkout very smoothly. It's also possible card payment, and in the evening there is a free shuttle bus service to the downtown of Naples.
The economic prices are also attractive as well as good services. When I went in September 2009, a double room was 49 euros per night. Of course it was a total fee for two guests. This price is amazing for this service.

Amenities are also rich!!

The rooms are very clean. Bathrooms are well prepared and equipped with towels, a hairdryer, extensive amenities including even mouthwash! The bright and spacious shower room would be comfortable especially for women. The shower has enough hot water.

Around the hotel, there are several restaurants, pizzerias and cafes!

This hotel has another charm. That is there are several restaurants, pizzerias and cafes near around. My favorite place is "A Figlia d'O Luciano". It's a cafeteria-style dining and it would become a good memory of Naples to enjoy dinner with locals.

There is a very famous Pizzeria "Da Michele", too. I visit here to eat their pizza at least twice every time when I go to Naples. On the way back to the hotel you can take a Neapolitan cafe at "Dolce Sosta". Please try this recommended gourmet course, too.

Name Hotel Mercure Garibaldi
Address Via Ricciardi Giuseppe, 33-80142 Napoli (NA), Italy
Phone number +39 041 740 918
How to reach Go out from the central station of Naples. At the left side of "Piazza Garibaldi", go to the second street Via Riccardi Giuseppe. It takes 5 minutes walk from the station.
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I recommend "Hotel Mercure Garibaldi"!

Normally in Naples there are only many cheap but small hotels or ultra-luxury hotels. However, this "Mercure Garibaldi" satisfies you with a cheap price and full equipments.
I think it's difficult to find a good "business" hotel in Naples. It was newly decorated, so the rooms are very clean. I'll come back here also for the next time.