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Friggitoria Vomero (Fry shop Vomero)

Fry shop Vomero in Naples
Entrance of the shop. Clients enter one after another.

Fry shop Vomero in Naples
Attractive fries.

Fry shop Vomero in Naples
Show your receipt to the counter like this lady.

Fry shop Vomero in Naples
Easily wrapped by paper like this.

Taste 4stars Basically you can eat just fried hot foods. But be careful, sometimes-cold fries are served... depends on the time and types.
Mood 4stars
Price 5stars
Total 4stars

What's Friggitoria?

It's a fry shop.
Naples has a lot of casual fry shops like this.

What kinds of fries are sold??

In this shop you can get fried Pizza (Pizza Fritta), bite-size rice croquettes (Riso), fries of seaweed (Alghe), Polenta (a paste of corn flour), eggplant, spinach and zucchini flowers etc. Pastella is the base coating of fry.
Prices of big fries like Arancini or Pizza Fritta are from 1.30 euros. Bite-size croquettes of rice, seaweed, eggplant, spinach and polenta are sold at 0.20 euros!! Zucchini flowers cost 0.60 euros.
Sweet donut Graffa is available at 0.80 euros. It is also delicious fried donuts.

How to order?

First of all go at the casher and pay the amount of your order. Please keep your receipt and order at the counter.

The eating time is very late in Naples

Neapolitan lunchtime is 14.00 on average, dinner is after 20:30. So everyone comes to snack on fried foods.
You might think that fries would be too heavy as snacks... however, they are light and delicious with salty taste!! Come and try to buy some fried foods when you feel a little bit hungry. It would become an addictive habit!!

Friendly shop to tourists!! Very delicious!!

Although there are many fry shops in the central district, I recommend this fry shop in the Vomero district! It's easy to find because it's located in the Piazza Fuga, at the terminal station of the central line of cable car.

After eating fried foods, go to enjoy a beautiful panorama!!

The Vomero district is on the hill so you can see beautiful postcard like views. Here is also perfect for exploring the residential area. Let's take a walk eating fried food!
Actually I love fried food of this shop! Zucchini flowers are especially recommended! Croquette, too! Riso, also!! I mean, all fries are recommend!! Don't forget also fried Pizza. There are several types of toppings. My favorites are salami and ricotta cheese. I love fried donuts, too.

Name Friggitoria Vomero
Address Via Cimarosa Vomero,44-Napoli Italy
How to reach At the terminal station of the central line of the cable car, "Fuga square (Piazza Fuga)". Go down to the right from the station. One minute later on your right "Vomero district" is found. Please also see the page of Vomero district.
Closed Sunday and August
Phone number +39 081-5783130
Opening Hours Noon 11:00-14:30
Evening 17:00-21:30
Price One fly : from 0.20 euros
Arancini and Pizza fritta (fried pizza) from 1.30 euros
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