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National Archaeological Museum (Museo Archeologico Nazionale)

Ercole Farnese
Farnese Hercules

Toro Farnese
Farnese Bull

Afrodite di Capua
Venus of Capua

Artemide Efesia

Battaglia di Alessandro Magno
Battle of Alexander the Great

Gabinetto Segreto
One piece of the secret chamber

Ercole e Telefo
Hercules and Telephus

5 stars
In Naples there are two major museums of Italy. Those are the National Archaeological Museum and the following National Museum of Capodimonte. Both of museums conserve an extensive collection of the Farnese family. In the Archaeological Museum there are artifacts such as ancient statues and mosaics, in the Capodimonte museum there are mostly paintings.

The National Archaeological Museum exhibits works of Greek and Roman times. That is one of the best works in the world called the Farnese collection: "Marble sculptures", "Murals", "mosaics", excavated goods of Herculaneum and Pompeii ruins, some jewelries and Egyptian arts.

Major works of the National Archaeological Museum

1st floor - marble sculptures and jewelries and statues of the Medici family
  • Farnese Hercules (Ercole Farnese marble sculpture of Room 12)
  • Farnese Bull (Toro Farnese marble sculpture of Room 16)
  • Dancing Faun statue (Fauno bronze statuette)
  • Venus of Capua (Afrodite di Capua)
  • Artemis (Artemide Efesia Statue of fertility and child support)
  • Farnese dishes (Tazza Farnese agate dishes with some relieves of the gods)
Underground - Egypt Collection (mummies, coffins, grave goods, sculptures)
Mezzanine - Mosaics and coins unearthed from the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum
  • Battle of Alexander the Great (Battaglia di Alessandro Magno mosaic)
  • Portrait of a Lady (Ritratto Femminile mosaic)
  • Menander's Comedy (Commedia di Menandro mosaic)
  • Dancing Faun statue (Fauno bronze statue of the Room 60)
  • Secret chamber (Gabinetto Segreto erotic paintings and sculptures Room 65)
2nd Floor - Frescos, silverwares and statues of Pompeii and Herculaneum
  • Painting of Vesuvius (Pittura Vesviana painting of Mount Vesuvius at the time of eruption)
  • Hercules and Telephus (Ercole e Telefo Painting)
  • Flora (Flora Painting)
  • Megalographa (Megalografia Painting)
  • Blue Glass Bottle (Vaso in Vetro Blu)

Voice from Italy The National Archaeological Museum of Naples conserves a top level of Greco-Roman artifacts and sculptures in Europe. The high technology of the mosaics and marble sculptures at the antiquity was particularly impressive. I was just admiring them... I think it would be better to watch those arts taking also three hours if you have time.
(December 2006)

Name National Archaeological Museum (Museo Archeologico Nazionale)
Address Piazza Museo, 19 Napoli 80135, Italy
Tel&Fax Tel:081-440166
How to reach Go from the Central Railway Station to the Cavour stop of metro by FS line, and then walk for 7 min.
By bus take No. 201 and get off at Museum stop (Museo). The landmark is a big statue of Hercules. You can enter directly into the museum through the underground aisle.
From the square of Gesù Nuovo, it takes 7 minutes by foot.
From the square of Dante, it takes 5 minutes by foot.
Opening Hours 9.00-20.00 (Admission until one hour before closing)
Closed Tuesday, 1 January, 25 December
price Adults : 6.50 euros,
Under 18, over 65 : Free (Certificate and passport requirements)
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