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The National Museum of Capodimonte (Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte)

Masaccio's work "Crucifixion"

Madonna con Bambino e Angeli
Botticelli's work "Virgin and Child with Angels"

Giovanni Bellini's work, "Transformation of Christ"

Caravaggio's work "Flagellation of Christ"

Titian's work "Danae"

Madonna della gatta
"Madonna of the Cat"

Titian's work "Magdalene"

Ritratto di Galeazzo Sanvitale
Parmigiano's work "Anthea"

5 stars

The palace of this museum was built by Charles VII of Bourbon Naples (1734 -1759), in order to display art collection inherited from her mother Elisabeth of Parma. It's a baroque rococo style palace. Inside there is a beautiful garden and large botanical garden. From the Capodimonte hill you can overlook the eastern city of Naples. In addition, there are a small palace of Prince Capodimonte, a workshop of famous porcelain ware, a royal palace surrounded by a large park, Chapel of St. Gennaro, the Queen's residence, former residence of the hermit etc.

The palace has a museum of ceramics on the first floor. You can see the delicate and beautiful Capodimonte Porcelain. The pottery at the time was very praised like Meissen. On the second floor is a royal residence and on the third floor there is the Palace Museum of paintings (Pinacoteca). It's the most interesting exhibition including thousands of paintings from the Farnese collection. They are arranged in chronological order so it's very comprehensible. You can grasp the changing times and technological advances.

Major works of Capodimonte National Museum

  • Figure of Crucifixion (Crocifissione Masaccio)
    One of the most important works of this museum.
  • Virgin and Child with Angels (Madonna con Bambino e Angeli Botticelli)
  • St. Hieronymus pulls out a thorn from a lion (S. Gerolamo estrae una spina dalla zampa di un leone)
  • Paul III with his nephews Alexander and Octavian (Paolo III e i nipoti Alessandro e Ottavio Farnese works Titian)
  • Portrait of Galeazzo Sanvitale (Ritratto di Galeazzo Sanvitale Parmigianino)
  • Pieta' (Pieta' Carracci Annibare)
  • Transformation of Christ (Trasfigurazione Giovanni Bellini) 
One of the most important works of this museum.
  • Portrait of Bishop Bernardo de' Rossi (Ritratto di Bernardo de' Rossi, vescovo di Treviso Rosso Fiorentino)
  • Gypsy girl (Zingarella Correggio)
  • Flagellation of Christ (Flagellazione Caravaggio)
  • A group of warriors (Gruppo di armigeri Michelangelo)
  • Danae (Danae Titian)
  • Virgin of Cat (Madonna della Gatta Giulio Romano)
  • A boy blowing the fire of charcoal (Giovinetto che soffia su un carbone acceso)
  • Magdalene (Maddalena Titian)
  • Anthea: Portrait of a young woman (l'Antea Ritratto di giovane donna Parmigiano)
  • Fable of the blinds (Parabola dei ciechi Brueghel)
  • Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine (Nozze mistiche di Santa Caterina)
Neapolitan Paintings of 1600s - 1700s
Paintings and sculptures of 1800s

Voice from ITALY The museum of Capodimonte is located on the hill overlooking the city of Naples. There is a spacious park in front of the palace and many local children play soccer. Enjoy a peaceful day forgetting the hustle and bustle of Naples here. To visit the museum satisfyingly, it would take a half-day.
(April 2007)

Name The National Museum of Capodimonte (Museo di Capodimonte)
Address via Miano 2, 80131-Napoli Italy
Tel&Fax Tel. 0039.081.7499111
Fax 0039.081.7445032
How to reach From Naples Central Station take a metro of line 2 and get off at Cavour stop. Take a bus of No. 137 or No. 178 or No. 160 and get off at Milano stop.
From the Capodimonte Royal Palace or from Piazza Dante take a bus of No.24 and get off at Capodimonte stop.
Opening Hours 8:30-19:30 (Admission until one hour before closing)
Closed Wednesday, 1 January
Price Adults : 9 euros,
Under 18 and over 65: Free (Certificate and passport requirements)
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