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Pizzeria "Di Matteo"

Pizzeria Di Matteo
At lunchtime it becomes so crowded that people make a long queue outside. Students are eating standing. Inside is less crowded so you would be able to find a seat immediately.

Pizzeria Di Matteo
This is the famous Neapolitan "Margherita". There is also "Bufalina DOC" with the finest mozzarella of buffalo's milk.

Pizzeria Di Matteo
Inside is a cafeteria-style and very plain. Since there are tables also on the second floor, it's no problem to find a seat.

Pizzeria Di Matteo
Pizzaiolo (pizza chef) is very fun and friendly. Actually this pizzeria is the best place to enjoy delicious pizzas and pleasant Neapolitans' talk.

Pizzeria Di Matteo
The pizza menu is like this. Margherita costs unbelievably only 3 euros! Economy wine and beer are also amazing. Really, you would get hooked!!!

Taste 4.5 stars It's a very popular Pizzeria located in the heart of the most vibrant area "Spacca Napoli". All of locals in the city know this famous pizzeria with a long history. At lunchtime many students gather around and eat standing.
Of course you can be seated inside and enjoy the best pizza calmly. There is another famous pizzeria "Da Michele", but I think here "Di Matteo" all staffs are very kind and good feeling.
Mood 4.5 stars
Price 5 stars
Total 4.5 stars

Talking about the Italian pizza, Neapolitan pizza is authentic!!

I love pizza. Living in Italy, I can enjoy delicious meals every time! I remember that I was really surprised at the deliciousness of my first Italian pizza in Rome. However, after having known Neapolitan Pizza, I can no longer eat any other pizza in other towns anymore. Neapolitan pizza is so different. Now, I go to Naples in order to eat a pizza taking more than four hours by train! You know, authentic Neapolitan pizza is too "addictive" to make me commute!
Here it's introduced my most favorite pizzeria. Let's go to eat the most delicious pizza in the world!!!

Authentic Neapolitan pizza has an extraordinary history!

Neapolitan pizza has a long history. It's said that the first pizzeria was opened in 1830! Then, the famous "Pizza Margherita" was born in 1889. This Pizza given the Queen Margherita's name has sticky dough, rich tomato sauce, melted mozzarella and green fresh basil... It's the best combination of simple but genuine ingredients.
Once taste it, you would be addicted! Even if you would eat every day, you wouldn't get tired. That is a real pizza. Anyway, now I'll show you my favorite pizzeria.

"Di Matteo" is always very popular with locals.

There are many famous pizzerias in Naples, but "Di Matteo" in the heart of the city is super popular pizzeria. Opened in 1936, there would be no one who doesn't know this pizzeria in Naples. At lunchtime the entrance becomes crawling with many locals in a long line. Also many national and international celebrities came to eat here. On the wall there is also a picture of former President Bill Clinton! He came here to taste the pizza on the occasion of G7 held in Naples in 1994. They are proud of his visit.

Everyone is cheerful and friendly. Because they are Neapolitans!!!!

Outside is always crowded but inside there is enough space so you can be seated. There is also a menu to choose a type of pizza, but I recommend you to order the simple Margherita or "Bufalina DOC" with the finest mozzarella of buffalo's milk! In addition, "Fried pizza (Pizza Fritta)" is also a popular dish of Di Matteo. All of staffs are very polite and answer well to your question and order. Let's take a glass of Italian beer and wait moistening the throat. Authentic pizza baked in the wood oven comes out in a few minutes.
The pizza is served on a platter of mostly 30 cm in diameter. Let's cut into bite-size pieces with a knife and fork and bite it by hands. You will be fascinated by its melting texture and extraordinary fragrance. You'll think it an excellent memory of Naples!

from ITALY
I recommend "Di Matteo"!

I could finally eat at "Di Matteo", where I had wanted to visit for a long time. Besides the taste, friendly and cheerful staffs gave me a good impression.
In Naples there is a famous pizzeria "Da Michele" and many tourists go there. However, I'll become a regular customer of "Di Matteo". Let's order a good Margherita and beer!


Name Pizzeria Di Matteo
Address Via Tribunali, 94 - Napoli Italy
How to reach From Piazza Dante in the main street Toledo, walk to the east 10 minutes. Left side of Tribunali Street.
Phone number 081.455262
Closed Sunday
The second and third weeks of August
Menu Table charge 10%
Margherita 3 euros, Margherita al prosciutto 4 euros, Margherita alla cocca 4 euros, Margherita alla romana 4 euros, Margherita con funghi 4 euros, Margherita con melanzane 4 euros, Margherita con peperoni 6 euros, Margherita al tonno 5 euros, Margherita con wurstel 4 euros, Diavola 4 euros, Capricciosa 6 euros, Bufalina D.O.C. 5 euros, Quattrogusti 5 euros, Marinara 2.5 euros, Marinara al tonno 5 euros, Pizza Fritta 3.5 euros-5 euros
Beer Nastro Azzurro 50cc 2.5 euros, Birra Peroni 66cc 2.5 euros, Vino bianco (White wine) D.O.C. 75cc 3.5 euros, Vino rosso (Red wine) D.O.C. 75cc 3.5 euros, Coke 1.5 euros
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