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Museum of San Siro (San Siro Stadium)

San Siro Stadium
Beautiful San Siro Stadium. The on-site Museum is filled with the long history of AC Milan and FC Intel.

San Siro Stadium
On tour you can see the pitch, press conference room, VIP room and locker room. Photo is a Rosso Nero's locker room.

San Siro Stadium
The press conferences that you see on TV are held here!!

5 stars

Home stadium of AC Milan and FC Inter, San Siro

Milan has two big football clubs which always attract attention from around the world. They are AC Milan and FC Intel, with a long history and tradition. Their home stadium is located here "Stadium San Siro".

To visit the San Siro is very easy!

It takes about 30 minutes by tram from the Duomo to San Siro. The San Siro's district is known as a luxury residential area. Stadium is waiting for you like a big bird spreading wings at the end of the quiet streets. It looks at first glance as an international airport.
San Siro was built in 1926, and designated as a national treasure monument. It's also considered one of the most beautiful Stadium in the world. It can accommodate 85,000 people, the Italy's largest stadium. There were held numerous historic games here.

Italian Calcio history itself

AC Milan team was founded in 1899 and keep many world titles with a long history and tradition. Lots of superstars have played. FC Intel was founded in 1908 by some of AC Milan's opposition at that time.

For locals in Milan "foot ball" is an important topic such as politics and economy. When you meet new people, they always ask at the beginning "Are you Milanista or Intelista??".

Especially when these two big local teams have a game, it's called the Milan Derby and whole city becomes vibrant. Exactly the people separate in two and cheer their favorite team.
Most of all bars project the game on TV, and not only clients but also bartenders are glued to the TV screen...

At the moment of the goal, the stadium becomes full of cry and echo. It's really a great entertainment!!!

Try to enjoy the Museum even if there is no football game

However, games are not held every day. Even if unfortunately you don't watch the game due to dates, please visit this holy place "San Siro". It’s possible to visit the Museum began in 1996.
You can see AC Milan and FC Intel history in this Museum, past Champions trophies, former players' signed balls and uniforms, and other works of art are on display.

And it's particularly recommended to participate to the Stadium tour. Each group can visit inside the stadium for 30 minutes. You can see the pitch, the locker room which players actually use, and the press room, too. (opening hours depend on the game schedule)

Name Museum of San Siro
Address Via Piccolomini 5, Milano Italy
How to reach Take a tram of no. 16 to San Siro from the Duomo, about 30 minutes.
Phone number +39 02-4042432
Note The entrance is near the Gate No 14.
No cameras in the museum
Opening Hours 10:00-17:00
price Only Museum: Adult 7euros / children (under 18) 5 euros
Museum and Stadium Tour: Adult 12.50 euros / children 10 euros
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