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Panzerotti LUINI

Fried pizza shop Luini
Entrance of the shop. At lunch time you can find a long line rarely seen in Milan.

Fried pizza shop Luini
One Panzerotto costs only 2.5 Euro. Enjoy simple but deep taste of authentic Italian cheese and tomato sauce.

Taste 4 stars Luini is a very famous shop that everybody knows in Milan. The founder of this shop came from southern Italy more than 50 years ago. You can enjoy a tasty Panzerotto, fried filled pizza. It's so popular that a lot of international magazines and TV report this shop located near the Duomo. It's recommended to snack this fried pizza during your shopping.
Price 4 stars
Total 4 stars

Historical Panzerotto for Milanese

Luini has s a long history: it was opened in 1888 in southern Italy. More than 50 years ago, nobody knew this southern Italian food yet. Luini challenged to open a shop also in Milan and now there is no one who doesn't know its name in Milan! It's famous also for the incredibly economy price: one pizza costs only 2.5 euros. In front of the shop you can always see a long line. From elderlies to children, also local Milan people who normally doesn't like making a queue waits in order to taste that addictive fried filled pizza.

It's recommended to snack during sightseeing and shopping

After the big success of Luini, many shops started selling similar Panzerotto. However, no one could beat Luini and Luini's popularity resulted in reverse. There might be some special secret ingredients! To get such a good Panzerotto, it takes a few minutes from the Duomo. During shopping and sightseeing, please enjoy a delicious and hot fried pizza. Now Luini has also some shops all over Europe, its taste is guaranteed!!!

Name Panzerotti LUINI
Address Via Santa Radegonda 16-Milano ITALY
How to reach At the side of the department store "Renascente" to the Duomo.
Phone number +39 0286461917
Closed Sunday
Opening Hours Monday: 10:00-15:00
Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00-20:00
Map LUINIの地図