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In Milan there are many hotels, but it seems a little expensive. When there are exhibitions and international conferences like Milano Salone, the prices of accommodation leaps at once to several times. For sight seeing, it's better to find a hotel in the heart of the city with sufficiently good public transport links. Of course it should be clean and safe. Please use this Hotel Search below ( to see the rating. You can choose a good hotel with confidence.

Staying in the economic center of Italy and the fashion hub city, fully enjoy its elegant streets. Have fun and just enjoy food and tourism.

Recommended 10 Hotels in Milano

  1. Hotel Auriga (85) - Art Hotel in Milan
  2. Hotel Berna (86) - Only 200m from the Central Station of Milan
  3. Hotel Florida (78) - One minute from the Central Station
  4. Hotel Michelangelo (84) - Grand Business Hotel near the Station
  5. Residenza della Citta' (93) - Beautiful and elegant Residence of Milan
  6. NH Nhow Milano (91) - Four stars, Modern Hotel
  7. Hotel Ariosto (86) - Traditional italian Hotel near the church Santa Maria delle Grazie
  8. Hotel Lancaster (88) - In the center of city, sweet italian hotel
  9. Hotel Silver (88) - High quarity hotel, elegant and beautiful
  10. Hotel Charly (83) - Sweet and inexpensive hotel of Milan
word of mouth of Hotels
Milan is much more interesting than I thought

I traveled from Rome then Florence and Venice also with the major tourist places in the south of Italy. Our last destination was Milan. The tour was so rapid. For Milan Tourism I'd not expected much. However, it was fresh to see its unique atmosphere of the elegant people and elegant city streets. I could see also the Last Supper and enjoyed Milan even more than expected.
(December 2009)

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