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Restaurant & Winebar Mangiafoco

Firenze Mangiafoco
The entrance seems to be like a cafeteria but offers real fare and they’re so delicious, creating tender atmosphere.

Firenze Mangiafoco
Although the interior is tiny, it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. Authentic local Trattoria.

Firenze Mangiafoco
Private room is available on the underground roomwhere you can spend a happy time with your friends or family. The floor is the original stone pavement of 14th century.

Firenze Mangiafoco
Here is the today’s menu, pasta of cicoria and pistachio. Seems like simple dish but smells good. Don’t miss it.

Firenze Mangiafoco
Chicken with lemon sauce, sour taste and creamy. I wonder if I want to come here everyday and try everything on the menu.

Firenze Mangiafoco
“Fagottini pere e formaggio” which I had the other day. Inside the bundle which is made from homemade pasta with egg, there are pear and cheese. Little bit sweet and so delicious.

Firenze Mangiafoco
As I’ve written on my blog, this is an unknown but famous cheese in Puglia “Burrata “. Tastes like mozzarella, dense cream is inside. Don’t miss it especially for those who are gourmets. This is bought and brought directly from Puglia two times a week.

Firenze Mangiafoco
Coffee counter is side of the entrance. You can take a rest with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine after walking.

Taste 4.5stars It’s highly recommended restaurant. There are enormous wines on a list as the name of this restaurant shows, but it’s well worth eating here, not only drinking. It’s an excellent place to have a light meal in Florence; delicious, cheap, and the restaurant has good atmosphere. Furthermore waiters are so kind. It’s surely my favorite restaurant from my very first visit.
Mood 4.5stars
Price 4.5stars
Total 4.5stars

A Local Florentine brought me to this restaurant

Hide-away restaurant. It has been at this place for some years and actually I have passed in front of this restaurant but I didn’t realize that here is a restaurant , although I am sure of being gourmet, as the entrance seems to be a pub style. The other day one of my friends in Florence brought me to this restaurant saying “I will treat you a delicious lunch”. After one bite, I added it to my favorite list.

Inside of this restaurant is so attractive.

Probably you cannot imagine from an appearance but inside is so large, there are even stairs to the basement floor: it was originally a wine cellar in the 14th century, private rooms are available where you can wine and dine with your friends and family. It opened in 2001, lovely small wooden tables and chairs are placed, my friend said “I will come back soon and will bring my other friends”.

A cheerful and nice couple is working here

In the restaurant, Nice Italian couple, Elisa and Francesco are working here. Their tender character is just like an atmosphere of this restaurant. Of course all can speak English. Don’t worry.

The menus center the traditional Tuscan meals: offered at a bargain price and so tasty!

The menus center the traditional Tuscan meals , delicious and are arranged stylishly. You can have pastas which price is starting from 5 euro, main dishes from 6.5 euro. You can enjoy a rich lunch only with a glass of wine and the full- course meal; it will cost only 60 euro for two persons.

“Today’s dish” for lunch is recommended

General menu is also available but especially “today’s menu” will attract you. We two ordered “Fusilli al pesto di radicchio e pistacchi” which has good aroma of cicoria and pistacchi, was really fabulous. We tucked into it though it was big dish: cost only 6.5 euro.

“Petto di pollo al limone con zucchine trifoliate”(The chicken breast with lemon sauce and zukkini) is succulent and has a sour taste, the chicken breast is very tender. Also this dish is excellent, cost only 6.5 euro!

You will be satisfied with any dish, I would like to haunt everyday and try every dishes. Next time I would like to pick “Tagliatelle Mangiafoco” which uses the same dish as its namesake, a pasta with sauce n’duia( hot sausage, special product in southern Italy). It is also house special.

Has a great selection of wines. You can try tasting, enjoy ample volume of side dishes

Wine selection centers wines in Tuscany, anyway there is great selection of wines throughout Italy: which are difficult to get at other shops. Taste of wine is guaranteed. You will have a glass of wine whish price is starting from 4 euro, also enjoy ample volume of side dishes; mixture of Tuscan sausages, mixture of cheeses, bruschetta which go well with wines. It also does wine tasting courses. You’ll surely haunt this place if you are crazy about wines.

Offers general menu also at night

Formerly at night if you only order just one drink you could enjoy the buffet. But it began to offer general menus like lunch to response for the request of customers. Now also at night you can have a creative variation of menus like a lunch at reasonable prices. Low cost and fair price, you can have a pleasant time.

One example: light lunch we had for this time (one man & one woman, cost 34,5 euro)

  • cover charge: 2 euro a person x 2
  • Two glasses of white wine: 5 euro x 2
  • Water 1 liter: 1 euro
  • Fusilli al pesto di radicchio e pistacchi: 6.5 euro
  • Petto di pollo al limone con zucchine trifoliate: 6.5 euro
  • Cheese cake with chocolate sauce: 2.5 euro
  • 2 Espresso coffee: 2 euro x 2
from ITALY
Comments of reporters

I must confess that it’s surely a recommended restaurant on the point of view from taste, atmosphere, service and price. I’m sure this restaurant will satisfy everyone.

Staff of AMOITALY in Flrence

Testimonials travelers
Comments from travelers

It offers delicious fare, well-served staffs, my special memory.
I went to Florence with my sister the other day and had meals at “Mangiafoco” as presented on this website. It offers good wines and dishes, staffs are cheerful: this visit was a best memory among meals of this trip. I’ll surely come back here. (April 2010)

Lunch Menu (February 2010)
Table charge
2 euros per person
Menu del giorno
Menu of today
Tagliatelle al Ragu' 6 euros, Farfalle al Pomodoro 5 euros, Fusilli al Pesto di radicchio e Pistacchi 6.5 euros, Risotto con broccoli di rapa 6 euros, Petto di pollo al limone con zucchine trifolate 6.5 euros, Brasato di Manzo con crema di Fagioli Borlotti 8.5 euros, Roastbeef con spinaci 7.5 euros, Cheese cake euros, Tortino di cioccolato e noci con panna euros, Muffins vari
Wine Tasging Vini della Maremma 14 euros, Vini tipici toscani 14 euros, Vini bianchi italiani 13 euros
Mixed dishes Tagliere mangiafoco tipico toscano small 15, Medium 23, Large 30 euros, Tagliere di salumi toscani Small10, Medium18, Large25 euros, Tagliere di pecorini misti Small13, Medium22, Large33 euros, Tagliere di crostini misti Small6, Medium9, large12 euros
Bruschette Degustazione di oli toscani con bruschette 5 euros, Bruschetta con pomodoro mozzarella e basilico 5.5 euros, Bruschetta prosciutto crudo e stracchino 5.5 euros, Bruschetta con funghi porcini, mozzarella e rucola 6 euros, Bruschetta con pecorino miele e noce 6 euros
Primi piatti
Primo del giorno 7 euros, Pesto del giorno 7 euros, Tagliatelle mangiafoco 8 euros, Penne al pomodoro fresco 7 euros, Fagottini di pera e formaggio al burro e scaglie di grana 8 euros
Secondi piatti
Mein dishes
Secondo e contorno del giorno 9 euros, Carpaccio di bresaola 9 euros, Carpaccio di pesce spada 10.5 euros, Carpaccio di tonno 9.5 euros
Insalatona caprese 10 euros, Insalatona mangiafoco 9 euros, Insalatona veggie 9 euros, Insalatona di bosco 9 euros, Insalatona di rucola 8 euros, Insalatona di tonno 10 euros
Caffe' 2 euros, Decaffeinato 2.5 euros, Caffe' corretto 2.8 euros, Caffe' latte 3 euros, Cappuccino 3 euros, The' caldo 3 euros, Tisane 3 euros, succhi di frutta 3 euros, coca cola 3 euros, campari soda 4 euros, cocktails analcolici 6 euros, cocktails alcolici 7 euros
4 euros-10 euros / a glass
Name Restaurant & Winebar Mangiafoco
Address Borgo SS. Apostoli 26r, Florence Italy
How to reach Taking Por Santa Maria from duomo and go towards Ponte Vecchio, when you face a Borgo ss. Apostolic turn right and you can find on your right side.
Tel. +39 055 2658170
Closed Sunday
Opening Hours 10:00-22:00
Lunch 12:00-15:00
Aperitif 18:00-22:00
Budget 15-25 euros /person (excluding drink)
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