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Luciano Gloves 5stars

Luciano Gloves Firenze
It faces a main street toward Ponte Vecchio from Duomo, located just in front of ponte Vecchio. Has an authentic appearance.

Luciano Gloves Firenze
Mr. Massimo and Mrs. Giovanna, husband and wife, they are very cheerful and friendly. Other clerks are also tactful. It’s an pleasant place.

Luciano Gloves Firenze
The Showcase is so clean. They show gloves one after and another on this showcase.

Luciano Gloves Firenze
I bought these gloves: really fascinated by them! The orange line and zipper are sharp and demonstrates stylish design. Inside is made from cashmere 100%

Luciano Gloves Firenze
Appearance of shelves of the wall certificate that it’s a shop of long standing: might seem to prepare medicines but inside of them uncountable gloves and scarves are stored.

Luciano Gloves Firenze
Just looking the show window is enough to satisfy you, so many colorful models caught your eye that you cannot easily decide what to buy. I would like to buy one by one for my anniversary every year.

Let’s go for shopping of leather gloves in Florence!

Leather gloves are special articles in Florence. In San Lorenzo area, leather shops of coats and bags are in row, elegant workshops of shoes are ubiquitous in the town. I advise you to buy a leather wallet or purse for souvenirs which have an Italian color and sharp style. Leather Bracelets are available by1 euro for one. But for your present, I do advise you to buy leather gloves!

High quality leather, excellent soft to touch

You will be amazed at how many gloves specialty shops are in Florence. Fashionable Florentines are particular about gloves, scarves and hats all the time. Furthermore every shop is professional. Gloves with high-quality skin are excellent soft to touch, stick naturally to your hands. You can find your preferred color, has great selection of style ranging from standard to latest mode. To prove that they are professional: at a glance of hands of customers, they can pick ones up from a self to fit exactly for customers. You only have to tell your preferred color. Once you get them, you cannot leave since they certainly get along well with you.

Recommend you to visit “Luciano Gloves”, authentic gloves shop in Florence.

For the Christmas in 2009, I decided to do luxurious shopping of leather gloves for myself. Visited a lot of famous shops like MADOVA, but I have not found ones I like. Nothing really stood out.
Finally I arrived at “Luciano Gloves” located at few meters front of Ponte Vecchio.
At a glance I have really taken to this shop; demonstrates stylish, chic and sharp design. I can say justifiably distinguished shop.

It was founded 44 years ago. I guarantee this authentic specialty shop

I arrived at the conclusion that gloves of this shop are so excellent. The kind of leather is ranging from cows, sheep to goat and so on, the design is also sophisticated. Their color is so clear and have ample sizes of gloves even for my small hands. All its items are hand-crafted and are produced in a traditional Florentine manufacturing: have dozens of designs and in total have a variety over 100, accounting for numbers of colors and sizes. From the begging, it is located in the best commercial district in town on the side of Ponte Vecchio, wooden shelves tell its story and are so excellent. In1966. Mr. Luciano Cenni opened this shop, currently his nephew Massimo and his wife Giovanna succeed to run. They both are so cheerful and familiar.

Just tell your preferred color! They display one after another

If you enter this shop, the clerks come to serve you in a minute. It was my very first time to buy gloves on specialty store, my process to purchase was like this;
Asked them for gloves, then they reply “Which color would you like to have?”. Originally I wanted to buy unfamiliar gray gloves made from leather. I had half given up finding my size as my hands are smaller for men’s. But I didn’t have to worry, they really brought me gray leather ones which fit my hands. I only had to hold my right hand out, they put it on right away.

I tried on over twenty gloves and finally I chose to buy…

Like shoes, you cannot be sure without trying them on. Depending on a type of leather, you can feel different sense of quality and fitting. Simple brown gloves which I didn’t care at first matched to me. In the end I chose black ones with sharp orange zipper and inside is made from cashmere 100 %. I was looking for ones; soft, fitting enough for my hands and making me warm as I often take photos, but this shop cleared all my these desires.

Originally my budget was about 40 euro but I bought ones cost 56 euro, I was so satisfied even if exceeded my budget. However the price is starting from 20 euro. Please try on many gloves as much as you can since portion or color of leather differentiate price.

Name Luciano Gloves
Address Via Por Santa Maria 10/R, 50122 Firenze Italy
How to reach Go toward Ponte Vecchio from Duomo and you will find it on your left, just in front of Ponte Vecchio.
Tel. +39 055 210635
Closed None
Opening Hours 10:00-19:30
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