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Trattoria Armando

Firenze Trattoria Armando
The appearance is that of a real authentic trattoria. The atmosphere of entrance is so attractive. Tables at the terrace are also available but inside is recommended.

Firenze Trattoria Armando
At two tables side of an entrance you can have sunshine and you will be comfortable. Inside is large.
If you enter inside you can recognize that this restaurant is really well-konwn place. Can’t wait until the dishes will be served before us!

Alessandra: the owner of this restaurant (left), Danielle: her uncle (right). Family-run authentic restaurant . They are so cheerful and loved by local people.

Firenze Trattoria Armando
This is “Spaghetti alla Carrettiera” , my recommended dish. You can savor garlic, sour taste of tomatoes and red peppers. This is an authentic Italian pasta.

Firenze Trattoria Armando
“Risotto al Piccione” is so tender, you cannot stop eating it. Also my friend praised this dish.

Firenze Trattoria Armando
“Fritto alla fiorentina di carni miste e verdure, which made us really full.

Firenze Trattoria Armando
The photos of Opera musicians are on the wall. You can find a photo with an autograph of Luciano Pavarotti who died in 2007. You can enjoy just looking at the photos of Hollywood stars on the wall.

Firenze Trattoria Armando
The appetizers came out of the service "Pappa al Pomodoro", the traditional Tuscan cuisine. This is good taste, mellow taste was a rarity. Lucky!

Firenze Trattoria Armando
One of the most popular menu of Armando "Coccio caldo e funghi porcini". Containing sheep's cheese baked porcini mushrooms. Thick texture that melts in the porcini, a great cheese flavor.
Is a seemingly small,but has volume. No problem to share together.

Firenze Trattoria Armando
Summer Menu "containing tomato cream tortelli" The unit is cute, taste is excellent.

Taste 5stars Delicious! Delicious! Delicious!
I don’t know how to describe this delicious restaurant, you can have excellent Florentine dishes here. The Opera musicians frequent as it is located close to “Teatro Communale” of Florence, you can enjoy an elegant atmosphere and special dishes. I cannot say that a price is so high, taking taste and atmosphere into consideration. Lunch is offered by 20% discount. (In summer 15%)
Mood 5stars
Price 4.5stars
Total 4.5stars

I must confess… I didn’t know that this is a well-known restaurant

Situated at the western part in the center of Florence, “Trattoria Armando” is in a suave residential area. I didn’t recognize until now since I have not been in this area so much but the owner of “Hotel Executive Florence” recommended me as I can reach by 2 minute walk from the hotel. At a first glace I was really fascinated by the appearance of “Authentic Italian Trattoria”. Before entering, an elegant appearance and entrance made me feel sure that this is a real authentic restaurant. My guess was right. I understood later that it was established in 1957 and is a real traditional, well-known restaurant.

You can find that it’s a legendary place soon after you enter inside

I was delighted by a cozy atmosphere. On the wall there are photos and autographs; opera singers, musicians, dancers and actors/actresses. As situated close to the “teatro communale” of Florence, “Armando” is especially loved by the musicians. It offers a cozy atmosphere and I must say that we could not wait until the dishes were served before us. The inner space is so long and wide, tables are placed neatly, we can feel its authentic history. If you think “I would like to have dishes at a special restaurant”. “Armando” will make your dream come true.

“Taste is excellent” : once you come here ,everybody says like

An authentic and elegant atmosphere…but how is the taste? No problem. Excellent dishes will be served for sure. Menus center traditional Tuscan dishes, I was at a loss to choose. We two ordered two first dishes and shared one second dish.

“Spaghetti alla carrettiera” is strongly recommended

This house special, “Spaghetti alla carrettiera”, is a spaghetti of tomato sauce with garlic and red pepper. Amazing! Four pieces of garlic are used but red peppers are not so strong; you can savor a sweet and sour taste of tomatoes. SIMPLE IS BEST! This is an authentic Italian Pasta. The garlic is strong: but if you mind a lot, you will miss this special pasta. Please try it.

“Risotto al Piccione” is also tasty, fantastic.

Another dish is “Risotto al Piccione”. Tasty and you can feel the succulent taste of pigeon. A particular smell of pigeon is removed and mellow, “al dente” of risotto is perfect. You cannot find delicious risotto like this. You will really take to this dish if you can eat liver.

The main dish is “Fritto alla fiorentina di carni miste e verdure ”

I ordered “Fritto alla fiorentina di carni miste e verdure”, the very first menu for my experience. We shared one dish but it was really filling. Two plates and setting are prepared before asking, this tactful service is also admired and one of fascinating points of an authentic restaurant. You can enjoy your time.

These fried meats are brains of calves, chickens and rabbits. The brain of calves is succulent, chickens are like gristles but tasty, rabbits have strong taste of gibier. It seems to be a particular dish but has elegant taste and you can enjoy even if you have not tried it before. Fried vegetables are; eggplant, zucchini, carrots and cauliflower. This is a filling meal.

Lunch will be served by a 20% discount (in Summer 15%)

We had also a house-made sweet, after that we are server liqueurs for free. Of course we had an espresso for closing. We can say that this restaurant offers dishes at a very reasonable price taking the quality of service and dishes into consideration. Especially lunch will be served by a 20% discount! Weekday lunch time is recommended to enjoy fully for travelers. Taking a short walk along the Arno River after such an excellent Florentine lunch is also fantastic.

One example: light lunch we had for this time (one man & one woman, cost 60 euro)

In total cost 76 euro including service charge 10 % but offered 20% discount for lunch as indicated above then we paid 60 euro: lunch is recommended

  • Two house red wine 1/2 liter : 5 euro
  • Water 1 liter: 3.8 euro
  • Spaghetti alla carrettiera: 12 euro
  • Fritto alla fiorentina di carni miste e verdure: 23 euro
  • Torta di Cioccolato: 7 euro
  • 2 Espresso coffee: 2.5 euro x 2
  • service charge(including cover charge and bread): 10%(6.5 euro)
from ITALY
Authentic Florentine dishes are available

If you want to have a special memory in Florence, Armando is recommended for sure.
You will eat well at a reasonable price and it offers service and atmosphere which make you want to come back..
I really envy Florentines who can frequent this restaurant to have a lunch.
Please have an enjoyable time with your boy/girl friend, friends or family.
I’m sure you cannot stop taking pictures of this restaurant as it’s so attractive.

Staff of AMOITALY in Flrence

Lunch menu (February 2010)
Coperto Cover Charge (seats and bread) 10%
Misto di salumi toscani 10 euros, Bruschette con pomodoro e fagioli piattellini 9 euros, Crostini di fegato alla toscana 8 euros, Insalatina con pecorino di Pienza e pere 11 euros, Coccio caldo di pecorino di Pienza e funghi porcini 11 euros, Insalata di mozzarella di bufala e pomodorini 10 euros, Panzanella 8 euros
Primi Piatti
First Dishes
Crema di zucca gialla con funghi porcini 12 euros, Zuppa di cipolle 10 euros, Ribollita 12 euros, Minestra di fagioli e farro 10 euros, Spaghetti alla carrettiera 12 euros, Spaghetti al carciofo crudo 13 euros, Pici al ragu` di carne e funghi 13 euros, Gnudi di ricotta e spinaci al burro e salvia 12 euros, Pappardelle sul cinghiale 13 euros, Lasagne con ragu` 13 euros, Risotto al piccione 14 euros
Primi Piatti
First Dishes
Crema di pomodoro con tortello di ricotta 12 euros, Crema di zucchine alla mentuccia 10 euros, Minestra di fagioli e farro 10 euros, Spaghetti alla carrettiera 12 euros, Spaghetti al Maggio Fiorentino 13 euros, Fusilli con pomodorini e ricotta stagionata 13 euros, Gnudi di ricotta e spinaci al burro e salvia 12 euros, Pappardelle sul cinghiale 13 euros, Lasagne con ragu` 13 euros, Risotto con i porri 13 euros
Secondi Piatti
Main Dishes
Trippa alla fiorentina 13 euros, Fritto alla fiorentina di carni miste e verdure 23 euros, Peposo di manzo alla fornacina 16 euros, Tortino di carciofi 14 euros, Tagliata di filetto di maiale alle erbe aromatiche 19 euros, Baccala` alla livornese 16 euros, Lombatina di vitella alla brace 19 euros, Bistecca alla fiorentina alla brace 45 euros(a kiro), Tagliata di manzo con rucola e parmigiano 30 euros, Quarto di pollo al mattone 15 euros
Side Dishes
Verdura fresca cruda o bollita 6 euros, Fagioli piattellini all’olio extravergine toscano o all’uccelletto 5 euros, Verdure o patate fritte in padella 7 euros, Verdure grigliate con pecorino alla piastra 16 euros, Involtini di melanzane grigliate farciti con mozzarella e pomodorini 14 euros
Dolci fatti in casa 7 euros
Tiramisu' , Torata di cioccolato , Torta di mele, etx.
1/2 Rosso Toscano della casa (Red wine 500ml) 5 euros, Vini Rossi (Bottle) 14 euros~200 euros
1/2 litro bianco toscano da tavola (500ml) 4 euros, Vini Bianchi (bottle) 14 euros~40 euros

Menu Trattoria Armando
Adress Via Borgognissanti 140/R, Firenze Italy
How to reach Close to the SMN station, within 5 minute walk. From the center, go along with the Arno River, and take Via Borgognissanti then you can find on your right side: take 20 minutes walk.
Tel. +39 055217263
Closed Sunday
Mon: Dinner only
Closed August
Opening hours Lunch: 12.15 pm- 3.00 pm
Dinner: 7.15 pm- 10.30 pm
Budget Lunch: 20-30 euro a person (excluding drinking)
Dinner: 25-40 euro a person (excluding drinking)
Notes Credit is available
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