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Gelato in Florence


Florence has a lot of gelateria (gelato shops), and unfortunately many of them sell "fake" gelato for tourists. In this page we introduce only delicious gelato shops, which local "Fiorentini" ensure the quality. Please try an authentic and excellent gelato by all means.

In Italy, everyone enjoys gelato also in winter. It is also delicious ice cream in winter. And in Florence, there are many "CHIC" flavors for adults, such as chocolate or milk-based gelato.

Gelateria Carabe' 5 stars

Gelateria Carabe'

This "Gelateria Carabe'" is a Sicilian gelato shop. It's a "super" well-known gelateria. Sicilian gelato features more fruity taste than normal ice cream. Especially, its strawberry sorbet and lemon sorbet have a very fresh sense of fruits!! In addition to gelato, they serve also "Granita (shaved ice)". In Florence I can say that here is the most delicious!!!

The shop's recommendation is "Almond Granita (Mandorla Granita)" and "Pistachio gelato (Pistacchio)". They use the highest quality beans of Sicilian Pistachios.

Travel Information This Gelateria Carabe' is my favorite gelato shop in Florence. Fruit ice cream is better than anything. I always order a mix of three fruits; Limone (lemon), Fragola (strawberry) and Lampone (raspberry). Please come here after a long sightseeing in Florence. You can forget your tiredness! (May, 2007)
Name Gelateria Carabe'
Address Via Ricasoli, 60, 50122 Florence, Italy
Phone number 055-289-476
Closed None
Opening Hours 9:00-2:00 (May - October)
11:00-19:30 (November - April)
How to get there It's situated on the right side of the Via Ricasoli street from the Cathedral Duomo to the Galleria dell'Accademia. 5 minutes walk from the Duomo. The entrance of the shop is small, but you will immediately recognize many people with gelato in hand all the time.
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Gelateria dei Neri 5 stars

Gelateria dei Neri

In the center of Florence, there are so many ice cream shops. Among them, here "Gelateria dei Neri" is rare shop which offers you a genuine gelato in downtown. It's near the Duomo and is easily accessible.

Although you find many other gelato shops on the way, please try to win their temptation and reach the "Gelateria dei Neri". This gelateria is very famous but not crowded, so you will be able to get your ice cream soon.

Store name Gelateria dei Neri
Address Via dei Neri, 26, 50122 Florence, Italy
How to reach Down the street between the Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi gallery, on the left side. It is very easy.
Tel. 055-210-034
Closed Wednesday
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Gelateria Veneta 5 stars

Gelateria Veneta

Although it's located a little bit outside from the center of Florence, it's valuable to visit this gelato shop. The taste is guaranteed. Especially chocolate and vanilla based flavors are very delicious. If you are a chocolate lover, you should go by all means!!!

Travel Information On the way to the Florence's big supermarket "Corp", I tried to stop by here. I took chocolate and pistachio flavors. It was the best. From that day I continued to eat their gelato for three days!
(March 31, 2008)
Name Gelateria Veneta
Address Piazza Beccaria 7r / 50121 Firenze Italy
How to reach Go straight to east from the Repubblica square. It's located in the Piazza Beccaria, northeast from the Santa Croce church. Next to the cinema. 15 minutes walk from the Santa Croce church.
Tel. 055.2343370
Closed Wednesday
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Perche No! 四.5stars

Gelateria Perche' No!

The interior of this shop seems cheap and not delicious apparently. However, you know, here is a well-established ice cream shop in Florence, founded in 1939 actually. It's famous among not only tourists but also among locals. Of course, you can eat fine ice cream without preservatives and additives.

There are many recommended flavors of the shop; Pistachio (pistacchio), Hazelnut (nocciola), Cream (crema), Milk cream with sesame (fior di latte con sesamo). Fruit-flavored ice cream is very light and they produce only seasonal fruits flavors. Additionally, there are Ricotta cheese gelato (gelato di ricotta), Black strawberry (mora), Almond (mandorla), Fig (fico) and more.

Travel Information A hotelman in Florence recommended me here and I visited this gelateria on the first day. During my stay, I took their gelato so many times! The taste is not too much sweet, and fresh. With the International Student ID card you can get a 1 euro discount for a cup of 2 euros. (August 2007)
Name Perche No!
Address Via dei Tavolini 19r Florence ITALY
How to get there It's located on the Via dei Tavolini street, nearby the Via del Calzaiuoli street, between the Duomo and the Signoria Square (Palazzo Vecchio). on your left (Via dei Tavolini) inside. It is easy to find.
Tel. 055-2398969
Closed None
Opening Hours 11:00-24:00 (Except Tuesday)
12:00-20:00 (Only Tuesday)
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Gelateria Vivoli 4stars

Gelateria Vivoli Firenze

It's one of the oldest gelato shops in Florence, founded in 1930. Starting as a family-owned ice cream shop, this gelateria is still keeping the same recipe with personal care. Since they use the best materials, their tastes are definitely delicious.

First of all you have to pay specifying the size of the cup at the register. Then bring a receipt to the counter and choose your favorite flavors (normally two). Gelato is very dense and fruity. The variety is very rich and every flavor is very good.

Travel Information I tried this Vivoli for the first time. Comparing to the "Gelateria dei Neri", the quantity seemed less. A cup was also small. Considering the price, I felt a little bit unsatisfied.
(August 2007)
Name Gelateria Vivoli
Address Via Isola delle Stinche, 7/r-Florence ITALY
How to reach It's close to the Santa Croce square. Opposite the church of Santa Simone. It's not a very big store, but it would be easy to recognize it because there is always a crowd. Behind the Verdi theater.
Tel. 055 292334
Closed Monday
Opening Hours 7:30-25:00
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