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Pharmacy Santa Maria Novella (Farmacia Santa Maria Novella)

Farmacia Santa Maria Novella

5 stars

Now it’s a well-known brand for its face lotions, perfumes and soups. The items for souvenirs are available at a reasonable price; lavender soaps, rose face lotions, sachets and eau-de-Cologne.
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Testimonials travelers

Comments from travelers

Inside of the pharmacy you will see the frescoes and the portraits of owners of successive generations. Just like an art museum and also we can enjoy the aromas. It’s well worth visiting even if you don’t come for shopping. If you ask for a wrapping for the present, the items are prepared with fancy ribbon.

Signoria Square (Piazza della Signoria)

Piazza della Signoria

5 stars

It has always been the hub of political administration in Florence. The actual form of this square is made by the Medici family in the period when its family exercised enormous power in the political world. You can see; a bronze statue of Cosimo de’ Medici, Neptune’s Fountain and a copy of the David, which can let you imagine what it used to be. In front of Neptune’s Fountain, there is a spot where Savonarola was hanged and burned.

Comments from travelers

Comments from travelers

The statue of the Neptune was completed by Bartolomeo Ammannati in 1575, but Florentines those days called it “ Biancone (white Big statue like a block of wood) “, had a bad reputation, since it has a big head and unshapely body as you can see from the appearance. The face of “Bicancone” is the one of the Cosimo, who exercised political power at that time, you can compare with the real face of his equestrian statue installed on the left. The face of “Hercules” installed in front of Palazzo Vecchio, is the one of Cosimo, also called badly as “sacco di patate” (big bag of potatoes)”. I wonder if all statues that have a face of Cosimo always have a bad reputation?

The Old bridge (Ponte Vecchio)

Ponte Vecchio

5 stars

The oldest bridge in Florence, over the Arno River. “Vecchio” means “old”; the place where this bridge was built is a narrowest part of the Arno River then often has suffered from flooding. During the Second World War, all the bridges over the Arno River were bombed by German troops to block the Allied Forces while escaping to north. However one German officer was so fascinated by this beautiful bridge, thought it should not be destroyed, then only this bridge survived.

On this bridge jewelry shops are in row on the both sides of the bridge. As you cans see from the photo (left), over these shops there is a closed hidden passage “Corridoio Vasariano”, connecting from Uffizi Gallery to Palazzo Pitti, The Medici family used it as an evacuation route when they escaped from the enemy.

Pitti Palace (Palazzo Pitti)

Palazzo Pitti

5 stars

The Pitti Palace. The original nucleus of the Medici Family, the Lorraine family and the Savoia Family and here a men’s fashion show “Pitti Immagine Uomo” is held every year. “Pitti Immagine Uomo” is held in January and June of every year, the world’s most famous international quality clothing and textile fairs, first class international brands not only Italian brands show their newest model for the next year.
If you luckily stay in Florence for this period, don't miss it.
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