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Trattoria "Da Gianni"

Restaurant Da Gianni in Bologna
The entrance of the restaurant at the end of a little side street from the Via Cravature.

Restaurant Da Gianni in Bologna
Bologna's most famous dish, Tagliatelle con ragú bolognese. The sweetness of the meat sauce with fresh egg pasta is excellent.

Restaurant Da Gianni in Bologna
Mascarpone dessert. Almond-flavored liqueur Amaretto gives an accent taste to the rich cream with chopped chocolate.
Taste 5 stars Among Italian towns, Bologna is particularly famous for cooking. Da Gianni is one of the best restaurants where you can enjoy the authentic cuisine of Bologna. The restaurant is located at the end of the market and seems obscure apparently, but actually it's very famous and popular restaurant and everyone knows here. It's a little bit expensive, but it's sure that you can taste the authentic Bolognese Meat Sauce. The menu is full of traditional Bologna cooking, both of the pasta dishes and meat. You can enjoy also a quiet atmosphere, so I recommend this restaurant to everyone.
Mood 5 stars
Price 3stars
Total 4 stars

To taste the authentic Bologna cuisine, come here!

Emilia Romagna region where Bologna is situated has a rich culture of delicious food. Parmesan cheese, Parma ham, Mortadella ham, Lambrusco sparkling red wine and Sangiovese still red wine etc.. Especially, Bologna is the capital city of this region and it's actually a city of gourmet. Bologna is located inland, therefore please replete with their pork!! At the Da Gianni you can enjoy the typical traditional food of this area. It is 2 minutes walk from Piazza Maggiore, in the heart of the city.

A dish unmissable?

A typical traditional dish is pasta of fresh egg with meat sauce, Tagliatelle con ragú bolognese. Another one is meat stuffed pasta in soup, Tortellini in brodo. It's an essential dish for Bologna families at the winter celebrations.

Try also main dish of meat

Don't give up only with the pasta. Please try meat dishes for main dish. Bollito is meat of boiled beef and light taste. If you prefer rich taste, there is a pork sausage called Cotechino. Roasted pork shank (Stinco di maiale) is also delicious.

Don't miss sweets, Dolce!!!

The dessert (Dolce) counter at the entrance should attract women who love sweets!! I recommend you particularly two dishes of their plenty kinds of desserts: mascarpone and creme brulee. Many foreigners visit this restaurant and the owner Mrs. Barbara will explain you the menu in English so if you have a question, let's ask her.

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We recommend "The Da Gianni"!

Most of all restaurants in Bologna ask a little bit high table fee Coperto. The average is 2.5 euros per person. In addition, it is impossible to find a seat without a reservation even if at lunch on weekdays. Reservations are required at all times.


Name Trattoria Da Gianni
Address Via Clavature, 18, 40100 Bologna-Italy
How to reach Go straight about 100 m on the Via Clavature, the left street from the Piazza Maggiore. When you see a narrow side street like a tunnel on your left, you will see the sign of the restaurant.
Tel. 051-229434
Closed Sunday night and Monday
Opening Hours Tuesday to Saturday: 12:30-14:00, 19:30-22:00
Sunday : 12:30-14:00
Budget about 32 euros / person(excluding drink)

[Table Charge] 2.5 euros / person

[Appetizer - Antipasto]
Crostini misti - 6.5 euros, Antipasto misto - 10 euros, Culatello di Parma con burro e crostini 12 euros - 12 euros, Lardello con Crostini - 6.5 euros, Polenta fritta con crema di Squacquerone - 7 euros, Affettato misto - 8 euros, Spuma di Mortadella - 7 euros

[Soup - Minestrone]
Tortellini in Brodo - 12 euros, Passatelli in Brodo 8 euros, Zuppa di Fagioli con Maltagliati - 8 euros, Zuppa di Cipolla gratinata con Parmigiano - 8 euros

[Pasta - Primo piatto]
Tagliatelle con Ragu' Bolognese - 9 euros, Taglioline al Prosciutto crudo - 9 euros, Tortelloni di Ricotta Burro e Salvia - 9 euros, Maccheroncini con Culatello e Zucchine - 8 euros, Gramigna con Ragu' di Salsiccia - 8 euros, Gnocchi di Patate con Salsa al Pomodoro - 8 euros, Strozzapreti "Gianni" 8 euros

[Main dish - Secondo piatto]
Bollito misto con Salse e Pure' - 14 euros, Cotechino con Pure' e salsa verde - 12 euros, Agnello al forno con patate - 15 euros, Cotolette d'Agnello Dorate - 14 euros, Cotoletta alla Bolognese - 12 euros, Stinco di maiale al forno con patate - 13 euros, Entrecote di manzo alla griglia 20 euros, Carpaccio di Manzo rucola e grana - 12 euros, Roast beef con insalatina - 12 euros, Mortadella alla griglia e aceto balsamico - 8 euros, Formaggi misti con mieli e confetture - 10 euros

[Side dish - Contorno]
Verdure gratinate - 6 euros, Spinaci burro e parmigiano - 5 euros, Cicoria aglio olio e peperoncino - 5 euros, Broccoli aglio olio e peperoncino - 5 euros, Friggione alla bolognese 5 euros, Insalata mista - 5 euros

[Dish of the day]
Gnocchi di zucca burro fuso e menta - 8 euros, Garganelli pomodoro fresco e basilico - 8 euros, Lasagnette al Radicchio trevigiano - 8 euros, Tortelloni con asparagi burro fuso - 9 euros, Lasagnette alle verdure - 8 euros

[Wine - Vino] Bottle Wine: from 25 euros, Glass Wine: from 5 euros

[Dessert - Dolce] all 5 euros,
Creme caramel , Panna Cotta con salsa ai frutti di bosco , Zuppa Inglese , Mascarpone fresco con amaretto al caffe' e scaglie di cioccolato , Creme Brule', Fragole , Tortino al cioccolato con salsa ai frutti di bosco, Semifreddo agli amaretti con salsa cioccolato caldo, mousse al caffe' , Ananas , Sorbetto al Limone, Gelato alla crema con frutti di bosco caldi