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La Sorbetteria Castiglione (Gelato Shop Castiglione)

The best gelato shop in Bologna
The entrance of La Sorbetteria Castiglione

The best gelato shop in Bologna
Authentic Italian gelato is really good

5 stars
You can taste the most delicious Italian gelato in this shop! Please, please don't miss to visit Castiglione, when you come to Bologna. This is a relatively new gelato shop, which was opened in 1994, and is extremely popular. Since it's close to the Margherita park, you can feel happy just taking a walk with a big gelato in summer.

The shop's policy is "to make your ice cream in sight". If you are lucky, you can see a scene of production of the cream made from the Sicilian pistachios (Pistacchio) or hazelnuts from Piedmont (Nocciola). This shop selects the best fresh materials so everyone loves its taste. There are many flavors like classic type (yogurt and chocolate), original flavors of this shop and fruit sorbet type.

Examples of the original flavors:
"Michelangelo" based on almonds
"Dolce Contagio" mascarpone and pine nuts
"Dolce Emma" ricotta cheese and fig

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One of the classic flavors "Chocolate (Cioccolato)" is highly recommended. Dark bitter chocolate contains rich cocoa. But those who like sweet, "Bacio" is also recommended.


La Sorbetteria Castiglione (Gelato Shop)
[Address] Via Castiglione, 44-40124 Bologna
[How to reach] 10 minutes from the Leaning Tower, go straight through the Via Castiglione. Immediately left after the gates of the wall.
[Tel.] 051-233257
[Fax] 051-233257
[Closed] Monday
[Opening Hours] Tuesday to Saturday: 8:30-24:00, Sunday and Holiday: 9:00-23:30
[Web site]