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Zamboni Street and Frescoes of St. Cecilia Chapel
(Via Zamboni e Affresco dell'Oratorio di S. Cecilia)

Zamboni Street in Bologna
Piazza Verdi, Via Zamboni area: Various departments of the University of Bologna are located here.

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Zamboni is a main street of students. On both sides of the street from the Two Leaning Towers to the gate of San Donato, many faculties of University of Bologna are located. In the Piazza Verdi in the center of this area, there is the Opera (Teatro Comunale). The Poggi Palace, behind the current base of the University of Bologna has an Observatory Tower, built in 1725 (Torre della Specola).

Although not widely known, there is a small entrance of the little chapel of St. Cecilia just before the Piazza Verdi. Frescoes on the walls of early 16th century are very well preserved, and fascinate you by the beautiful colors. The stories of St. Cecilia and St. Valentino are represented in 10 separated areas.

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Around the Zamboni street is full of life, and many young people gather day and night. However, at the same time the security is not good. Please be careful, especially at night it's better to avoid to walk here alone.


St. Cecilia Chapel (Oratorio di S. Cecilia)
[Address] Piazza Rossini-40126 Bologna
[How to reach] Go down from the Two Leaning Towers through the Zamboni Street and turn right just before reaching the Piazza Verdi.
[Tel.] 051-225970
[Opening Hours] 10:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00

The Church of S. Maria della Vita and Three Maries (Chiesa di S. Maria della Vita e Tre Marie)

The Church of S. Maria della Vita
The front of the church of St. Maria della Vita

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Please try to visit a little church of St. Maria della Vita on the Clavature street. Its name means "St Mary of Life", but at that time in front of this church there was an old hospital named St. Maria della Morte ("St Mary of Death"), which had taken many sick patients. We wouldn't like to enter in a hospital of the name like this if possible...

To the right side of the altar there are seven statues made with Terracotta (pottery). In particular, the three faces of Mary have tremendous emotional expression at the moment of the death of Christ. There are amazing works of Niccolò del Alca in 1463.

The Church of S. Maria della Vita (Chiesa di S. Maria della Vita)
[Address] Via Clavature, 10-40124 Bologna
[How to reach] Go to the Clavature Street from the Piazza Maggiore to the opposite side of City Hall
[Tel.] 051-236245
[Opening Hours] Monday to Saturday: 7:30-19:00, Sunday and Holiday: 16:30-17:00
[Rate] Free

A Small window of the Piella street (Finestrella di Via Piella)

A Small window of the Piella street in Bologna
Through a small window on the Piella street

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It would be hard to believe but in the past Bologna had a lot of water mills, and was the city of canals where you could float by boat. You can see a trace from a window of a small alley in the old town. From a window of the Piella Street near the Piazza August 8, you can see a canal!!

Bologna is sandwiched between the river Reno and river Savena, and the water had been transported through canals into the city. Those canals had contributed to the development of the city to transport essential goods and textile factories.

A Small window of the Piella street (Finestrella di Via Piella)
[How to reach] From the Via Indipendenza turn right into the Via Righi (where there is Nutella) and turn right at the second corner.
[Rate] Free