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Let's take the Venetian specialty, Gondola!

Gondola in Venice

Talking about Venice, its specialty should be Gondola! A gondola rower called Gondoliere takes you through narrow canals. You can enjoy the old time of Venice when their main transportation was gondola.

Now the touristic gondola is a little bit expensive. The basic fee is 73 euros for 50 minutes (max. 6 passengers). After 50 minutes, 40 euro will be added every 25 minutes. There are also supplements of early morning and late evening so the most beautiful time in the evening after sunset the price becomes very high.

Enjoy a Gondola Serenade

Gondola in Venice

It's recommended a "Gondola Serenade Tour" (40 euros per person for 40 minutes). You can enjoy a beautiful and romantic evening in Venice with music and canzone played on board.

You will be able to book also after your arrival in Venice. If you stay in the town of Venice, ask at the front desk of the hotel or travel agency or booking information center. They will reserve for you.

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Information about Gondola Serenade
  • Price: 40 euros for 40 minutes
  • Dinner included: 85 euros for 40 minutes (except drinks)
  • Closed: November 21, December 25, January 1
  • Departure Location: Gondola pier of Santa Maria del Giglio (near the entrance of the hotel Giglitti)
  • Departure time: (April - October) at 18:30 and 19:30, (November-March) 15:30
  • Official Book Site: