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The Burano Island with cute colorful houses

the Burano Island
If you walk a few meters from the port of Vaporetto (water bus), you can meet a scene like this!!!

the Burano Island
How pretty! Look at this yellow house, like a LEGO block!? There are colorful houses all over the island.

the Burano Island
Since the atmosphere is like a picture book's scene, it's difficult to imagine that someone lives inside actually. But there is also a sense of daily life. Even the laundry looks cute.

the Burano Island
If you take a walk on the island with friends or your lover, you'll talk about :"In which color do you want to live?" Interesting.

the Burano Island
There are many shops of traditional lace works.

the Burano Island
This is the Burano's main street and the main square. On a sunny day please enjoy delicious seafood at a table facing the street.

The most recommended island in Venice "Burano"

As you can see the Map of Venice, Venice is made up of many islands. You know, there are 177 islands in total!!! More than 150 canals are running and there are over 400 bridges. It's just a floating city on the sea. To enjoy well such a "water city", the islands hopping is recommended.

There are a lot of interest places in the mainland only, but if you would like to deeper your travel in Venice, don't finish only seeing the mainland. Please come to the islands. Among the myriad islands, my favorite place is this "Burano" Island.

It is not Murano, Burano!

In Venice there are several famous islands. For example the "Murano" Island, known as a Venetian glass production center. It will be the most popular island. However, please be careful. Here I recommend the "Burano". Personally I prefer than Murano. It's more cute and interesting!

Cute houses like doll houses

First of all please see the photos on the left!!! Surprise, surprise! . . Yes, this Burano is full of colorful houses. You can enjoy a very unique landscape. Like a TV Ads of a digital camera or a color printer, don't you think so? Every house in the island is painted in various bright pastel colors like this. If you wander into back streets, you will find red, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple... multicolored houses! For those who like to take pictures, here is heaven.

Each color has its own meaning

Then, why are these walls painted like this? Art? Tourist attraction strategy? No, each color has actually a good reason and history. In the old days, fishing was important way to earn for Islanders families. The fishermen were going out to fish early in the morning and coming back home late. During the winter, it was almost invisible their own houses because of fogs. So, they painted in bright color their houses. If you observe carefully, you will notice that adjacent houses don't have a same color.

It's famous for the lace-making

Currently, the Burano Island is famous for the production of lace knitting. At the first floors of colorful houses there are beautiful lace works. While wives were waiting for their husbands back from fishing, they had been knitting lace ... Venetian lace is world famous and very expensive. Recently there are so many "made in China".
When you are looking for souvenirs, without being captivated by the colorful exteriors, please check lace works carefully.

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How to reach the Burano Island

From the Fondamenta Nuove at the north of the mainland, take a LN vaporetto (water bus). It takes 40 minutes. Time tickets of 24 hours or 72 hours are available to take this water bus.
The Burano island is really recommended. Let's go on the island with a full-charged digital camera. Since a vaporetto to the Burano Island stops also on the Murano Island on the way, it would be also a good idea to visit the both islands if you have a time.


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