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Ristorante & Pizzeria Carlo Menta

Ristorante Carlo Menta
Trastevere is a confusing area, where also this restaurant is located. There are many tables also outside but at the meal times it's always filled with people. It's better to avoid the crowded hours (nonstop opening).

Ristorante Carlo Menta
The interior at noon on Sunday. There is a terrible congestion... It's necessary to reserve. If not, you can't get a table. Since it's easily accessible, also lots of tourists come here to eat.

Ristorante Carlo Menta
They have also house wine (both white and red) at a reasonable price. However, this is not house wine but produced in the Abruzzo region (10 euros). Wines produced in the Abruzzo region are known for their good value and deliciousness. There are about 35 kinds of wines normally.

Ristorante Carlo Menta
Antipasto "Carlomenta", marinated seafood (8 euros). Antipasto of the seafood platter, crowned with the name of this restaurant. There are so many types of seafood so it would be sufficient for two.

Ristorante Carlo Menta
Most recommended Tagliolini of Radicchio (chicory) and shrimp (7 euros). The bitterness of chicory is matching with the exquisite lobster cream sauce. It would be impossible to find the high quality taste at this price like this pasta, especially in Rome.

Ristorante Carlo Menta
Grilled Lamb (9 euros). The lamb with bone is cooked juicy and soft. It's recommended for those who would enjoy a small meat.

Ristorante Carlo Menta
Parma ham with grilled Scamorza cheese (5 euros). Scamorza cheese with mild taste is grilled and provides a good flavor. Over the cheese there are some cuts of soft Parma ham.

Ristorante Carlo Menta
Pizza Marinara (2 euros). It costs surprisingly only two euros. Not a piece of pizza, a whole round pizza at the restaurant! It's a simple pizza of tomato sauce with garlic and oregano but it freshly baked flavor whets your appetite enough.

Ristorante Carlo Menta
Macedonia Dessert (mixed fruits platter) with gelato (3 euros). It's a classic dessert but very delicious. With vanilla ice cream.

Taste 5 stars It's a restaurant in the downtown of Rome, Trastevere. It has also a pizzeria area with pizza oven, and from the early lunch you can eat delicious pizzas. It's open from lunch to dinner without break time. However, both at lunch and at dinner it becomes soon crowded. Make a reservation or go earlier a little bit to get seats without long queue.
From antipasts to desserts, every dish is very delicious and surprisingly affordable.
Mood 3stars
Price 5 stars
Total 4 stars

Taste, location and price. A restaurant with 3 values!

This is a "Ristorante Pizzeria" located in Trastevere district. The price is very affordable and the taste is very delicious. You cannot imagine from the exterior but the interior is very spacious and decorated lovely. There is also the basement space, where has a very low-ceiling decorated with fresco paintings, such as the Roman town. It's a nice atmosphere. You don't need to care about dress code, it's really enjoyable place for everyone. It would be ideal for events like birthday parties. Friendly staffs will celebrate you with cake singing a song.

Their delicious freshly baked pizzas are Roman style

In Rome, the pizza dough is very thin and easy to eat. And the size is very large even for adult women. In this restaurant there are about 10 different types of pizzas. A simple pizza Marinara with tomato sauce with garlic and oregano is surprisingly cheap, only 2 euros. Capricciosa, a pizza with anchovy, raw ham, olive and Mozzarella cheese and more costs 4 euros. Here you can enjoy delicious pizzas with genuine ingredients freshly baked in the oven at these economy prices!

Confidently recommended dish, Tagliolini with shrimp and chicory (radicchio)

The main reason to go to this restaurant is their pasta, Tagliolini with shrimp and chicory (7 euros). Its mild cream sauce is completed with bitterness of chicory and sweetness of shrimp. It's really unique taste. There are also other good pastas like classic Pescatore (seafood pasta), Carbonara (pasta with bacon and eggs), Bolognese (pasta with meat sauce) and Lasagna etc. All these dishes cost from 5 - 7 euros. Nowadays in Rome, even if in the downtown area Trastevere, it's impossible to find a restaurant with this price range for quality.

Narrow alleys, cobbled streets, unpretentious downtown Trastevere

The location is quite simple and easy to access. The Trastevere district is downtown of Rome and it seems complicated with many intricate streets. However, this restaurant is located in 300 m to west from the Sonnino Square, just in front of the Tiber River towards to the center of Rome by tram 8. Behind this restaurant a labyrinth is starting and getting an impression of the original Trastevere downtown. You can visit the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere with beautiful mosaics and small general shops or bar going directly.

There are also cozy table seats outside

At dinner time you can enjoy meals outside, overlooking the city of Rome in the evening. It would be very nice to enjoy a meal with a glass of wine slowly in the candlelight on the table. Staffs are working very hard. Therefore, if you are looking forward to the atmosphere of the peaceful quiet service of all staffs, this may not be suitable. If you like their casual and friendly service at their own pace, meaning less carefully but typical Roman style, or if you would like to talk with local Italians, this Roman restaurant would be perfect.

from ITALY
I recommend "Carlomenta"!

Rome at night is very beautiful. While overlooking the city of Rome, please enjoy the good food with family, friends and lovers. My favorite restaurant.

from ROME STAFF of Amoitaly

Buruschetta al pomodoro e rughetta(Tomato and arugula with garlic toast) 3 euros, Vegetali misti gratinati (Grilled Vegetables) 3 euros, Prosciutto e malone (Parma ham and melon) 6 euros, Antipasto di mare(Marinated seafood) 6 euros
Pasta e Zuppe
Pasta and Soup
Spaghetti alla amatriciana (Spaghetti with tomato and bacon) 5 euros, Spaghetti Carbonara 5 euros, Zuppa di verdure (Vegetables soup) 4 euros, Lasagne fatte in casa 5 euros, tagliolini radicchio e gamberi 7 euros, Tagliolini alla scoglio(Seafood Tomato Sauce Pasta) 7 euros
Main dish
Trippa alla romana 5 euros, Scamorza a ferri con prosciutto 5 euros, Pollo arrosto al rosmarino e insalata (Roast Chicken Salad) 5 euros, Coda alla vaccinara(Tail stew) 7 euros, Saute di cozze (Sauteed Mussels) 8 euros, Spigola alla griglia (Grilled Sea Bass) 10 euros, Orata alla griglia 10 euros
Verdure e Contorni
Side dish
Vegetali misti gratinati(Mixed Vegetable Gratin) 3 euros, Carciofo alla romana(Artichoke) 3 euros, Insalata capricciosa(Salad) 3 euros, Insalata mista(mix salad) 3 euros
Vini e Bevande
Wine drinks
Frascati speriore DOC - Bottle12 euros, Verdicchio - Bottle 12 euros, Montepulciano d'abruzzo - Bottle 10 euros, Chianti classico - Bottle16 euros, Vino della Casa-Castelli Romani- 1Liter 8 euros
Pizza Pizza margherita(Tomato and mozzarella pizza) 3 euros, Pizza funghi(Mushroom Pizza) 4 euros, Pizza capricciosa 4 euros, Pizza diavoletta 5 euros, Pizza vegetariana 6 euros
Table charge
1.5 euros / person
Name Ristorante-Pizzeria CARLO MENTA
Address Via della Lungaretta, 101, 00153 Rome, Italy
How to reach Take a tram 8 and get off at the S. Sonnino Square. Go west along the Tiber River for 300m
Closed None
Opening Hours Monday-Sunday: 11:30-23:00
Budget 15 euros / person (excluding drink)
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