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Trattoria-Pizzeria Da "Mamma Giovanna"

Restaurant in the island of Capri
30 minutes walk from the town of Anacapri.
We were welcomed with a smile of Mrs. Anna, the owner. Smily and kind, she represents Italian Mamma image!!

Restaurant in the island of Capri
Shop was divided into indoor and terrace seating. Terrace seats in good weather are beautiful.

Restaurant in the island of Capri
The terrace overlooks the beautiful garden in the breeze. Let's wait to enjoy the delicious food, choosing wine.

Restaurant in the island of Capri
My favorite appetizer is "pickled sardines." Excellent with white wine. This restaurant original bread is also delicious!

Restaurant in the island of Capri
Local pasta "Sharatierri". Best match for the taste of shellfish or smoked fish.

Restaurant in the island of Capri
Here you are, "Zuppa di Cozze", the No.1 Mussel soup in Italy!! Look, this volume!

Restaurant in the island of Capri
"Fried eggplant balls" with white wine

Restaurant in the island of Capri
Pick up service

Restaurant in the island of Capri
The restaurant is surrounded by large gardens, excellent location. Let's have a lunch here and relax!

Taste 4.5 stars This is the finest restaurant found in the west part of the island, Anacapri. Trattoria with a spacious yard has an homey atmosphere. The food is the main local seafood dishes, good cooking and attentive service will satisfy you. Situated outside of town, so walking is necessary, but you can ask pick up car service.
Mood 4 stars
Price 4 stars
Total 4.5 stars

Let's go to the famous restaurant!

We got a good reputation about this restaurant from my friends. Its name is "Mamma Giovanna", very popular restaurant in Anacapri.
Anacapri is a upper town on the island of Capri and you can get there by bus.

We couldn't find the restaurant on the address

We visited the address which my friend had taught me before, but there was no restaurant but only a souvenir shop...why? I tried to inform as much as possible and found that this restaurant had moved to other side. Of course I chouldn't give up, so our mission to find Mamma Giovanna started.

30 minutes walk from the town of Anacapri, finally we could find this restaurant!

After 30 minutes of walking along the coast, when we became a little nervous, finally we found a small sign of the restaurant on the left! However the sign saids "100 meters from here"... we continued to walk muttering in mind and wiping the sweat. Actually walked more than 200 meters from the sign, the restaurant was there.

The atmosphere, the food, the service are so great!

Good location surrounded by lush gardens, a large terrace and spacious seating give you a wonderful time. Mrs. Anna, who runs this restaurant, is very charming and helpful. "Giovanna" is the name of her mother in law.

Delicious house wine is excellent!

The White House wine is served very cold and so delicious ! ! ! We can say it was the most delicious wines in recent years. Made in Gragnano town, near Sorrento, this white wine has semi-sparkling and refreshing taste, with apple scent. We drank a total of two 1.5 liters.

Their Mussel soup is the No.1 in Italy!

As an appetizer, you can enjoy "marinated sardines" with this wine and bread.
For the pasta it's recommended the local famous dish "Scialatelli". This thick pasta is home made and has a glutinous taste, good combination with the shellfish sauce. One of the best local food in Southern Italy.

Other recommended dish is their "mussel soup (Zuppa di cozze)". We don't know any other restaurants which has deliciouse mussel soup like here. Mussels are fresh and cooked well, they have large body and good texture! Harmony of the taste of shelfish and sour cherry tomatoes is excellent.

From Anacapri they have free transfer service!

To go to the restaurant, they will pick you up in the town of Anacapri, let's just call! Of cource to go back to the town, don't worry.

Lunch for 2 persons at 56 euros (including wine)

Trattoria "Mamma Giovanna" can be defined as one of the most delicious restaurants on the island of Capri. Not only their tasty dishes but also the atmosphere, service and their smiles are unforgettable. It's not a luxury restaurant, but you can enjoy local cooking traditions. Reasonable Prices.

  • Table charge --- 2 euro / person
  • Mineral water --- 3.5 euros
  • White house wine --- 8 euros
  • Apetizer: pickled sardines --- 8 euros
  • Pasta: Seafood pasta --- 15 euros
  • Main dish: mussel soup --- 13 euros
  • Garnish: fried eggplant balls --- 5 euro
from ITALY
We recommend "Mamma Giovanna"!

Here "Mamma Giovanna" was the best restaurant not only on the island of Capri but also all over Amalfi and Ishia. Taste, clean tablecloths, friendly staffs, attentive service are totaly excellent. When I go to Capri again, I want to enjoy delicious food and wine here.


Daily menu (June 2009)
Table charge 2 euros / person
Prosciutto e melone (Raw ham and melon) 8 euros, Prosciutto e Mozzarella (uncured ham and mozzarella cheese) 8 euros, Alici marinate 8.5 euros, Insalata di Mare (seefood salad) 12 euros, Insalata Caprese (tomatos and mozzarella cheese) 8 euros, Bresaola della Valtellina 8 euros, Salmone marinato (salmon marinade) 8.5 euros
Primi piatti
Ravioli alla caprese 9 euros, Manicaretti con ricotta, Pennette Aumm Aumm 8 euros, Pennette all'arrabbiata 7 euros, Gnocchi alla sorrentina 8 euros, Fusilli con zucchine 8 euros, Risotto alla pescatore 14 euros, Spaghetti alle vongole 13 euros, Scialatielli al mare 15 euros
Special menus
Maccheroncelli al cartoccio (for 2 persons) 28 euros, Ravioli alle noci 10 euros, Ravioli fume' 10 euros
Filetto alla griglia - 16 euros, Filetto al pepe verde - 18 euros, Filetto all'aceto balsamico - 18 euros, Bistecca alla griglia - 14 euros, Bistecca alla pizzaiola - 15 euros, Scaloppine alla piacere - 9.5 euros, Saltimbocca alla romana - 10 euros, Cotoletta alla milanese - 9 euros
Soute' misto - 13 euros, Zuppa di cozze (mussel soup) 11 euros, Impepata di cozze (mussel papper) 10 euros, Pesce fresco a piacere (Fresh fish) 60 euros/Kg, Gamberoni alla griglia (lobster) 17 euros, Gamberetti saltati in padella - 14 euros, Calamari alla griglia - 16 euros
Mozzarella in carrozza - 8 euros, Mozzarella milanese - 7.5 euros, Mozzarella alla griglia - 7.5 euros, Omelette a piacere - 7 euros
Side dish
Insalata verde (vegetable salad) 3.5 euros, Insalata mista (mix salad) 4 euros, Insalata di pomodori (tomato salad) 4 euros, Insalata pomodorini e rucola - 4 euros, Legumi dal buffet - 5 euros, Patate fritte (French fries) 4 euros, Polpette di melenzane - 5 euros, Parmigiana di melenzane - 8 euros
Svizzero - 5 euros, Mozzarella - 5 euros, Gorgonzola - 5 euros
Torta di mandorla - 4 euros, Dolce del giorno - 5 euros, Caffe' - 1.5 euros, Cappuccino - 2 euros

Name Trattoria Mamma Giovanna
Address Via Chiusarano, 6 80071 Anacapri (NA), Italy
How to reach Pick up service from Anacapri. Call the following numbers.
Phone number (+39) 081 8372057
Cellular: 347 5440954
Opening Hours Lunch 12:00-15:00
Dinner 19:00-23:00
* Open from April to November
* From December to March : only reservation for group
Budget 20-30 euros a head (excluding drink)
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