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Trattoria Ai Promessi Sposi

Restaurant Promessi Sposi in Venice
Turn left into the street CALLE DE L'OCA from the main street Strada Nova (east from Santa Lucia station). The restaurant is near to the church of Santi Apostoli, there is a bank ATM (BANCOMAT) just before.

Restaurant Promessi Sposi in Venice
The restaurant is situated on the left side of the Calle dell'Oca street. HOTEL BERNARDI is seen opposite.
Outside there is a menu so you can check dishes and prices before entering.

Restaurant Promessi Sposi in Venice
As soon as you enter there is a bar counter. Yes, here the locals gather and enjoy a glass of wine and light appetizers.
That's why their prices are reasonable.

Restaurant Promessi Sposi in Venice
Numerous delis at the counter. Delicious snacks of local cuisine.

Restaurant Promessi Sposi in Venice
Restaurant seating in a calm atmosphere. Of course it's air-conditioned.

Restaurant Promessi Sposi in Venice
House Wine of Chardonnay (7.5 euros) and bread. Delicious!!

Restaurant Promessi Sposi in Venice
When you come to Venice, you should eat this one! Sweet and delicious spaghetti with squid ink sauce, 11 euros.

Restaurant Promessi Sposi in Venice
It's also famous dish of Venice. Spaghetti Vongole, 11 euros. Look at these plenty of clams.

Restaurant Promessi Sposi in Venice
Seafood fritters (Frittura mista di pesce), 14 euros. Another moment of bliss with hot crispy fries. Please put plenty of lemon.

Taste 4 stars In August 2008 the restaurant was freshly opened with a new owner. It's less crowded with tourists because it's not known yet. Their polite service and beautiful interiors are very pleasant.
The price is also not high and the cooking is quite tasty. Considering many other crowded restaurants with poor service and not good tastes but with expensive prices in Venice, here is a highly recommended trattoria restaurant.
A popular restaurant "Alla Vedova" is very near. When Alla Vedova is too crowded to get a seat, let's come here "Promessi Sposi".
Mood 4 stars
Price 4 stars
Total 4 stars

Venice is full of tourist attractions, however to enjoy a meal...

"Venice, a Town of Water" is one of the most popular tourist cities in Italy. I'm also excited to go every time, and sigh for its beauty. The town is walkable because it's vehicle-free. Crisscrossing canals and narrow streets make a town particular like a labyrinth and it's fun even if you get lost. You would walk too much seeing the beautiful streets, so be careful! In order to continue your pleasant trip, for lunch and dinner please choose calm restaurants and enjoy a relaxing break.

The famous Venetian dishes "Spaghetti of squid ink sauce" and "fish fritters". Try them!

The Venice attracts visitors from all over the world. Therefore, though there are innumerable restaurants in the town, finding good restaurants is a hard challenge. On the occasion of visiting Venice, why don't we enjoy the local specialties like "Spaghetti with squid ink sauce" and "Seafood fritters" at reasonable prices?? This time I introduce a cozy quiet restaurant that I found walking around. Of course, they have reasonable prices.

Not even listed on guidebooks, a hidden restaurant.

Among the many restaurants, here is a recommended place that welcomes tourists with hot delicious local dishes: "TRATTORIA AI PROMESSI SPOSI".
This trattoria is just reopened in August 2008. To compete other traditional restaurants, they offer exceptional services and affordable prices. The locals have already started to come here to enjoy their good dishes. It's said that to value Italian restaurants, you should taste the quality of bread served at first. This restaurant has really delicious bread. When I eat it for the first time, I ate up all before main dishes together with friends.

Wine bar style dining with a relaxing atmosphere

The official name of this restaurant is "La Bottega", in other words a wine bar. At the entrance there is a counter, where you can eat a la carte dishes and snacks with wine. A glass of wine costs from 80 cents!!! Amazing!!! That shows the sincerity.
There is a large hall with table seats next to the bar counter, so you can enjoy meal slowly. However, there are only about 20 seats, so it would be better to reserve in advance during tourist season.

Of course, the main menu is seafood

The main menu is local seafood, changed daily. "Tuna tartare", "Gnocchi of salmon and leek", "Grilled fish" etc... It's just excited to look at a hand written menu.
My favorite dish is "Seafood fritters". Squid, fish, zucchini, shrimp and small octopus are fried in light clothing and served hot. Tasty grilled polenta is accompanied together. Of course, creamy "Spaghetti with squid ink sauce" is also addictive! The sweetness of the squid ink and a fragrance of the ocean arouse your appetite. It's also recommended "Spaghetti with Vongole" with plenty of shellfish.

Good house wine! It's non-stop!!

They have an extensive wine list. However, I think personally it's enough satisfying their reasonable house wine. White house wine (vino bianco della casa) is good Chardonnay from Treviso. This delicious house wine is really excellent and matches well with seafood. It's also nice that you can pay only for your consumption. For example, a full bottle costs 7.5 euro, but you can pay only 4 euros if you drink half.
Unfortunately I like the wine and we emptied two bottles...

from ITALY
I recommend "Promessi Sposi"!

I found my favorite restaurant in Venice traveling by myself. Here you can have a meal at affordable prices even in the central town of expensive Venice.
The staffs are friendly and their calm service would be more than anything else. In Venice, it's rare that a dish is served hot but in this restaurant you can enjoy freshly fried fish! Please try once.


Address Calle dell'Oca 4367 Cannaregio, Venezia Italy
How to reach From the main street Strada Nova (east from Santa Lucia station), turn left into a narrow street. It's near to the Church of Santi Apostoli. Look for the address number 4367 well in the zone.
Phone number +39 0412412747
Closed Wednesday
Opening Hours 11:30-15:00, 18:00-23:00
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Table charge 1.5 euros

Tartare di Tonno con capperi e cetriolini 15 euros, Salutata di cozze e vongole 11 euros, Antipasto misto di pesce e verdure 12 euros, etc

Primo Piatto=Pasta, Risotto
Spaghetti con le vongole 11 euros, Spaghetti di nero di seppia 11 euros, Gnocchi con porro e salmone 12 euros, Maltagliati al ragu' d'oca 12 euros, Ravioli di zucca con amaretti e ricotta 12 euros, etc

Secondo piatto=Mein dishes
Frittura mista di pesce 14 euros, Orata / Branziono ai ferri 18 euros, Moscardini in umido con polenta 11 euros, Baccala' alla vicentina 12 euros, Fegato alla veneziana 11 euros, Costate di manzetta 5.5 euros/100g, etc

Contorno=Side dish
Patate al forno 4 euros, Insalata mista 4 euros, Verdure miste del banco 5 euros, etc

Ciocco Fondon 6 euros, Vino dolce e biscotti 5.5 euros, etc