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The Lido Island - Economy hotels on the Lido Island

Hotels in Venice
This is the Lido Island. From the mainland it takes about 15 minutes by vaporetto (water bus). I knew the pleasure of staying on the Lido, taking vaporetto every time.

Hotels in Venice
My special terrace seat on the end of the vaporetto!! At night you can enjoy the fantastic scenery without any interruption. Especially it's recommended for couples!!

Hotels in Venice
I took this photo from the vaporetto as well.

Hotels in Venice
"Hotel Le Boulevard". It's truly luxurious Venetian building.

Hotels in Venice
You can enjoy a calm room. During the low season, you can stay fairly cheaply!!

To travel economically, choose the low season wisely!

On October 2009, aiming the low season, I traveled to Venice. It takes 4 hours by train to Venice from Orvieto (central Italy), where I live.
To plan a nice travel, hotels and restaurants should be key points. In particular hotel reservation is required in advance. If you book in advance on the Internet, you can get discount and good offers. For example, I got a room at 70 euros but normally that room costs 250 euros.

An economy hotel on the Lido Island. So nice!

Before my travel, I was hesitating to stay or in the Venice mainland or in Mestre. However, that was a long-awaited trip for me. So even if it would a little bit expensive, I decided to stay in a luxury hotel. Then I found "Le Boulevard Hotel Venice".
I had never been to the Lido Island, and thinking that it would be hard to take vaporetto (water bus) every time to go back to hotel... However, the gorgeous hotel with an economy offer was really attractive and I choose it. That was a really good choice!
My impression of staying at this hotel is as follows.

  • Since I immediately bought ONE DAY TICKET of waterbus after arriving in Venice, the each transportation didn't cost any more. It was fun the ride and I used many times.
  • The most important waterbus (No. 1) passes to the Lido Island. That runs until around 1am. So there was no problem to go back to the Lido Island after enjoying dinner on the mainland.
  • The Lido Island is the first stop of No.1 of waterbus. Therefore, it's possible to get a seat of the first line every morning. I took many nice photos at the best position! The waterbus of No. 1 passes through the Canal Grande after the Piazza San Marco. It's also possible to take a photo from under the Rialto Bridge and other popular spots.
  • The Lido Island is a resort area and its security is better than the mainland. Even after 23 o'clock it was safe.
  • Even in the low season, many restaurants and bars are opened and less crowded. The prices are usually more reasonable than bars on the mainland.

The hotel has four-stars!

I booked a large luxury hotel used also for the Venice Film Festival. I got a double room at 70 euros but normally that costs 250 euros. I chose "without meals". Since there are many bars in front of the hotel, it's no problem to have a breakfast. For lunch and dinner I enjoyed tasty cuisine at the restaurants on the mainland.
You know, this hotel is used during the Film Festival, so their service is truly solid. The reception staffs are very smiley and gentle. The rooms are luxurious of course, and the rooms are perfectly aligned with amenities.

If you're planning to go to Venice, I recommend here!

Considering about the accessibility, hotels on the mainland will probably be convenient. However, if you have to pay double fee for the accommodation, it would be a clever way to enjoy the delicious food and wine staying on the Lido Island. I think like this...
The best advantage would be a ride from the first stop of vaporetto, after all. Sitting at the back seat of the cabin, I took hundreds beautiful pictures. I'll stay at a hotel on the Lido Island when I go to Venice again.

It is very economy!!!

I booked three days before and stayed in a room at 70 euros, instead of a normal price 250 euros. You should try!!

from ITALY
I recommend the hotels on the Lido Island!

That was the first time to stay on the Lido Island. The reason was just for the economy price.
The Lido Island is famous as a luxury resort, and location of the Venice Film Festival. However, except those periods, it's possible to stay at a four-stars hotel at incredibly cheap prices.

Hotels in the Lido Island
- Le Boulevard Hotel Venice
- Hotel Riviera