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Cantina Do Spade

Cantina Do Spade
A nice restaurant with young and enthusiastic atmosphere.
Inside is very pretty like this. Everybody will be able to spend a valuable time.

Cantina Do Spade
This is a delicious white wine of "Pino Grigio" grapes. Since the taste is very mellow, even people who aren't strong for alcohol can drink well. The photo is the carafe of one liter, but there are also 1/2 liter and 1/4 liter.

Cantina Do Spade
"Sardine with grilled polenta". Fragrant grilled sardines on the creamy white source of polenta.
Fresh fish is really tasty.

Cantina Do Spade
"Tagliatelle of anglerfish" is really outstanding voluminous. You can enjoy its al dente texture and delicious mellow taste.

Cantina Do Spade
"Lasagna of fish and zucchini lasagna" would be a favorite dish for women. In the photo it seems a little bit small but very voluminous.
The sweetness of béchamel and acidity of the tomatoes are excellent.

Cantina Do Spade
Baccala' (dried cod fish) seasoned in olive oil, tomatoes and fresh cream sauces surround the polenta. Be careful not to drink white wine too much!

Taste 4.5 stars The new restaurant reopened in October 2008 has not been introduced yet on guidebooks but the atmosphere of the entrance and inside caught me immediately. As well as many restaurants of Venice, also this restaurant has a storefront like a Bacaro (liquor store). At the entrance there is a standing counter, and in the back there are tables. A beautiful new interior is pleasant and the service staffs and cooks, including the owner, all of members are young and passionate. It's very nice restaurant. They will get always success! I would like to support.
Mood 4.5 stars
Price 4.5 stars
Total 4.5 stars

A travel to find a good restaurant in Venice... my result is?

In Venice, there are countless restaurants, but it's difficult to find one, which is really good. It's hard even for the people living in Venice, so if you are a tourist, that mission will be very tough. For example, on the main streets, there are restaurants every 5 meters. However if you enter one of them easily, you would regret choosing that place. Normally they are expensive and the dishes are indifferent... Therefore, in March 2009, I've finally decided to do a five-day trip to find a delicious restaurant in Venice. After having eaten at many restaurants, I gave the No. 1 prize to "Cantina Do Spade"!!! Also "Promessi Sposi" is a nice good restaurant, but I can say here is better!!!

I recommend surely and strongly, "Do Spade" is the best!

My criteria is clear to value likes and dislikes of the restaurant. First point is atmosphere. Second is taste and third is cost performance. Especially I believe that the atmosphere would be most important. If you have a dinner in a foreign country, it would be a pleasant service of staffs, which decides the quality of that restaurant.
This "Do Spade" has a perfect service. Mrs. Martina is one who was working as a waitress at the night when I visited. I'm saying not because she is cute. She is really kind and gentle! She listened to my order, patiently and paid attention to the progress of my dishes and wine.

The restaurant is bright and cute

This "Do Spade" is recommended for everyone. Interior is bright but not exaggerated, and the atmosphere is lovely. Wooden tables and chairs, light blue walls and dim lights create a typical "Italian Trattoria". Even in two lovers, or with friends or with families, here is definitely the best restaurant to enjoy your mealtime. As floating on the waves of the lagoon, please spend a relaxing and pleasant time.

Good news for wine lovers...

Normally when I enter in a restaurant for the first time, I order their house wine. Generally a restaurant, which serves good dishes, has good house wine. I asked the white wine of Pinot Grigio, general grape type of the Veneto region. It had a faint rose color and smooth and clean taste. I liked soon. According to the owner of this restaurant Mr. Sebastiano, this wine is an original brand of his father's restaurant. Mr. Sebastiano was born in the family, which runs restaurants for generations. His father owns a famous restaurant "Busa alla Torre” in the Murano Island.
This "Do Spade" has just opened last year, but the origin is one of the oldest restaurants in Venice from the 1400s.

"Restaurants of Venice are ugly" is a lie!

It's often said that in Venice restaurants are ugly. That's because there are too many tourists who come to eat everywhere without special care. However, when I knew this restaurant, I understood that such a saying was wrong!!! Really delicious! For example one of the appetizers "Sardines and baked polenta" was amazing.
We ordered for Primo Piatto "Tagliatelle Coda di Rospo (tagliatelle of angler)" and "Lasagne con pesce e zucchine (Lasagna with fish and zucchini)". Homemade tagliatelle had a chewy "al dente" texture and the taste of wheat. Excellent combination with the source and elegant taste. The lasagna was also mild taste. I think women will definitely love it! There is no doubt to have a meal here would be a good memory of your great trip in Venice.

The main dish shared by two people

The amount of pasta was really full. As like the appetizer, it would be better to share one main dish in the two. In this casual restaurant, there is no ordering rule. Just ask your favorite dishes and share them. Mrs. Martina brings to you small plates soon.
For the main dishes we ordered a famous dish of Venice, "Tris di Baccala' (three tastes of dried cod)". The dried cod in three different tastes can be eaten only in north Italy. Please eat with creamy polenta. Then, their local white wine goes well with fish. Just try!!!

The most recommended restaurant in Venice!!!

Good taste, good service and price of passing grade. There is no reason not to recommend this restaurant. Staffs are all friendly and you'll become a regular! I suggest to all of you, but I hope it wouldn't become too crowded...

Ex. Dinner for 2 (one male and one female, total 60 Euro)

  • Charge: 1.5 euros for 1 person × 2
  • 1 liter of house white wine: perhaps around 10 euros
  • Water: about 1 euro
  • Sarde "Do Spade" (Sardine with Grilled Polenta) : 6 euros
  • Tagliatelle con "ganasette" di coda di rospo (tagliatelle of anglerfish): 14 euros
  • Lasagne con pesce e zucchine (Lasagna of fish and zucchini): 14 euros
  • Tris di baccala' (three tastes of dried cod) : 15 euros
  • Caffe' (coffee) ; 1 euro × 2
from ITALY
I recommend "Do Spade"!

When I find a good restaurant, I have a little excitement. Also when I met this "Do Spade", it was pretty exciting. I hadn't hoped that I could find a good place like this in Venice. It's recommended to everyone like who wants a quiet meal, who would like to eat delicious food of the Veneto region, and who loves wine. If you visit this restaurant, please say hello to Mr. Sebastiano, the owner. I'll be back again!

This restaurant is located in a narrow street and it's very difficult to find. I've heard that many tourists couldn't reach. The map on this site is correct, however even if you see the map, you might get lost. If you can't find "Do Spade", please ask at a shop nearby telling the name of the restaurant. Since complicated small streets cover Venice, not only tourists but also local residents would lose the way. Don't worry.


MENU (March 2009)
Sarde "Do Spade" 6 euros, Polpette in umido con polentina 6 euros, Sarde in saor 8 euros
Primi piatti
Tagliatelle con "ganasette" di coda di rospo 14 euros, Spaghetti alla busara 14 euros, Tagliatelle con capesante e zucchine 14 euros, Conchiglioni con gamberoni e asparagi 13 euros, Spaghetti con vongole, amorini e curry 13 euros, Lasagne con pesce e zucchine 14 euros
Secondi Piatti
Mein dishes
Tris di baccala' 15 euros, Seppie in nero con polenta 12 euros, Tagliata di tonno su letto di rucola 16 euros, Fegato alla veneziana 11 euros
Bis di panna cotta 4 euros, Bussolai 3.5 euros, Tiramisu' 4.5 euros

Name Cantina Do Spade
Address Calle Do Spade, S.Polo 859/860, Venezia Italy
How to reach Go to the northwest from the Rialto Bridge. There is a bridge named "Do Spade" nearby. By vaporetto, one stop north from the Rialto "Mercato" is the closest stop. Since there are many small streets, please check the map carefully.
Phone number +39 041-5210583
Closed Monday
Opening Hours 11:30-15:00, 18:00-23:00
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