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Airport Access

The entrance to Venice by the air is "Marco Polo airport (Aeroporto Marco Polo)". From the airport to go to the center there are following three transports.

Venezia Alilaguna

Venezia bus ATVO

Venezia bus ACTV

1. Go by boat from the Gulf of Venice (Servizio Motoscafi Alilaguna)

This is the most romantic way to get to Venice. As many people say "To the city of water, enter from the gulf", you can enjoy beautiful scenery on the water. Especially if you arrive at Venice in the evening, the beauty of the town will attract you totally.
Please see the page of "take a boat from Marco Polo Airport".

2. Shuttle Bus or Public Bus (Servizio Autobus)

From Venice Marco Polo Airport (the main airport), you can arrive at the "Piazzale Roma" by a shuttle bus or by a public bus. This square is a gateway to the Venice Island and situated south side of the Venice Santa Lucia train station. There are shuttle buses of ATVO Inc. or buses of ACTV. It takes only 20 minutes.

ATVO (shuttle bus ): Time-table of Marco Polo airport - Piazzale Roma (Line No. 35)
Blue Bus
Marco Polo airport → Piazzale Roma 8.20 to 24.20, runs every 30 minutes
Piazzale Roma → Marco Polo airport 5.00 to 20.40, runs every 30 minutes
Price: 3 euros each way, 5 euros round trip (including luggage fee)
Detailed timetable can be found on the web site of ATVO company.

ACTV (public bus): of Marco Polo Airport - Piazzale Roma (Line No. 5)
Orange Bus
Marco Polo Airport → Piazzale Roma Weekdays: 4.08 - 24.40, every 15 minutes to1 hour
Holidays: 4.08 - 01.10, every 30 minutes - 1 hour
Piazzale Roma → Marco Polo airport Weekdays: 4.40 - 24.40, every 15 minutes to 1 hour
Holidays: 5.40 - 24.40, every 30 minutes - 1 hour
Price: 1 euro (valid for 60 minutes. Extra charge for large luggage is 1 euro per piece.)
Detailed timetable can be found on the web site of ACTV company.


ACTV company organizes also water bus (Vaporetto) in Venice. And at the airport you can buy their common ticket of bus and water bus. Water buses are substantial for your travel in Venice, so it's recommended to get common tickets at the airport.

  • 13 euros valid for 12 hours
  • 15 euros valid for 24 hours
  • 20 euros valid for 36 hours
  • 25 euros valid for 48 hours
  • 30 euros valid for 72 hours

* Each ticket should been stamped at the first use. If you forget this, you might need to pay high fines. From the time of first stamp the ticket becomes valid.

3. From Mestre train station

You can arrive at the Mestre Railway station from the Venice airport (Marco Polo airport) by public bus of No. 15 (orange). It takes 20 minutes. Then from the Mestre station, it takes 15 minutes by bus of No. 2 to arrive at the Piazzale Roma.
By railway, the trains run every 10 minutes and it can take about 10 minutes to the Venice Santa Lucia train station.

注意点 At first glance this way seems meaningless. However the Venice Mestre Station has lots of cheap hotels and accommodations. There are many tourists and Italians who stay around the Venice Mestre train station and visit Venice town taking a bus or train.
Prices of hotels of the Mestre district are less than half of those of the Venice mainland. It's good to enhance your travel, saving accommodation fee and taking delicious food instead of!!