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Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo
A beautiful fan-shaped square, "Piazza del Campo." In hot days please enjoy chatting and lying on the slopes.

5 stars
It is said that the Piazza del Campo is the world's most beautiful square. A gentle slope continues towards the City Hall "Palazzo Pubblico" in the center, and that fan-shaped square surrounded by medieval magnificent buildings let you feel the power and authority of Siena at the time.

In the center of the square there is the "Fountain Gaia (Fonte Gaia)" by Jacopo della Quercia. And here, every year the traditional Palio horse race is held on 2nd July and 16th August.

Testimonials travelers
Useful information about Siena!

Piazza del Campo is really beautiful. Most of tourists are sitting here, relaxing and healing the tiredness. Buy Panini in a bakery nearby. Red brick pedestal in the center of the square is a good scenery while enjoying great meal. I recommend you to take a lunch outside in this square, like a picnic!
(October 2004)

Palio of Siena

Palio di Siena
Powerful Palio. It's a passionate pastime for people of Siena.

5 stars
Every year on 2nd July and 16th August the traditional world-renowned Palio is held in Siena. It's a horse race game among each area called Contrada, and all local people of Siena become incredibly enthusiastic. Each Contrada raises its own flag during the game, and the local people wear scarves of their Contrada's design.

Palio is a game held only twice a year, and with a long history, so when it's held the people become several times more dangerous and fanatic.

For tourists, it would be a valuable occasion if you can see the Palio. Most of hotel rooms will be reserved about six months before so please be ready! On the day of the Palio, at the outside of the square many stand-seats will be set and you can purchase a ticket at the tourist information. The square is free admission, however adequate preparation is required because you need to keep your place in advance enough and there would be no shade.

スタッフThe first experience of Palio was powerful and attractive!! Please read "Watching diary of Palio".

Testimonials travelers
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We watched the Palio for the first time in August 2004. We waited about at 10 am in the square, the sun was very hot and strong. We emptied 2L PET bottles of water. Since we could not leave the square so just be patient! But all of our these efforts became worth. Palio was very impressive, you can see also the parade in medieval costumes before the racing competition. The heat at the moment of goal was no less than other sports.
(May 2006)

Town Hall Palazzo Pubblico (Palazzo Comunale)

Palazzo Pubblico

4 stars
This Gothic town hall of Siena can be said as a symbol. Built in the late 13th century and early 14th centuries, the bottom part formed in Arch is made by stone, and the upper part is brick. On the left side, the "Tower of Manja (Torre del Mangia) of the mid-14th century is standing. This name came from the boss of bell ringers in the medieval period. From the top of the tower of more than 100 meters, you can overlook the town paying the admission fee.

Testimonials travelers
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We climed up a tower at Manja in Siena. In front of the entrance we had to wait about 15 minutes and then inside we left the baggages in the coin locker room. That makes possible to let pass the people up and down on the narrow stairs. We climbed with only a digital camera. The coins used for the locker room will come back later.

Because there are long narrow staircases, it's a tiring way to the top. On the first and second floors the strong wind is a little bit scary, but the view from the top is great. The bell of the tower is still running so why don't you wait its ring enjoing the panorama.
(July 2007)

Siena Art Museum (Museo Civico)

Sala della Pace

4.5 stars
This museum is located in the palace built in the glory period of Siena and the whole building is an opera of art. There are halls called "Unification of Italy," "Barrier", "A map of the world (Sala del Mappamondo)", "Peace (Sala della Pace)" where valuable frescos are left on the wall. A part of the second floor and whole third floor are the City Museum. Here are conserved many sculptures and potteries, also the original "Gaia Fountain (Fonte Gaia)" in the Piazza del Campo. From the third floor it's possible to overlook the town of Siena.

Cathedral (Duomo)

Duomo di Siena

5 stars
Another eye-catching architecture like the "Palazzo Pubblico" is Italian Gothic Cathedral, or Duomo. The construction was started in the mid 12th century and completed 200 years later. The top level leading artists at that time like Nicola Pisano, Michelangelo, and Donatello projected and decorated this Duomo.

One of the most notably paintings is the religious one decorated with 56 finely inlaid marble. Then please check also the altar of Piccolomini and frescoes of Pinturicchio.