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Ristorante Tre Archi

Ristorante Tre Archi Roma
Immediately on the right side of the Coronari street, right in the Navona Square. Coronari street (Via Coronari) is a really beautiful street.

Ristorante Tre Archi Roma
Inside is very simple. You would be able to eat relaxing. Since there are only 30 seats, it becomes full soon.

Ristorante Tre Archi Roma
Rome's famous spaghetti Amatriciana. Aroma and flavor of bacon and tomatoes create best match. It can be recommended to anyone.

Ristorante Tre Archi Roma
Commonly found in Northern Italian cuisine "Ossobuco". Bone-in veal is braised very well and its texture is like melting. It's very elegant taste.

Ristorante Tre Archi Roma
We were impressed greatly by these Roman-style artichokes. Smooth texture, fresh aroma..., this taste would be addictive if you try it just once. Please order this dish by all means!

Ristorante Tre Archi Roma
You can eat peacefully also on a hot day thanks for the air-conditioned. Since both the local Romans and tourists come here, it would be better to go earlier. At night, reservations would be required.

Taste 4.5stars Meal time in Rome with few delicious restaurants is a little bit sad! However, having lived in Italy since six years, I could finally found a favorite delicious restaurant. In addition it's located just in 1 minute walk from the Navona Square. Not only tourists but also the local Roman people like this delicious and affordable restaurant. Please note that there are a small number of seats.
I'm not familiar with restaurants in Rome, but here is the most recommended one so far.
Mood 4stars
Price 4.5stars
Total 4.5stars

My friend who lives in Rome recommends me here, "a cheap and delicious Trattoria"

6 years in Italy. Every week, I receive a question like "Where is a good restaurant in Rome?"... but to tell the truth, I don't know very well about the restaurant information in Rome. In the past I visited many restaurants with a "good" reputation, but none of them was good enough... However, finally I could find a convincing restaurant in Rome! That is "Ristorante Tre Archi".

Located in the center of Rome, it boasts the convenience traffic access.

Rome has many good restaurants in the suburbs. But as the largest tourist city in Italy, most of all restaurants inside the city center would be so-so and full of tourists. And it is easy to set higher prices. Among the Romans, it's said that "Don't eat in the center of town". But but but! This time I found "Tre Archi". This restaurant subverts such a common sense. It's located just behind the Navona Square in the city center and you can eat delicious Italian food at reasonable prices.

Only 30 seats. Also local Romans go often

The restaurant is well popular among the local Romans. When I went for lunch on a weekday, there were half regular clients and half tourists. Since there are only 30 seats, after 1 pm, the restaurant became full soon.
Interior is very simple. Although the category is restaurant, you can eat in a relaxed casual atmosphere. It's so comfortable with air conditioning (in summer, without air conditioning in Rome is really hot.)

Traditional food of Roman cuisine. The ingredients are all fresh and not frozen. When you order, they start cooking

Before my first visit, I'd heard that "the owner Mr. Loreto is very severe"... However, he was very politely and welcomed me with a good feeling. Their service was nice and pleasant. The food is based on the traditional Roman cuisine, of course. It was very enjoyable to choose dishes.
Loreto says proudly that they don't use frozen products and never buy precooked food. Unfortunately in Rome, a tourist city, there are many "lazy" restaurants. But this restaurant dishes keep a high level.

One of the best pastas is famous Roman one, "Amatriciana"

We ordered one of the typical pastas, Spaghetti all'Amatriciana. It's said that this dish is originated the "Amatrice village" near Rome. Frequently "Bucatini", a type of long spaghetti with hole inside, is used with this sauce. In this restaurant they use normal spaghetti.
The sauce contains tomato, onion, Guanciale (cheek of pork). It's simple but very delicious! There are often fake dishes for which is used bacon instead of Guanciale, but here they respect the original recipe. Completely different the flavor and sweetness of the meat. Well-braised tomatoes acidity has gone away and you can taste a sweet mellow sauce. This sauce matches perfectly to the salty Guanciale.

For the main dish, "Ossobuco"

For the main dish we ordered "Ossobuco", stewed veal with shank bone. I often eat this dish in Rome, and in this restaurant's Ossobuco was brilliant. The sour taste of fresh tomatoes is clear while keeping a mild taste. The meat is meltingly tender when you put it into the mouth. After the meat, please try also "Marrow". It's delicious.

Impressive artichokes!

I'd wanted to try "Puntarelle", famous Roman salad, but unfortunately this vegetable is harvested in spring. Therefore, we ordered Roman artichokes (Carciofi alla Romana). This dish is also one of the famous Roman cuisines.
This is a very simple dish of cooked artichokes in olive oil and water. It was exceptionally delicious. Feeling a smooth texture of Carciofi, you can understand that it is fresh.

I absolutely recommend you to try this dish by all means. On the menu it's written as a "main (secondi)". 8 euros for two artichokes is standard price. When you can't decide what you order, please decide this artichoke. It's impressive!!

For lunch, in total 32.5 euros (for two people)

This time we went to eat a light lunch, so we ordered one pasta dish for two, and two main dishes. We didn't drink wine. In any case, here is very cheap and delicious. You can eat with confidence.
Additionally, they have also "Carbonara" "Tonnarelli alla Ciociara" "Fettuccine al Salmone" "Pasta of porcini mushroom" "roasted lamb," "fried brains" "Alicette Gratinate" and "mixed fried fish" etc...

  • Table charge: 1 euro per 1 person x 2
  • Water 1 lt : 3 euros
  • Spaghetti all'Amatriciana : 7.5 euros
  • Ossobuco: 9 euros
  • Roman-style artichokes (Carciofi alla Romana) : 8 euros
  • Cafe' : 1.5 euros x 2
from ITALY
"Tre Archi" has become my favorite in Rome

I'm really happy to be able to know this "Tre Archi". Finally I could find an ideal restaurant that I can recommend to everyone. Delicious, cheap, and central location in Rome. Piazza Navona is two minutes walk away from this restaurant.


Table charge 1euros / person
Prosciutto (Raw ham) 6euros, Prosciutto e melone (Prosciutto and melon) 8euros, Antipasto Misto (Appetizer sampler) 6.5euros, Salame 5euros, Antipasto Vegetale (Vegetable appetizer) 6.5euros
Minestrone 6euros, Zuppa del Giorno (Today's soup) 6euros, Tortellini in Brodo 6euros, Capellini in Brodo 6euros
Primi piatti
Spaghetti alla Carbonara 7.5euros, Spaghetti alle Vongole (Spaghetti Vongole) 9euros, Spaghetti al Sugo (Spaghetti with tomato sauce) 6.5euros, Spaghetti all'Amatriciana 7.5euros, Tonnarelli alla Ciociara 7.5euros, Orecchiette ai Broccoli () 7.5euros, Cannelloni () 7.5euros, Ravioli di Ricotta e Spinaci (Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli) 7.5euros, Fettuccine al Salmone (Salmon Fettuccine) 8.5euros, Fettuccine ai Funghi Porchini () 9euros, Pappardelle alla Lepre (Hare Pappardelle) 7.5euros, Risotto ai Frutti di Mare (Seafood risotto) 9euros, Tortellini alla Panna () 8euros
Main dish
Fegato ai Ferri (Liver steak) 10euros, Bistecca ai Ferri (Beef Steak) 12euros, Lombata di Vitella (Beef chuck) 12euros, Vitella al Forno (Grilled beef) 9euros, 1/4 Pollo Arrosto (Roast chicken 1/4) 8euros, Ossobuco (Braised veal shank with bone) 9euros, Scaloppina di Vitella () 9euros, Melanzane alla Parmigiana () 8euros, Scamorza () 6euros, Spiedino Misto (Shish kebab) 9euros, Involtini () 8.5euros, Carpaccio (Beef Carpaccio) 8euros, Trippa () 8euros, Sformato di Spinaci (Spinach sformato) 6euros, Funghi Porcini Arrosto (Roasted Porcini) 15euros, 2 Carciofi alla Romana (Roman artichokes x2) 8euros, Abbacchio Arrosto (Roasted lamb) 12euros, Fritto di Cervello e Fiori di Zucca (Fried zucchini flowers and brains) 8euros
Sogliola (Grilled sole) 16euros, Rombo (Grilled Sole) 16euros, Alicette Gratinate () 8euros, Salmone (Grilled Salmon) 10euros, Frittura Mista (Fish Fry) 12euros
Side dish
Insalata Mista (mix salad) 4euros, Spinaci (Boiled spinach) 4euros, Cicoria (Boiled greens) 4euros, Patate Arrosto (French fries) 4euros, Puntarelle con Alici () 4euros, Broccoletti (Broccoli) 4euros
Gorgonzola () 4euros, Bel Paese () 4euros, Cacioatta Romana () 4euros
Tartufo gelato () 4.5euros, Gelato misto () 4.5euros, Tiramisu' () 4.5euros, Torta di Ricotta () 4.5euros, Semifreddo di Panna cotta () 4.5euros

Macedonia () 3.5euros, Ananas (Pineapple) 3.5euros, Frutta di Stagione (Seasonal Fruit) 3.5euros, Frutti di Bosco (Assorted Berry) 4.5euros

Drinks Wine
White wine (Vino bianco) from 13euros, Red wine (Vino rosso) from 13euros
House wine (Vino della casa) 8euros
Acqua Minerale (Mineral water) 3euros, Coca-Cola () 3euros, Birra (Beer) 5euros, Caffe' (Coffee) 1.5euros
Name Tre Archi di Loreto Rubei
Adress Via dei Coronari 233, Roma - Italy
How to reach 1 minute walk from the Navona Square. Along the Colonari street, north side of the square.
Tel. +39 06 686 5890
Closed Sunday
Opening Hours 12:30-15:00, 19:00-23:00
Budget 20euros pre person (excluding drink)
Notes You can use all types of Credit cards
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