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Ristorante AL34

Ristorante AL34
This restaurant is near the Spanish Square, located on the corner of the narrow street. Even though, sometimes also cars are passing...

Ristorante AL34
The inside of the restaurant. The decor is in traditional style with brown tones. It shows a long history of this restaurant. It's not enough spacious but you can feel relaxed.

Ristorante AL34
Marinated octopus, 12.5 euros. Smoked octopus and pistachio are marinated. It's simple but delicious with salad, whetting the appetite for green pistachio and red carrots.

Ristorante AL34
Bresaola (beef ham) and mushrooms with Parmesan cheese, 8 euros. Bresaola is aged beef in red wine with spices and salt. It has low fat and calorie comparing to the pork ham. Excellent with Parmesan cheese.

Ristorante AL34
Spaghetti Vongole 14.50 euros. It's one of the most typical dishes anywhere in Italy. And you can eat "so-so" everywhere. This restaurant has also satisfying taste of this pasta. But it might be a little bit expensive if you consider the simple ingredients...

Ristorante AL34
Linguine all'astice (a gorgeous lobster pasta), 15 euros. This dish is reasonable and satisfied. It's so very delicious the sweetness of lobster source.

Ristorante AL34
"Insalata di baccala' grigliata con pomodoli patate e cipollotti (salad of grilled cod with tomatoes, onions and potatoes), 14 euros. It's a hot dish. The vegetables and cod are grilled and cooked in the oven. The taste of cod fish is a little bit particular.

Ristorante AL34
The beautifully illuminated church of Trinita dei Monti, the Spanish Steps and Spanish Square at night. During the day here is always crowded with tourists. But at night it becomes a little bit calm. You can enjoy a different expression.

Taste 3stars This restaurant is in the tourist center of Rome, Spanish Square which is famous for the film of "Roman Holiday". Here is a luxury shopping district Via Condotti. It's so very touristic that there are lots of star-award restaurants : Ristorante, Osteria, Pizzeria. This restaurant is recommended for who would like to enjoy a good dinner after shopping around the Spanish Steps, in order to avoid a failure choosing one of any place by case. It's a good tasty restaurant opening also for lunch time.
Mood 3stars
Price 3stars
Total 3stars

A restaurant near the Spanish Square, but please feel free

It's one minute walk from the Spanish Square and Via Condotti. It's located in the ideal position to visit. The alley where the restaurant is located is recessed and less crowded even in the popular shopping district. You can enjoy eating at the outside patio without worrying about the look and bustle of people coming and going. Its calm interior will give you a calm moment of relief when you arrive here from super-crowded tourist spots.

Their pasta is highly recommended

Among several dishes which we took at this restaurant, their pasta dishes were excellent. The second fish was also okay, but it was more expensive than pastas, of course. Thus, why don't you try pasta dishes at a less expensive price and more delicious? Pasta sauce is not too much salty. The pasta is boiled in a good timing and and keeping a good texture. Plus, shrimps and fish with pasta are very fresh.

Rich menu

This restaurant has an extremely rich menu. You can enjoy a traditional Italian cuisine with long story and Roman dishes. It looks very familiar, so rather than Ristorante it's folksy trattoria. The waiter was an old man. The staffs were working well but not so much friendly. It's a unique spectacle of a busy tourist destination Rome...

Everyone visits this square, Piazza di Spagna during the visit of Rome

Everyone who come to Rome visits "Piazza di Spagna". The huge stone staircase extending from this square, "Spanish Steps" is famous for the film of "Roman Holiday". Audrey Hepburn was eating a gelato on these steps. On the top of the Spanish Steps there is the church of "Trinita dei Monti". In front of this church there is a terrace overlooking the Spanish Steps and Spanish Square with Fountain. You can see also the gorgeous shopping street, Via Condotti. The restaurant is located in one minute walk from the Spanish Square.

from ITALY
I recommend "Al Ristorante 34"!

An unforgettable meal will remind you your memorable travel. Not only talking about the taste, but also the situation would be very important at that time. In that sense this restaurant is located in the ideal place, especially at night. Either before or after a meal, please enjoy the Trinita dei Monti church behind the Spanish Steps at night. It would become a good memory of the beautiful Rome.

from Rome Staff of AMOITALY

Mozzarella di bufala(Buffalo mozzarella cheese) 8.9 euros, Caprese (Tomato and mozzarella salad) 8 euros, Frutta di mare(Seafood Marinade) 12.50 euros
Pasta e Zuppe
Pasta and Soup
Ravioli di ricotta e spinaci al ragu'(Spinach and ricotta ravioli meat sauce) 9 euros, Risotto alle erbe(Vegetable Risotto) 9 euros, Conchiglie con peperoni e gorgonzola(peppers and Gorgonzola Shell-type Pasta) 9 euros, Penne al radicchio e trota affumicata(Radish with smoked trout Penne) 13 euros
Main dish
Abbacchio allo scottadito(Grilled lamb) 15 euros, Fagottino di vitello ai ferri(Grilled veal) 12.5 euros, Ossobuco di vitello alla genovese(Genoa-style veal with bone) 13.50 euros, Calamari ripieni alla griglia(Grilled stuffed squid) 15 euros, Carpaccio di salmone agli agrumi(Salmon carpaccio) 13.50 euros
Side dish
Insalata mista(mix salad) 5 euros, Insalata salmonata(Smoked salmon salad) 6.20 euros, Insalata d'arancie(Orange salad) 6.20 euros, Carpaccio di zucchine e caciottina tartufata 10 euros
Millefoglie(Mille-feuille) 4.50 euros, Tiramisu' 4.50 euros, Profiteroles con cioccolato caldo 4.50 euros, Baba' al limoncello 4.50 euros, Mont blanc 4.50 euros
Table charge
1 euros per person
Name Ristorante AL34
Address Via Mario de' Fiori, 34, 00187 Roma - Italy
How to reach From the Spanish Square go to west along the Via delle Carrozze for 80m. It's situated in the Via Mario de Fiori.
Tel. 06.6795091
Closed Modey
Opening Hours 12:30-15:00, 18:30-23:30
Budget 30 euros per person (excluding drink)
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