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Ristorante caffe' LO ZODIACO

Ristorante caffe' LO ZODIACO
This restaurant is very recommended, not only thanks for their dishes but also the great view from the top of the hill. It's situated on the top of the Montemario hill.
There is no obstruct around so you can overlook the wonderful city of Rome from the inside and outside of the restaurant.

Ristorante caffe' LO ZODIACO
The spacious restaurant is used also for some anniversaries and parties of local Italians.
During the dinner time the interior lighting becomes extremely little to complement the night panorama outside.
You know, candlelight only!! It's very romantic!!

Ristorante caffe' LO ZODIACO

Taste 4 stars A romantic restaurant which is on the hilltop of Montemario. It's possible to enjoy delicious food overlooking Rome's wide landscape. Here is a really luxurious space for your trip in Rome.
Mood 4 stars
Price 4 stars
Total 4 stars

If you are looking for a romantic dinner in Rome, here is recommended!

A romantic restaurant which is on the hilltop of Montemario. It's possible to enjoy delicious food overlooking Rome's wide landscape under the eyes. Here is a really luxurious space for your trip in the Eternal City, Rome. In the evening, you can enjoy also live musics of singing and playing the piano. It must become a good memory of your Rome.

It's away from the Centro (downtown) area, but please try this restaurant by all means. Of course, their dishes are very delicious, and the price is slightly lower because of its non-central location. Here all services are very calm and you can enjoy your dinner slowly.

On the menu, "grilled shrimp and prawn pigweed" is highly recommended. A great shrimps and prawns come out! Also, a simple carbonara pasta is very delicious. The pasta is enough chewy and its smooth and yellow source is wonderful. Risotto of shrimps is also recommended. Al dente Risotto is prepared with sweet cream sauce of shrimps.

They provide many different kinds of wine, about 70 labels. Outside the restaurant, after the meal, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Rome from the hilltop. Especially at night, the air becomes nice and clean. Therefore it's highly recommended to pass here by all means. After around 9:00 pm, this popular restaurant becomes full so it's better to make a reservation in advance.

Speck, Verdure grigliate e ciliegine(Ham, grilled vegetables, mozzarella cheese) 9 euros, Fritto misto all'italiana(Mixed fried rice balls and mozzarella) 8 euros, Suppli(Two deep-fried rice balls) 5 euros, Insalata di mare"ZODIACO"(海の幸のサラダ) 9 euros, Salmone marinato(Marinated Salmon) 10 euros, Carpaccio di polpo(Octopus Carpaccio) 9 euros
Primo Piatto
Spaghetti alle vongole (Spaghetti Vongole) 10 euros, Risotto alla crema di scampi(Shrimp Risotto) 11 euros, Fettuccine fiori di zucca e gamberi 12 euros, Raviolini all'arancia 12 euros, Ravioli di ricotta e noci al tartufo(Ravioli with Nuts, Ricotta and Truffle Sauce) 12 euros, Spaghetti alla carbonara 10 euros, Tonnarelli pomodori e basilico 9 euros
Secondo Piatto
Mein dishes
Spigola od orata in crosta di sale(Salt baked sea bass or red snapper) 15 euros, Spigola all’acqua "pazza" 14 euros, Grigliata di scampi e mazzancolla (Grilled Shrimp) 18 euros, Grigliata mista "ZODIACO"(Grilled Seafood) 20 euros, Tagliata di manzo all'aceto balsamico o al rosmarino(Beef with Balsamic or rosmary source) 16 euros, Lombata di vitella ai ferri od al cartoccio 15 euros, Piccatina al limone(Veal sauteed in butter lemon sauce) 12 euros
Wine (bottle) 19 euros-
Name Ristorante Caffe' LO ZODIACO
Address Via del Parco Mellini, 88/92 Monte Mario-Roma-Italy
How to reach Get off at the Metro station of line A, Ottaviano S.pietro. 1.5 Km from the station by taxi
Phone number 06-35496744-640
Closed None
Opening Hours 12:00-15:00, 19:30-23:30
Budget 30 euros per person (excluding drink)
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