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Hosteria Piccolo Arancio

Il Piccolo Alpino
Restaurant Exterior. Night is so easy to find it because only shop lighting on the road. Via Testaccio roads jammed with cars at night.

Il Piccolo Alpino
Mr Leonard, restaurant manager. Making pizza in the workshop and serve in the hall of Restaurant. He mi allowed take the photo. The very kind natured.

Taste 3stars It's a restaurant in downtown of Rome. Also local Italian people go to lunch and it has a typical Italian atmosphere. There are few tourists.
Mood 3stars
Price 3stars
Total 3stars

A restaurant near the Trevi Fountain

This homely Hosteria is located in a tourist destination in the heart of Rome, just off the Piazza del Quirinale and the Trevi Fountain. Despite its central location, it's situated along a narrow and quiet alley. Due to its great position, this restaurant has a unique atmosphere: small but warm and cozy place. It's loved by local Italian people for lunch during working time. It's nice!

Chef's recommended menu is mainly Roman cuisine with a lot of seasonal ingredients. And this restaurant features the pasta like typical dish made by Italian Mamma.

Ravioli Arancio (Ravioli with orange sauce) and Fettuccine Ragu' di Abbacchio (long pasta with meat sauce of lamb) have a delicate source flavor and just quantity. Dolce is also ideal as a good conclusion after meal? Millefogli Frutti di Bosco (Mille-feuille of berry fruits) is recommended.

Southe' di Cozze (Sauteed Mussels) 9 euros, Southe' di Vongole (Sauteed clams) 10 euros, Antipasto all'Italia (Assorted Appetizers) 8 euros
Primo Piatto
Arrabbiasta 7.5 euros, Carbonara 8 euros, Amatriciana (pasta tomato and bacon sauce) 8 euros, Cacio e Pepe (Pasta with cheese and pepper) 7.5 euros
Secondo piatto
Main dish
Lombata (rib roast) 10 euros, Bistecca (Beefsteak) 10 euros, Spezzatino all Cacciatora (Chopped beef stew) 9 euros, Bollito (Boil beef) 8 euros, Trippa 8 euros, Polpette (Meatballs) 8 euros, Scamorza al Forno (Baked scamorza cheese) 7 euros
Seasonal Vegetables Insalata (Salad) 3.5 euros, Cicoria 3.5 euros
Orata su ordinazione (Reservations required) , Spigole su ordinazione (Reservations required)
Pizza Margherita 4.5 euros, Napoli 5 euros, Funghi (Mushrooms) 5.5 euros, Capricciosa 5.5 euros, Cicoria 6 euros, Rughetta e Pomodoro 6 euros, Prosciutto 6 euros, 4stagioni 5.5 euros, 4Formaggi 5.5 euros, Cipolla 5 euros, Marinara 4 euros, Salciccia (Sausage) 5.5 euros, Salmone (Salmon) 7 euros, Gorgonzola 5.5 euros, Tricolore 7.5 euros
Gelati (Ice cream)
Name Il Piccolo Alpino
Address Lungotevere Testaccio Via Orazio Antinori, 3-5 00153 Roma-Italy
How to reach Between the Quirinale Square and the Trevi Fountain, 5 minutes walk from each point.
Tel. 06 5741386
Closed Monday
Opening Hours 13:00-14:45, 19:45-22:45
Budget 15 euros per person (excluding drink)
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