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Ristorante Paris

Ristorante Paris in Rome
Many tables are arranged outside the restaurant. You can dine in candlelight overlooking the city skyline.
Trastevere illuminated by yellow lights will become an unforgettable memory in your life.
There are also more relaxing sofa seats.

Ristorante Paris in Rome
At the entrance of the restaurant there is a historical small sign: "RISTORANTE PARIS DI DARIO CAPPELLANTI".

Ristorante Paris in Rome
Just before opening hour. Since it was too early, there was no other client.
The interior and accessories show somehow antique atmosphere. At the back corner of the restaurant, there is a fireplace. Even if the first time, you might feel a nostalgia.

Ristorante Paris in Rome
Antipasto "Rughetta Pachino e Gamberi (arugula and shrimp salad) ". Salad with lots of fresh shrimps and arugula with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It's a healthy dish.

Ristorante Paris in Rome
Primopiatto "Minestra d'Arzilla (Minestra of Arzilla)". Arzilla is a type of fish and this is a local cuisine of Rome. A hot menu with plenty of fish and pasta.

Ristorante Paris in Rome
It was more than 120 years ago when the first owner Mr. Dario had opened this restaurant here. You can feel the age from the structure of the building. Particularly lacunar wooden ceiling is very tasty. Additionally the casting chandeliers give an antique atmosphere.

Taste 4.5stars Paris is located in the historic district of Trastevere. The area keeps alive and good old taste of a typical Italian downtown. There are many cobbled narrow streets.  Here is very intricate, but this restaurant is situated in the relatively straightforward position. Practically it faces the square near the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere. You can enjoy local dishes in the Roman antique interiors of the restaurant.
Mood 4stars
Price 4stars
Total 4stars

Ristorante Paris is found in the 17th-century building

This restaurant is found in the 17th-century building, located 30 meters from Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, in the historic center of Rome. Here you can choose traditional Roman dishes prepared with fresh fish and seasonal vegetables from a various lists. The inside is divided into three rooms furnished in the classic style. Dress code is informal. There are many wines which can be good for according to the dishes. They have also an underground wine cellar.

The Roman cuisine is what has been handed down

This restaurant has a long history which dates back to 1890. Mr. Dario Paris had started this restaurant. Then his son and the son of his son took over the management. The current owner has been here since 1958. At that time, as a joke, the Paris family was saying "wishing that this restaurant would continue until 2000!". Their dishes are demonstrating exactly the family's homemade taste of "Mamma". The taste of the mother has been kept in the kitchen. And this restaurant will continue like this in the future, too.

White wine with a recommended Minestra

A recommended first dish is Minestra (soup with pasta, vegetables, beans and other ingredients). Also my best Italian friend in Rome recommends this "Minestra of Arzilla". It's a typical Roman dish of boiled fish and small squared pasta and vegetables in the soup. A lot of soft white fish is very delicious. There is also a Minestra of chickpeas and pasta. With these soups, let's order white wine together. Subsequently please try "fritti" (fries). Those pumpkin flowers stuffed with cheese and anchovy and cheese staffed in the flower of Zucchini, Mozzarella, potato croquette, artichoke etc... everything become fried. Since the fry oil is always prepared newly so the taste is digestive and not too much oily.

The waiter was shy but when I asked him many things about Roman traditional cuisine, he tried to answer me as much as possible.

The origin of the traditional Roman cuisine is Jewish cuisine

The real Roman traditional cuisine was born from the wisdom and ideas to use food without waste when the people were poor. and hence different ideas. All of these dishes were delivered from Jewish Cooking in Rome. One of them is Jewish Carciofi (oil fried artichokes). Spaghetti with pepper and cheese "Cacio e pepe" and famous spaghetti carbonara are also typical examples as well as Amatriciana Roman pasta with tomato sauce and bacon.

Enjoy dining outside facing a small square

As is the case in most Italian restaurants, also this restaurant has outdoor tables where you can enjoy a meal with a great view. Might be a little harsh winter, but in the other seasons you can enjoy slowly drinking wine while gazing passers. It would be the most luxurious moment. In Italy the outdoor seats are considered better off than the table seats in the air conditioned inside in the summer. It's wonderful idea to enjoy the most delicious meals in a natural wind outside.

Trastevere, the "downtown" area of Rome has a particular atmosphere. In the past many dinings offered at the lower price but now a lot of them are changing their prices into the central touristic average. Here is also one of those restaurants but even if it's a little bit expensive, you can enjoy the slowly passing time, the atmosphere of good old Rome and local dishes rewound in the past the time. It's valuable.

MENU (2010 January)
Table charge 3 euros per person
Prosciutto(Raw ham) 11 euros, Saute' di Cozze(Sauteed Mussels) 9 euros, Rughetta Pachino e Gamberi (Arugula and shrimp salad) 15 euros, Crudo di Pesce Misto(Seafood Marinade) 23 euros
Primi piatti
Pasta e Ceci(Minestra) 12 euros, Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe(Spaghetti cheese and pepper) 11 euros, Rigatoni all'Amatriciana (Pasta tomato sauce with bacon) 11 euros, Rigatoni alla Carbonara (Carbonara) 11 euros, Minestra d'Arzilla(Fish Soup with pasta) 12 euros, Fettuccine al Rag_ di Carne(Pasta meat sauce) 13 euros
Carpaccio di Manzo(Beef Carpaccio) 15 euros, Bistecca di Manzo(Beef steak) 15 euros, Polpette di Vitella Fritte(Veal meatballs) 16 euros, Pollo alla romana(Roman Chiken) 16 euros, Fritto di Calamari e Gamberi(Deep-fried squid and shrimp) 17 euros, Carciofi Giudia(Fried Artichokes) 13 euros, Filetti di Baccala' 15 euros, Fritto Misto Vegetale(Vegetable Frit) 17 euros
Side dish
Misto di Formaggi(Cheeseboard) 14 euros, Puntarelle((in stagione) 8 euros, Funghi Porcini((in stagione) (Porcini Mushrooms) 19 euros
Dolci della Casa(Original Desserts) 7 euros, Frutta in stagione(Seasonal Fruit) 6 euros, Palle di Ricotta Fritte (Fried ricotta cheese) 8 euros
Vini e Bevande
Wine, Drinks
Vino della Casa(House Wine) 4.5 euros/glass, 13 euros/Bottole,
Acqua Minerale(Bottled water) 3 euros
Over 100 Wine

Name Ristorante Paris
Address Piazza S.Calisto, 7a-00184 Roma-Italy
How to reach Take tram No. 8 or bus H or 170 and get off at the Piazza Sidney Sonnino. It takes 8 minute by walk.
Tel. Tel.&Fax +39 06.5815378
Closed Sunday evening, Monday
Opening Hours 12:30-15:00 / 19:45-23:00
Budget 35-55 euros per person
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