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Ristorante Pizzeria Calabascio

Ristorante Calabascio Roma
The wall is blue bright of the Mediterranean Sea. There are comfortable seats and you can enjoy a leisurely meal.

Ristorante Calabascio Roma
The owner.

Ristorante Calabascio Roma
The restaurant is large enough, there are over 50 seats. You will get a seat easily around the opening time. Totally air conditioned.

Ristorante Calabascio Roma
Marinated salmon appetizer. It has a delicious and elegant flavor.

Ristorante Calabascio Roma
Freshly baked focaccia. This is brilliant! The fresh scent of rosemary is suitable for wine!

Ristorante Calabascio Roma
Pappardelle of swordfish and tomato. Please try this by all means. The texture of their homemade pasta, fresh tomato's sweetness and fish's richness, all matches beautifully.

Ristorante Calabascio Roma
Spaghetti Vongole, for me it's a little bit too much salty. Please order this dish with less salt.

Ristorante Calabascio Roma
Rich Tiramisu' is quite delicious.
If you love sweets, please try it.

Ristorante Calabascio Roma
Of course wine is also good.

Taste 4stars This Calabascio specializes in Mediterranean seafood, it's quite delicious. I often miss the seafood and this restaurant has a passing grade in Rome. But when I ate here, the taste was too much salty. So if you want, please order "less salt (poco sale)".
The restaurant has a very good atmosphere, and its excellent service is comfortable. Since here you can relax peacefully, it would be also nice to come both day and night.
Mood 4.5stars
Service 4stars
Price 4stars
Total 4stars

Near the Vatican Museums, I asked to my hotel recommended local restaurants

Since when I've found a delicious restaurant "Tre Archi" in the center of Rome, it becomes much more interesting to search good restaurants in Rome. This restaurant "Calabascio" is a five minutes’ walk from the Vatican Museums. An historical local hotel recommended it to me as a popular restaurant among many locals. Since it's situated outside of the city center, there are fewer tourists and you can eat and relax peacefully. When you come to this restaurant, please enjoy its cuisine calmly.

The seafood in Rome makes me happy

Although the image of the Roman cuisine is meat, they eat often also fish. It's close to the sea indeed. But most tourist restaurants in Rome offer very high prices... However, this "Calabascio" features delicious cuisine at only affordable prices. That's why it's loved by locals. Let's eat together with white wine.

The interior is as beautiful as an art gallery

The restaurant is located 5 minutes walk from the Vatican museums, as well as the Ottaviano Metro station (line A). It boasts a good location. As you can see the photo, the restaurant is decorated in a bright blue color like the Mediterranean. Since it faces the street and is airy, you can relax easily.

Seafood is the main menu, for dinner you can also eat pizzas

The owner (the left in the photo) is very kind and checks well the performance of his staffs. The main menu is seafood, but there is a wide menu of meat dishes, too. Of course food is served freshly cooked and hot (unfortunately Roma is a tourist city, not few restaurants serve precooked instant food).

Appetizer was marinated anchovies and marinated salmon with orange flavor

For appetizer we ordered marinated sardines, my favorite dish. This was too strong salty. Another dish of marinated salmon was delicious. We asked the cheapest bottle white; it was well chilled and good with fish. In addition it was a hot day so cold white wine made us happy.
By the way, on that day they'd finished bread and brought crispy baked focaccia for us. You know, this focaccia was excellent with a good flavor of rosemary!

Their pastas are recommended, but they might be too much salty

Of course, for the pasta we ordered seafood. Pappardelle of swordfish and tomato (Pappardelle al pesce spada con pomodorini) has a plenty of matured tomato flavor. The texture of homemade pasta is perfectly well. Sour and sweet taste spreads in the mouth.
Meanwhile, Spaghetti with Clams (Spaghetti alle vongole) was boiled al dente perfectly, but it was too salty for me. It's a disappointing point. After lunch, I said to the owner about this, he said that they would prepare all dishes after each order so it would be possible to ask less salty taste.
Less salt in Italian is "Poco sale". It would become a pretty tasty dish, with just salt.

After meal, their homemade tiramisu' is recommended!

We are already full after the second dishes, the owner recommends to dare to eat Tiramisu'. Therefore, we shared one. This was a really delicious Tiramisu'. My friend prized the most delicious Tiramisu' in all other Italian restaurants.
Indeed, its rich cream is less liquid and full of yolks. It's certainly delicious!

Our lunch and fee (one male and one female, total 62.5 euros)

We ordered a little bit ambitious lunch of two appetizers and two pastas. The total amount was acceptable. When you eat seafood in Rome, this price would be the lowest line. If you order some meat and pizzas, it would be less expensive.

  • Table charge: 1 euro × 2 persons
  • 1 lit water: 2.5 euros
  • White wine 1 bottle: 10 euros
  • Marinated sardines (Alici marinate): 8 euros
  • Marinated salmon, orange flavor (Salmone marinato all'arancia): 8 euros
  • Spaghetti with Clams (Spaghetti alle vongole): 12 euros
  • Pappardelle of swordfish (Pappardelle al pesce spada): 12 euros
  • Homemade Tiramisu' (Tiramisu'): 6 euros
from ITALY
When you want to eat good seafood in Rome, here is recommended
Service of a cup of coffee or liquor after meal!

There are many restaurants near Vatican but those which I've tried were not good. However here is highly recommended.
Please show this page printed, they offer you a free cafe or digestive liquor!

Offrono gratis liquore o caffe'. Gli mostrate questa pagina stampata.


MENU (2010 Sptember)
Table charge
2 euros per person
Antipasto di Mare
Fish Appetizers
Insalata di polipo e olive (Octopus salad with olives) 8euro, Salmone marinato all'arancia e limone (Marinated salmon, orange and lemon) 8euro, Alici marinate (Marinated Sardines) 8euro, Insalata di mare (Seafood Salad) 8euro
Antipasto di Terra
Meat Appetizers
Antipasto deella casa (Appetizer sampler) 8euro, Verdure miste alla griglia (Grilled Vegetables) 8euro, Pane in carrozza (fried Pan and mozzarella) 8euro
Bruschetta classica (Oil and garlic bruschetta) 2euro, Bruschetta al pomodoro (tomato bruschetta) 2.5euro, Bruschetta alla 'nduja (Red pepper salami bruschetta) 2.5euro, Bruschetta alla creme (Pate bruschetta) 2.5euro, Brushcetta alla sardella (Fish pate bruschetta) 2.5euro, Bruschetta scamorza e pomodorini (Tomato and Scamorza Bruschetta) 2.5euro, Bruschetta scamorza e funghi (Scamorza and Mushrooms) 2.5euro, Bruschetta scamorza e melanzane (Scamorza and Eggplant) 2.5euro
Primi piatti
di Mare
Fish Pasta
Spaghetti alle vongole () 12euro, Cartoccio di pesce (Seafood spaghetti) 18euro
Primi piatti di Mare
Fish Pasta
Fileja con fagioli e cozze (Bean and mussels) 10euro, Con tonno della Calabria (Tuna) 10euro, Fettuccine con gamberi e zucchine (Shrimp and zucchini) 12euro, Tagliolini allo scoglio (Mussels and Clams) 12euro, Tagliolini Gamberetti e rucola (Tagliolini of shrimp and arugula) 12euro, Maltagliati Calamari e basilico () 12euro, Maltagliati Polipo e asparagi (Octopus and asparagus) 12euro, Ravioli al pesce spada con cozze e vongole (Mussels and clams, tuna and marlin) 12euro, Pappardelle al pesce spada (Swordfish with tomato) 12euro, Gnocchi con olio di tartufo, pomodori, cozze (Truffle oil, tomatoes, mussels, gnocchi) 12euro
Primi piatti di Montagna
Meat Pasta
Pasta e fagioli (Bean) 9euro, Spaghetti alla carbonara () 9euro, Rigatoni alla'amatriciana () 9euro, Penne alla'arrabbiata () 9euro
Primi piatti di Montagna
Meat Pasta
Fieja al pomodoro e 'nduja (Red peper Salami and tomato sauce) 10euro, Fieja con melanzane (Eggplant) 9euro, Fieja Filanti con mozzarella (Mozzarella and tomato pasta) 9euro, Fieja al sugo con spuntature di maiale (Pork and tomato sauce) 10euro, Fieja con funghi e prosciutto (Ham and mushroom pasta) 10euro, Gnocchi alla sorrentina (Gnocchi with tomato sauce and mozzarella) 9euro, Gnocchi al gorgonzola () 9euro, Fettuccine cacio e pepe (Cheese and black pepper) 9euro, Fettuccine con panna e salsiccia (Fettoutchine cream and sausage) 10euro, Ravioli alla 'nduja (Ravioli Spicy salami) 10euro, Ravioli alle melanzane (Eggplant Ravioli) 10euro
Spigola in crosta di patate () 18euro, Bistecca di pesce spada (Swordfish steak) 18euro, Bistecca di tonno (Tuna steak) 18euro, Bistecca di salmone (Salmon steak) 15euro, Gamberoni arrosto (Grilled Shrimp) 18euro, Gamberoni alla diavola (Grilled shrimp with spicy tomato sauce) 18euro, Cotoletta di alici (Sardine croquettes) 8euro
Bistecca di manzo danese (Beef steak) 16euro, Cotoletta alla milanese (Cutlet Milanese) 12euro, Costolette d'agnello (Lamb cutlet) 15euro, Popette alla calabrese (Calabrian-style meatballs) 10euro, Straccetti di manzo con gorgonzola (Beef Gorgonzola) 12euro
Polpette di melanzane (Fried eggplant balls) 6euro, Involtini di melanzane (Fried cheese wrapped in eggplant) 6euro, Parmigiana di melanzane espressa (Fried eggplant and tomato) 10euro
side dish
Zuppa di fagioli (White Bean Soup) 8euro, Insalata mista (mix salad) 6euro, Peperoni e patate (Peppers and potatoes) 6euro, Verdure di stagione (Seasonal Vegetables) 6euro, Patatine fritte (French fries) 6euro, Caprese (Tomato and Mozzarella Salad) 8euro
Acqua (water 1L) 2.5euro, Birra (Beer 66cc) 4euro, Coca Cola 2.5euro, Caffe' espresso 2euro, Capppuccino 2.5euro, Te' (Tea) 3euro, American Coffee 2.5euro
Vino rosso della casa (Red House wine 1L) 9euro, Vino rosso della casa (Red House wine 0.5L) 5euro, Vino rosso della casa (Red House wine0.25L) 3euro, Vino Bianco della casa (White House wine 1L) 9euro, Vino Bianco della casa (White House wine 0.5L) 5euro, Vino Bianco della casa (White House wine 0.25L) 3euro, Bottle wine

Name Ristorante Calabascio
Adress Via Properzio, 20/22/24 - 00193 Roma - Italy
How to reach Get off at the Ottaviano Metro station (line A). 6 minutes walk to south. Or 7 minutes walk from the St. Peter's Square
Tel. +39 06 68308471
Closed None
Opening Hours Lunch 12:00-15:00, Dinner from 19:00
Budget 25 euros per person (excluding drink)
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