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AD HOC Ristorante

AD HOC Ristorante
Ristorante location is very easy. Seeing the obelisk of the Popolo Square in your back, there are three wide streets from the square. Go to the right one (Via di Ripetta) and go 200 m. It's situated on the left side of the street.

AD HOC Ristorante
The inside of the restaurant. Italian dinner starts about 8 o'clock, so people starts coming little by little. At 7:00 inside of the restaurant was quiet like this. Kind and careful staffs service timely.

AD HOC Ristorante
There are about 50 kinds of wine on the list. We ordered a sparkling wine on that day. It was very light and dry, and very good with seafood dishes. The price was 48 euros. The bottle was cute. In fact, there are two dozens types of red wines and a dozen white wines plus several types of sparkling wines.

AD HOC Ristorante
Antipasto "Carpaccio piccantino di manzo denese, rucola e grana (carpaccio of beef made in Denmark)" (12.5 euros). The soft and mellow beef was made in Denmark. It has a good combination with arugula and Grana cheese.

AD HOC Ristorante
Antipasto "Carpaccio di polpo verace, di spigola, di rombo, di gallinella (Carpaccio of octopus, sea bass, flounder and sea robin)" (16.5 euros). Fresh fish has an elastic texture and matches well with vegetables.

AD HOC Ristorante
Antipasto "Salmone affumicato con pane carasau e misticanza (smoked salmon with traditional bread of Sardegna)" (12 euros). Salmon is also delicious, moderate smoked taste. Pane Carasau is a kind of laid crispy crackers. It's an exquisite combination.

AD HOC Ristorante
"Vermicelli al sole (pasta with tomato, basil and Mozzarella)" (9.9 euros). This is very simple but very good. They use high quality pastas. The tomato has an intense and sweet flavor.

AD HOC Ristorante
"Paccheri Piccantini alle vongole veraci (Pasta Vongole)" (10 euros). The name of Piccantini means a little spicy, indeed... It's very tasty and you won't be able to stop!

AD HOC Ristorante
Dessert: "Pudding alla menta e cioccolato fuso fondente (pudding and mint chocolate sauce)" (6 euros). Pudding of fresh mint has a sky blue color. The mild sweet chocolate sauce is on it.

Taste 5 stars It's situated near the Piazza del Popolo in Rome and has a quiet atmosphere. It's open from lunch time. At the early evening you might be able to get a table without reservation, but the dinner time is normally full on Friday - Sunday. Anyway, it's better to make a reservation in advance. If you want to eat in Rome, it often happens that you see less friendly staffs unfortunately. However, all staffs of this restaurant are very welcoming, friendly and kind.
Mood 4 stars
Price 3stars
Total 4 stars

Ad Hoc restaurant near the Popolo Square (Piazza del Popolo)

This restaurant is located in the central areas of Rome. It's near the Popolo Square (Piazza del Popolo), about 3 minutes walk. From the Spanish Square and Via del Corso is also walking distance. Its entrance is less recognizable with its modest colors. Please be careful or you might be going past without noticing it. As you can guess from its appearance and impression, it's an elegant restaurant. The staffs can speak English, too. Inside is a little bit spacious, and some comical paintings are hung on the wall with pretty decorations.

Use all homemade pasta from Southern Italy

All pastas served in this restaurant are produced by a homemade pasta maker in Gragnano and Nola in southern Italy. These areas are famous for delicious pasta with fresh eggs and wine. The pasta which I chose was also very delicious spaghetti. Since the pasta itself is very delicious, even if the sauce is simple with only tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese, the dish becomes perfect. The good pasta is a testimony of the quality of its restaurant. Serving portion in Italy is very big, but here you would be able to finish a whole pasta dish by yourself. I mean, it's so delicious that you can't stop it.

Fresh seafood is also always available

Another good point of this restaurant should be fresh seafood. Antipasto, primo and secondo dishes have really fresh seafood. Frozen fish is never used. In fact, I ate grilled sea bass. It was a whole grilled sea bass and the waiter served dividing the fish bones and pulp in front of me. It was very soft and excellent.

A beautiful square with cobblestones, the obelisk and the fountains: Piazza del Popolo

This restaurant's location is very easy and you will not get lost. Walk to the north on the central Rome's main street, Via del Corso. At the end of the street you arrive at a large cobblestone square, Piazza del Popolo. Here is always full of a lot of people for sightseeing. Here there are two similar churches called the "Twin Churches", the obelisk in the center of the square, and two fountains on the both sides. Next to the square there is also Pincio hill overlooking the Rome. Therefore, this square itself is recommended to visit by all means during your visit. From this Popolo Square, you can take Via Ripetta to south. Just go straight for 200m and you can arrive at the restaurant.

Table candles in the dark

When it becomes dark after sunset, the table candles are added to the lighting in the restaurant. Unfortunately they don't have terrace seats. However the interior has a very slow atmosphere and you can forget about the hustle and buzz. 2 or 3 staffs are always attending to respond the requests at any time. They are very careful and speak English. So you can eat with confidence even if you are not familiar with Italian. This restaurant would be ideal for who would like to enjoy a peaceful and hospitable service.

from ITALY
I recommend "AD HOC Restaurant"!

It's conveniently close to the Piazza del Popolo in Rome. Please try to explore Rome at night after dinner. It's romantic.

Rome staff of AMOITALY

Fiori di zucca freschi fritti con ricotta di bufala, meranzane e pecorinoromano(Fried pumpkin flower with cheese) 8.9 euros, Caprese di bufala(Tomato and mozzarella cheese salad) 8.5 euros, Fritturina sfiziosa di alici e carciofi (Fried sardines and artichoke) 10.9 euros, Insalata tiepida di polpo verace con rucola e olive nere(Octopus and arugula salad) 12.9 euros, Carpaccio di polpo verace, di spigola, di rombo, di gallinella 16.5 euros, Carpaccio piccantino di manzo denese, rucola e grana (Danish beef carpaccio)12.5 euros, Salmone affmicato con pane carasau e misticanza(smoked salmon) 12 euros
Pasta e Zuppe
Pasta and Soup
Pacchelli piccantini all'amatriciana e pecorino romano d.o.p(Tomato and bacon Pasta) 9.9 euros, Tonnarelli fatti in casa ai tre caci e pepe nero(3 kinds of cheese and black pepper pasta) 9.9 euros, Carbonara agli asparagi (Asparagus Carbonara) 13.9 euros, Degustazione di zuppe e crostini(Three types of vegetable soup) 10 euros, Vermicelli al sole(Tomato, mozzarella and basil Pasta) 9.9 euros, Paccheri Piccantini alle vongole veraci(Vongole Pasta) 10 euros
Main dishes
Abbacchi locale alla griglia con cicoria risaltata e radicchio ai ferri(Grilled lamb and vegetables) 16.5 euros, Fagottini di vitella al rosmarino con patate al forno e pachino(grilled veal and potetoes) 14.5 euros, Rombo sfilettato,con pachino, basilico e crostini di pane 19 euros, Fritto misto del pescato di paranza del mediterraneo (Mediterranean Fish Fry) 16 euros
Millefoglie(Mille-feuille) 6 euros, Tiramisu' 6 euros, Tiramisu' alle fragole(Strawberry Tiramisu) 6 euros, Semifreddo alle pere e grappa Williams 7 euros, Pudding alla menta e cioccolato fuso fondente(Mint pudding and chocolate sauce) 6 euros
Vini e Bevande
Franciacorta Ca' del bosco 48 euros
Table charge
Name AD HOC Ristorante
Address Via di Ripetta, 43, 00186 Rome, Italy
How to reach Piazza del Popolo Via Ripetta from 200m to the south
Tel. 06.3233040
Closed None
Opening Hours Monday 18:30-1:00am
Tuesday - Sunday 12:30-15:00, 18:30-1:00am
Budget 30 euros per person (excluding drink)
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