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Pasticceria Salza (Salza pastry)

Pasticceria Salza in Pisa
The green tent that says "Federico Salza" is the sign of the shop. In the front showcase it's lined plenty of "Dolce" like Confetti Cakes for wedding or big cakes.

Pasticceria Salza in Pisa
For breakfast I like to drink coffee with much milk, latte macchiato. So I ordered latte macchiato of course also here. Each various brioche costs 1 euro, latte macchiato 1.2 euros. The price is normal.

Pasticceria Salza in Pisa
Numerous "Dolce" lined in the showcase... Jelly contained in the case shaped like the Leaning Tower of Pisa case, and some small chocolates which could be put in a pretty package.

Pasticceria Salza in Pisa
Cakes arranged in front of the shop. It's very difficult to go away without stopping.

Pasticceria Salza in Pisa
Stiff jelly in the Leaning Tower of Pisa case. It's good for souvenir. 15 euros.

Pasticceria Salza in Pisa
Mixed chocolates in a box with the picture of Pisa, 40 euros and 80 euros.

Pasticceria Salza in Pisa
Crowded with many customers. Since the half part of the shop is a bar, of course you can take a Panino (sandwiche).

Pasticceria Salza in Pisa
I was convinced for a long time that Salza was only a bar and sweets shop, but Salza has also restaurant part.

Taste 5 stars Founded in 1898. one of the oldest traditional pastry shops in Pisa. Our friends Mr. and Mrs. Buffarini brought us here "so good for breakfast!". Dolce and brioche arranged in the showcase come into the eye immediately. Inside many beautiful gift packages are displayed attractively. Being the old bar, near the counter it's always busy with regular customers.
Mood 4 stars
Price 4 stars
Total 4 stars

For a break after visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

When you arrive by the train, go straight seeing back the station. You'll get to the entrance of the Corso Italia street. Continue to go in this way further, you will find the leaning tower to the left. There are many people who choose this route as the best access way to the Leaning Tower of the square of the miracles from the station. Salza is located on the way of this route, so after enjoying the Leaning Tower of Pisa, please have a break in Salza!

If you stay in Pisa, you can find a good and light breakfast and/or snacks.

Why don't you try to have an Italian style breakfast at bar!? Here at Salza it's crowded with locals comming for breakfast every morning. Via Borgo Stretto where Salsa is located is also linked to the main shopping street Corso Italia, so it's good to go for a walk after breakfast.

You can also have a lunch or dinner here!

I thought Salza was only pastry shop, however here is also a restaurant! And not only restaurant service, but also they do catering services for weddings and parties.

from ITALY
I redommend you "Salsa"!

When you feel tired climbing to Pisa, please take a break at this bakery cafe. Eating sweets give you the energy! You'll heal the weariness of travel.



Pasticceria Salza (Salza pastry)

Address VIA BORGO STRETTO 44, 56127 Pisa (PI) Italy
How to reach When you arrive by the train, go straight seeing back the station to the Arno river. You'll get to the entrance of the Corso Italia street. Across the bridge of Mezzo, you'll arrive at the Piazza Garibaldi. The street Via Borgo Stretto is right ahead from that square.
Phone +39 050 580244
Fax +39 050 580310
Holiday None
Open Sunday-Monday: 7:00-23:00
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