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Cathedral of Pisa (Duomo di Pisa) 5 stars

Duomo of Pisa
The Duomo of Pisa.

Duomo of Pisa
The facade of the Duomo is decorated with sophisticated intricates.

Duomo of Pisa
Interior is divided into five naves of this 68 cylinders. The internal Dome combines various styles and influences of Islam, Bisantin, etc.

Duomo of Pisa
A masterpiece of Italian Gothic sculpture, the pulpit of Giovanni Pisano.

Duomo of Pisa
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Not only the Leaning Tower, but also the beautiful cathedral of Pisa

This is a medieval cathedral, entitled to Santa Maria Assunta (St. Mary of the Assumption). Construction began in 1063 by the architect Buscheto to celebrate breaking the Saracen fleet off Palermo in 1063. The work was carried over to the architect of the 12th century, Rainaldo. The dome was completed in the 14th century.
The Cathedral is Latin cross-shaped when it's viewed from above. 95m in lenght, 32m in width, it is called Pisan Romanesque masterpiece.

Interior is divided into five naves by densely lined 68 cylinders. It's said that many of those cylinders were taken as booty from the ancient ruins of Palermo. The mosaics of the interior show a strong Byzantine influence, while the pointed arches point to Muslim influences.

Must see Facade (the front of the Cathedral)

The fa├žade, of grey marble and white stone set with discs of coloured marble, was built by a master Rainaldo.
On the entire facade there are five stages of numerous arches, and above the second stage the graceful columns and arches are lined. In fact these columns are decorative pillars and it doesn't seem that they support the building. These pillars give us an elegant image as if a grace lace decorats the entire building. This is the largest feature of the Pisan Romanesque style.

Don't miss the Pulpit!!

The elaborately carved pulpit (1302-1310) was made by Giovanni Pisano, the son of Nicola Pisano who made the Baptistry pulpit. and is one the masterworks of medieval sculpture.
In total 8 pannels are supported by six cylinders and 5 pillars with figures. The central pillar represents an anthropomorphic statue of faith, hope, and charity. The panels are decorated with relief of some scenes from the Bible: "Birth of John the Baptist," "Annunciation," "Visitation of the Virgin", "Nativity," "The current Duke of Christ", "Consecrate the Temple" "Child Slaughter" "Passion," "Crucifixion" "Last Judgement" and so on. Since it's used the artistic technic to put some scenes in one panel, we can feel the intensity and movement of figures.

Tomb of St. Ranieri

In the cathedral the tomb of St. Ranieri, patron saint of Pisa is deeply revered by the people of Pisa still now. In the past, the coffin was opened only on 17th of June, the Day of St. Ranieri. For now, you can always see its holy bones that were transferred to a transparent coffin. In Pisa on the saint's day June 17, the traditional festival "St. Ranieri Regatta (rowing)" is held. And on 16th June thousands of candles are put along the Arno river. This is also the traditional event from the 14th century, called Luminara. The light up by candles is really beautiful.

Tomb of Heinrich VII

Emperor Heinrich VII of Luxembourg, who visited Italy in 1310 and loved the town of Pisa very much. In 1313 he passed away in the town of Buonconvento near Siena, and his corpse was buried in his beloved place of Pisa.
The gravestone under the frescoes of two angels was made by Tino di Camaino in 1315. The original gravestone is housed in the museum of the cathedral. In addition, under the emperor there are the relieves of 12 apostles. (Camaino was a good friend of Giovanni Pisano).

from Italy
Advice from the writer who lives in Italy

It takes 25 min. from the central station to the Square of Miracles if you arrive by train. However, it takes only 5 min. from Pisa San Rossore station by walk. Pisa San Rossore is the nearest station in fact.

So you can access to the Duomo through Pisa San Rossore station first of all, and then visit the townstreets of Pisa, and at the end of your visit you can take a train at the central station of Pisa. I recommend you this route for your smooth visit.


Cathedral (Cathedral)
Address: Piazza del Duomo
Price: 2 euros
Opening times:
December 25 - January 7: 9:00 to 18:00
November to February: 10:00 to 13:00 / 14:00 to 7:00
March 1 - March 13: 10:00 to 18:00
March 14 - March 20: 10:00 to 19:00
March 21 - 30 September: 10:00 to 20:00
October: 10:00 to 19:00

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