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Moro Tower (Torre del Moro)

Moro Tower Orvieto
Moro tower is the tallest and situated in the center of the town. Therefore to take a walk it's a good landmark. If you stay in Orvieto, let's explore also at night. The clock face shines like a full moon.

Moro Tower Orvieto
To climb the tower you must walk a long spiral staircases step by step. Arriving at the top and overlooking the beautiful panorama would let you forget those troubles and arrived at the summit.

Moro Tower Orvieto
You can have a strange feeling seeing Duomo at the same height of your eye level. As if you're floating in the air or a flying bird in the high sky.

Moro Tower Orvieto
Popolo Palace and its square located behind the tower. Since Orvieto is on the rock wall, the town ends abruptly and the natural green scenery is spreading. It's a strange panorama.

Moro Tower Orvieto
The bell at the top of the tower is still active and let you know the time. The volume is strikingly large.

Let's climb Moro Tower and overlook the "Town in the Sky" from the Sky!

Many Italian old towns keep still now the medieval streets of at least 700 years ago. Florence, Siena, Assisi etc... they have a spider's web-like winding narrow medieval streets. Orvieto is also one of the towns. It's origin is before the Roman period, Etruscan period(c. 700 BC, 2700 years ago from now!). It's hard to imagine such a long history.

The Medieval old streets are spread in the beautiful old town. Walls of Tufo (= Tuff) and roof of Terracotta (unglazed) are keeping an unified landscape. When you come to Orvieto, please please enjoy this beautiful town. Yes, it's fun to explore through the narrow streets... but let's climb the "Moro Tower" to see the whole town at 360-degree view!!

42 meter high tower is a symbol of prosperity of the town!

From the Duomo square in the center of the town, go down on the Duomo street. Soon you'll see a tall tower, "Tower of Moro (Torre del Moro)". It's facing the main Street "Corso Cavour" and located in one corner of the beautiful palace "Palazzo dei Sette".

At the end of 1200s, medieval Orvieto was the most economically prosperous town. It was also politically stable. Moro Tower at the time was a symbol of prosperity of the town as well as Communes Palace, Popolo Palace along with the Duomo. Originally the tower was 47-meter high and built for each cardinal direction. Soon later it became called "The tower of the Pope".
Since from the top it was possible to overlook the whole town, the Tyrrhenian Sea could be seen to the west, too.

Joust competition is held

In the 16th century the name of this tower became "Moro Tower". This name derived from a joust competition, a festival held in central Italy. Practically a head of Saracen was attached to the top of the tower and knights on horses throw a spear to compete their skills against each other. One of these traditional festival, "Jousting of Saracen (Giostra del Saracino)" held in Arezzo in every September is well known. Anyway, in 1866, on the top of the tower of Moro, a mechanical clock was built.

First floor has a book shop, ideal to choose gifts

The entrance of the tower is the same one of the largest bookstore in the town. The ticket sales counter at the entrance is also a book shop where you get good souvenirs: Orvieto stamps, old maps of the town, large posters, and postcards etc. They are fun even just to watch. But of course let's buy something for home! Then go up the stairs. It's better to go without a big bag or sack, only with a digital camera!

Sounds of the bell, flying birds and a beautiful view from the top are fairy tale world!

The only way to climb the tower is, of course, stairs. At the middle of the stairs to the top it's possible to see the shining clock in sun light from behind. It seems like a small skylight window.
When you finish climbing the long spiral staircases and reach the top, you can enjoy 360 degree view of the whole town. The intricate medieval town's trails are very beautiful. Beyond the cliff, a spacious green land is following... It's indeed a mysterious landscape of Umbria.

The bell engraved the arms of 24 medieval guilds is still active. Listening close, its sound is surprisingly loud.
Please try to climb the tower during your visit to Orvieto. A beautiful landscape spreading out below, a ticking sound of the bell, a pleasant wind in the sky, all components are like a medieval hysterical world. You can enjoy a strange feeling, it will be an emotional experience.

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Advices from who lives in Orvieto

The tower stairs are quite hard. People without their own physical strength, let's wait on the street. Since it's clearly visible Via Cavour from the top of the tower, why don't you take a photo of who is waiting in the street Cavour? That is also a good souvenir.


Moro Tower (Torre del Moro)

Adress: Corso Cavour, 87-05018 ORVIETO-ITALY
Location: the corner of Via Cavour and main street Via Duomo. The first floor is the bookstore.
Tel: +39 0763 344567
Opening Hours:
March-April, September-October 10:00 to 19:00
May-August 10:00 to 18:00
November-February 10:30 to 13:00, 14:30 to 17:00
Price: 2.60 euros

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