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Orvieto Classico DOC

Orvieto classico DOC
Orvieto Classico DOC famous white wine

5 stars
The most famous specialty of Orvieto would be Orvieto Classico white wine. It's approved DOC (Denomination of Origin Control) wine, and its taste is authentic. It's one of the world wide famous Italian white wines.

Orvieto wine was favorite in the papal courts. In addition, coveted artists and workers engaged in the construction of the Duomo wanted this wine at any costs, so in exchange of a new contract, this wine was used as compensation. Luca Signorelli, who painted famous frescos in the Duomo had an annual contract fee of 1,000 liters of this wine. Enrico Fermi, who discovered the nucleus asked this wine for toast.

Orvieto wine is considered one of the oldest wines in the world. Its origin was fermented grapes in a cave dug into the tuff by Etruscan people. And on the other hand it's one of the most world-famous wines. It occupies an important position of still wine market of Umbria. It has a great taste aged by "noble mold (muffa nobile)" with a unique elegant fragrance. There are dry type and sweet type.

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Great! Orvieto Classico!

Orvieto Classico is a world-famous dry white wines. Among the famous brands there is "Cardeto". It has very smooth refreshing taste and ideal for any dishes. White wine is usually considered for the fish, but this wine shows a good chemistry also with meat. And very cheap, one bottle costs about 4 euros. (July 2005)

Boar salami, truffles, porcini mushrooms (Salumi di cinghiale, Tartufo, Funghi porcini)

wild boar salami of Orvieto
Orvieto specialty, wild boar salami

4.5 stars
Umbria in the mountain area is known as a Green Heart of Italy and produces delicious wild boar salamis, truffles and porcini mushrooms. They are ideal gifts because some items are vacuum-sealed or in jars. Umbria is also known for its wide variety of cheese; sheep cheese and truffled cheese are specialty of central Italy.

Wooden ornaments of Michelangeli

Michelangeli Orvieto
Popular as a souvenir of Orvieto "Michelangeli" figurine

4 stars
Wooden figurines called Michelangeli is also famous souvenir of Orvieto. The warmth of hand-carved wood is particular and there are many kinds of shapes like animals. There are also cupboards and tables, chairs, beds and furniture ...They are of course expensive but very beautiful.

On the Michelangeli street, there are several good workshops of Michelangeli wooden ornaments. They sell a variety of sizes and priced products from furniture to small figurines. Please take a look at those shops. Map of Michelangeli Orvieto