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Umbrian food shop "I Sapori dell'Umbria"

Food and Wine shop in Orvieto
Shop in the main street has plenty of wine stock outside. The shop frontage is small but full of attractive souvenirs.
Let's take a peek inside all means!

Food and Wine shop in Orvieto
Mr. Enzo and Mrs. Patrizia run this gourmet shop. They are very kind, let's ask wine tasting!

Food and Wine shop in Orvieto
Full of salami and cheese are lined up like this at the entrance of the shop. Vacuum-packed salami costs from 2.50 euros. It's probably the lowest price in Orvieto. There are also vacuum-packed cheese from 3.5 euros. They are ideal for gifts!!!

Food and Wine shop in Orvieto
At the entrance there are many olive oil bottles, from 5 euros. There is also cans, no danger of cracking. The left is dry porcini and spices corner, from 3 euros.

Food and Wine shop in Orvieto
Next cool box has plenty of cheese and salami!
There are also useful vacuum packed gifts. (please check your national situation about customs inspection)

Food and Wine shop in Orvieto
The shelves right alongside are full of wine selections. There are also half bottles, useful for souvenirs!!


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Umbria is a treasure trove of ingredients!

Located in Umbria, central Italy, Orvieto has many fine restaurants. People who eat at restaurants and stay in Orvieto is surprised by its delicious cuisine and economy price. Let's go back home with its great experience of "eat".
It's recommended to choose the famous Orvieto pottery and olive wood products of beautiful grain as souvenirs. However, to go home with plenty of Italian food would be the best gift from the travel to Orvieto.

I recommend "Scent of Umbria"

Here I recommend the best shop to buy food in Orvieto, "I Sapori dell'Umbria", meaning "Scent of Umbria." Even if it's a small shop, they sell wine, cheese, beans, salami, pasta, pasta sauce, honey, jams, gifts etc... wide varieties food. You can find all line up of Italian food in one shop.
Mr. Enzo and his wife Mrs. Patrizia are owners of this souvenir shop, which was opened seven years ago in Corso Cavour, Orvieto's main street.

Incredible!! 315 types of Wine!

The surprise is their rich variety of wine. Let's see only wine of Orvieto, they have at least a few dozen types. Of course wine of Umbria region, Tuscany region and Lazio region are stocked well. They collect mainly wines of central Italy. If you can't decide well, let's ask to the clerk's advise. They will recommend you delicious and not expensive wines. Of course you can try to taste it! Dessert wine, grappa, and alcohols such as Amaro are also very attractive.

Orvieto famous salami of "wild boar"

Walking through the town of Orvieto, the stuffed boar statues are often seen. That's because this area is famous for "wild boar salami". In this shop, you can also buy it. It's possible to buy not only wild boar salami, but also normal salami, sausages, and hams at 2.5 euros per 1 pack! My favorite is Lardo di Colonnata and I often go to buy this item. This is salted ham of fat pigs in the Colonnata marble stone. It's the best snack for red wine. Its exquisite taste and melting texture is ideal also for Panino sandwich.

Vacuum pack cheese is convenience for souvenir!

The wide selection of cheese is a great gift to your friends. They have also small sized vacuum bags as gifts. As well as famous local sheep cheese, cheese with walnut leaves, truffled cheese, peppered cheese etc. it would be difficult to choose!! But don't worry, one pack costs 3.5 euros so let's get a lot of souvenirs here!

Dried beans, olive oil, dried pasta, pasta sauce and truffle paste

You'll find lots of other souvenirs. For example:

  • Delicious dry beans soup
  • Typical olive oil
  • Colorful dry pasta
  • Pasta source
  • Various spices to pasta dishes (useful!)
  • Dried porcini mushrooms
  • Truffle paste
  • Homemade biscuits, etc...

It's convenient location, in the center of town!

Since this shop is located in the main street, it's very convenient for a short visit during your sight seeing!
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Shop I Sapori dell'Umbria
Address Corso Cavour, 119-05018 Orvieto (TR) ITALY
How to reach Getting off at the last stop of the cable car, go to the Duomo. It's located on the right side of the main street "Corso Cavour (Via Cavour)". 10 minutes walk from the cable car, about 5 minutes from the Duomo.
Phone number +39 0763 342076
Closed Everyday ( closed for one week of February)
Opening Hours 8:00-20:00
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