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Trattoria La Palomba

Orvieto La Palomba
"Appetizer plate" is composed with ham, salami, pickled vegetables, and bruschetta. It's seasoned with aromatic and delicious local specialty, extra virgin olive oil.

Orvieto La Palomba
Truffle Bruschetta (Bruschetta al Tartufo) is also recommended dish. Freshly baked breads appear on a plate, A staff starts to grate splendid truffles in front of you at the table.

Orvieto La Palomba
The abundant truffles fly out of the dish. "It's waste!!!!" I'm so exciting.

Orvieto La Palomba
The number one most popular dish in this restaurant is "Umbrichelli al Tartufo". The local specialty pasta Umbrichelli with grated black truffles. Wonderful fragrance!

Orvieto La Palomba
A simple but juicy thick "Beef Steak (Bistecca di Manzo)" with fresh salad.

Orvieto La Palomba
We also ordered a dish of wild boar stew in the red wine sauce. It's a precious menu. Orvieto's red wine is perfect with this dish.

Orvieto La Palomba
Tagliatelle of Wild boar ragout (meat sauce). Ragu sauce and thick glutinous pasta make an amazing combination.

Taste 4.5 stars It's the Orvieto's most popular restaurant with outstanding taste and atmosphere. They prepare rich local traditional food. You can undoubtedly enjoy satisfying meal here. This is the No. 1 restaurant that I recommend you strongly to come by all means, when you come to Orvieto. Especially Pasta with truffles, wild boar meat and beef tenderloin are recommended.
Since it's possible to do day trip from Orvieto to Rome and to Florence, why don't you stay in Orvieto and enjoy the great dishes of La Palomba for your memorable dinner.
Mood 4.5 stars
Price 4.5 stars
Total 4.5 stars

There's no doubt, the most delicious restaurant in Orvieto

In Orvieto, there is one of the three largest Gothic churches of Italy: "Duomo di Orvieto". Therefore many many tourists come from around the world. Orvieto is a popular tourist town also for Italians. However, in comparison to Rome and Florence, there are less tourists and the town keeps a characteristic and calm atmosphere.

Attractive Orvieto is famous for a lot of fine restaurants. In the town which has a headquarter of Slow Food Association in Italy, there are many restaurants and trattorias serving delicious local traditional cuisine. This page is for introduction of the most delicious restaurant. If you ask to locals which the best one is, most of all would answer "La Palomba"!!

The best atmosphere and very friendly staffs

I've known Mr. Gianpiero, La Palomba's owner for a long time. He is very fun and rich in hospitality. The family-run small restaurant is really popular among both locals and tourists, so without reservation it's often impossible to enter. Please reserve in advance by phone. Recently it's really impossible to get a table without a reservation...

The atmosphere of the restaurant opened by his father is very very friendly. Calm interior is suitable for their traditional dishes. The food is delicious, the service is quick. You don't need to feel frustrated in order to wait a long like some other Italian restaurants.

Please please try their Umbrichelli with Truffles!!!

The most popular dish of this restaurant should be "Umbrichelli al Tartufo"!!! This fresh long pasta called Umbrichelli is local traditional pasta with eggs. It's just used flour and salt and olive oil. The texture is very glutinous. Since each one long pasta is made being stretched one by one by hands, it takes many hours. When Umbrichelli is brought at the table, a staff starts to grate splendid black truffle slowly down on the pasta. Please take a photo of this precious moment by all means!!
The rich aroma of truffles fills the restaurant and increases your appetite.

Palomba means "Turtledove"

The name of the restaurant and its logo means "Turtledove". In central Italy pigeons, rabbits and wild boars are eaten as traditional food such as gibier. Also this Palomba has dishes of stewed chopped meat of wild boars, pigeons and rabbits.
I often eat "Beef with Red Wine Sauce". Refreshing acidity of the wine and red, soft and juicy beef make a wonderful marriage. "Beef Fillet of Truffle Source" is also delicious, and honeycomb tripe (honeycomb tripe stew) is also highly loved. Every dish is greatly tasty.
Then, I will never forget dessert after a meal. Panna cotta with Berry sauce (Panna cotta al frutto di Bosco) is my favorite.

It's recommended to stay at Orvieto and visit Rome and Florence!

I often hear that many tourists say "It would have been better to have stayed in Orvieto, not in Rome or in Florence... I should have enjoyed day trip from Orvieto to these big cities!". Indeed, since Orvieto is very safe small town, you can enjoy walking around after dinner till late even by yourself. In Rome it may be a little bit scary...
It takes only one hour to Rome by train, direct transport links are very good. And to Florence it takes two hours. Please choose a good hotel in Orvieto and then come to dinner at Palomba, Exploring the beautiful illuminated medieval town will be certainly the biggest memorable trip in Italy .

from ITALY
I recommend "La Palomba"!

I suggest to every one with my max. confidence, "La Palomba" is the best! The food is of cause delicious, and the atmosphere of the restaurant gives you a sense of relax after all. When you have to choose an unknown restaurant in an unknown town, it's necessary to have a little courage, but don't worry. Here there is this restaurant!! Staffs are all friendly. Please stay in Orvieto and enjoy the beautiful night and dinner.
- Please print out this page and show to staffs. Staffs will be happy!


Name Trattoria La Palomba
Address Via Cipriano Manente,16-05018 Orvieto (TR) Italy
How to reach 15 minutes-walk from the Duomo. Go through the main street from the Duomo, Corso Cavour to the left and turn left into the arched street at the Town Hall (Palazzo di Comune) in the Piazza della Repubblica. Turn left again at the corner of the sign of pharmacy. Right now.
Phone number +39 0763-343395
Closed Wednesday
Opening Hours 12:30-14:00 19:30-22:00
Seats 60 seats
Budget 20-30 euros per person (excluding drink)
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Menu (August 2011)
Coperto Table Charge: 2 euro/person
Bruschetta con olio e pomodoro 3euro, Bruschetta con Tartufo 7euro, Prosciutto con Bruschette 6.5euro, Antipasto tipico della casa 8.5euro
Primi piatti Umbrichelli all'Arrabbiata 8euro, Umbrichelli all'Amatriciana 8euro, Umbrichelli al Tartufo 12euro, Spaghetti dell'Ascaro 12euro, Tagliatelle alla Don Marcello 8.5euro, Tagliatelle ai Funghi Porcini 8.5euro, Spaghetti alla Carbonara 8euro, Tagliatelle al Ragu' di Cinghiale 8.5euro 、Consomme 5euro, Zuppa di verdure 8euro
Secondi piatti Agnello alla Scottadito 9euro, Bocconcini di Cinghiale alla Palomba 9euro, Filetto alla Cardinale 14euro, Filetto al Pepe verde 14euro, Filetto all'Ortica 14euro, Filetto al Tartufo 15euro, Frittata al Tartufo 12euro, Salsicce ai Ferri 8euro, Trippa alla Palomba 9euro, Piccione alla Leccarda 15euro, Braciola di Maiale ai Ferri 8euro, Bistecca ai ferri 13euro, Fettina ai ferri 8euro, Scaloppina al vino o al limone 8.50euro
Caciotta 5euro, Pecorino 5euro, Pecorino di Grotta con Miele 5euro, Misto Pecorino 10euro, Caprino Secondo stagione 7euro
Verdura cotta 3.5euro, Misto di Verdure 6.5euro, Insalata verde o mista 3.5euro, Patatine Fritte 3.5euro
Dolci Panna cotta con i mirtilli 4.5euro, Torta con Frutti di bosco e Panna cotta 4.5euro, Caldo-Freddo alla Palomba 4.5euro, Torta rustica al cioccolato 4euro, Torta alle Noci 4euro, Torta della nonna con crema e pinoli 4euro, Tozzetti con vino Liquoloso 4euro, Tartufo semifreddo bianco o al ciollolato 4euro, Frutta di stagione 4euro
Birra 3/4 LT 5euro, Birra 0.33LT 3euro, Acqua minerale 1LT 2.5euro, Aranciata 0.18LT 3euro, Coca Cola 0.20LT 3euro, Caffe' 1euro, Cappuccino 1.2euro, Digestivo 3euro
Vino bianco della casa 1L-8euro, 500cc-4.5euro, Vini bianchi 7.5 - 40euro, Vino rosso della casa 1L-8euro, 500cc-4.5euro, Vini Rossi 6.5euro - 60euro