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Olive wood workshop in Orvieto "PATRIS"

Olive wood workshop PATRIS
Among the many pretty paths in Orvieto, this "street of artisans" is highly recommended to visit. As you see in this photo, there are many displays of particular workshops. It's ideal for taking nice photographs.

Olive wood workshop PATRIS
Olive wood workshop "PATRIS" is situated at the end of the left side. Even at a glance you can recognized the entrance with many wooden objects.

Olive wood workshop PATRIS
Olive wood kitchen utensils are really recommended. It's durable for long use and their beautiful wood grain become good color. There are ideal gifts; small bowl, bowl, spoon, fork, cheese grater, ground pepper etc.

Olive wood workshop PATRIS
Wooden frame mirror and lamp stands, wall clock, table, other furniture are also produced here. Of course, all works are handmade of wood artists.

Olive wood workshop PATRIS
A large salad bowl is very difficult to realize. The price is high indeed. Personally I'm thinking to buy it one day...

Olive wood workshop PATRIS
Wood artist, Mr. Umberto. In the past he did a film scenery writer. He is very friendly.


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Orvieto tourist spot "Street of artisans"

Walking from the main square of Piazza del Duomo to the main street, there is a very pretty lane just to the left. It's also known as a "street of artisans". Indeed there are many traditional artisans' shops of race, pottery, handicrafts and leather work etc. Walking into that trail, you'll feel the illusion of being sucked into a story-like medieval street. The winding street is crammed side by side with the artisans' shops. Among them, there is a special shop of traditional woodworks, "PATRIS". They work with precious olive trees by hand, ideal for gifts.

Oily olive trees, the best kitchenware around the water

The shop is filled with scent of wood. In the center the woodwork kitchenware is lined: cutting board, salad bowl, salad servers, bowl, butter knife... everything is cute product. In fact, all of these craft-works are actually made of only olive trees. Therefore, they have beautiful fine grain. Since olive trees are difficult to absorb the moisture, their wood is suitable for cooking utensils. In addition, it's so hard and firm that scratches can rarely remain. However olive trees are so tightly controlled and it's prohibited to cut down easily as you want.

A very heave Salad bowl... is made of the wood of 500 years old!

Olive trees arrive from farmers. Only dried up or dead by insects trees can be used as materials. But dead trees often have many hollows inside, so the usable part is very little from one tree. It's very important to work with care not to waste. Make a big salad bowl like this is almost a miracle. Some are made of the olive trees of more than 500 years.

Apricot trees, lemon trees, pear trees, cherry trees... wonderful combinations of different colored wood

This shop also has a small lamp shades with parquet and other kitchen utensils. These wooden parquet works lamps are made of mix of lemon trees, cherry trees, apricot trees and pear trees. Those tree patterns with different colors are really beautiful. At the end of the work, beeswax is put on the lamp shades seven times.

Honeymoon memories or perfect for gifts for your mother and wife!

Olive trees are hard and durable. Each good will become your treasure for life, using gradually with care. It's highly recommended kitchenware. Boards are small and cost about 15 euros, salad server set with a spoon and a fork is about 18 euros. All handmade so each shape and grain is different. Please choose carefully.

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Address: Via Del Magoni 11-05018 Orvieto (TR) ITALY
How to reach:
From Piazza Duomo enter into the Via Duomo, turn to the left at the first narrow path (street of artisans).
Closed: Wednesday afternoon, Sunday
Opening Hours: 9:00-20:00

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