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Orvieto is a very tranquil and contained city and the Duomo di Orvieto there is a very interesting story. Also a Rome so near, only 1 hour in a train. The city center is not so large and very convenient for seeing around and shopping a lot of tasty Orvieto original foods.

Recommended Hotels in Orvieto

  1. Hotel Duomo : (89pt) 1 minute walk from the Duomo, clean and well services
  2. Hotel Corso : (84pt) Orvieto's main street along the Corso Cavour. A small and very comfort hotel. Within walking distance from the cable car station.
  3. Hotel Valentino : (82pt) Cute and beautiful hotel. 2 minute walk from Main Street.
  4. Hotel Filippeschi : (78pt) 2 minute walk from the Piazza Repubblica. It is a little out of town, but Low Price.
voices from Italy
Orvieto is so beautiful ! ! !

My husband and I stayed in October 2010 and had a lovely visit. It was a short trip to meet up with some family that was also traveling in Italy. What a lovely town and the accommodations were far nicer than expected. We have decided to come back to Orvieto and stay for a longer period of time on our next trip to Italy.
(October 2010)

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