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Montanucci (Coffee shop)


5 stars
The most delicious Cafe' in Orvieto. In 2001, Gambero Rosso (Italian cuisine rating book) nominated the best coffee shops in Italy and one of them was this Montanucci!
In addition to the coffee, in winter their "Cioccolata (chocolate drink)" is also delicious. Especially "Cioccolata Con Panna" (Chocolate drink with topping of whipped-cream)" is the best! And there are tasty homemade cakes. They sell a wide selection of chocolate in the store and each packaging is beautiful. It would be your perfect souvenir.

Name Montanucci Montanucci
Address Corso Cavour 21, Orvieto, TR 05018, 05018, Italy
Phone number +39 0763 341261
Closed Wednesday
Opening Hours 7:00-23:30

Gelateria (Ice cream shop)


5 stars
The most delicious ice cream shop in Orvieto. Since it's also counted in one of the most delicious in Italy, not only in the summer but all year round, it's crowded with tourists and locals.
Please try to challenge various kinds of rich flavors.

Name Gelateria
Gelateria di Orvieto
Address Piazza del Duomo

SIDIS (Supermarket)


4.5 stars
The biggest supermarket in the old town of Orvieto. From food to the daily necessaries, all goods are lined up here.
You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices too.

Name SIDIS Supermarket in Orvieto
Address Via Luca Signorelli, Orvieto Italy
Phone number -
Closed Wednesday
Opening Hours 8:00-13:00

COOP (Supermarket)


5 stars
Co-op in the under town of Orvieto. This store has wide and abundant assortments and is opened also for lunch time, so it's very convenient. In Umbria region it's rare to find fresh fish but here there are. Cheese, salami, too. It would be also good to get Umbrian special foods and mushrooms as souvenirs.
The only drawback could be it takes ten minutes walk away from the station.

Store name Coop Orvieto
Coop supermarket in Orvieto
Address p.zza del Commercio, 25-05019 ORVIETO SCALO
Phone number 0763.305686
Open Monday - Saturday
Opening Hours 8:30-20:00