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Orvieto pottery arts and crafts shop "L'ARPIA"

Orvieto pottery shop ARPIA
Behind the cute ceramic lamp shade, the owner of this workshop Mr. Valter is working. He and his wife mold and paint each picture by hand. They are very friendly.

Orvieto pottery shop ARPIA
There are also the perfect small gifts: Caddy, Pumps for liquid soap and Soap Dish etc.

Orvieto pottery shop ARPIA
What's this huge spoon? It's a Ladle saucer. It would be fun having an item like this in the kitchen. Ideal gift.

Orvieto pottery shop ARPIA
Mug cup of various colors. There are also Italian espresso cups.

Orvieto pottery shop ARPIA
Here is a corner of candle and flower pots etc.. Very pretty colors are unique of Orvieto.


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In Orvieto, the tradition of handmade pottery is continuing still now: "Ceramica"

Exploring the town of Orvieto, you'll notice that the pottery decorations are all over. Orvieto is a lively industry place of ancient pottery. Still now, family-owned small workshops are producing carefully each pottery as at the past time. Pottery of Orvieto has a lot of characteristic color patterns and these designs cannot be seen in other towns. Who'd like to buy something original of Orvieto, this is ideal souvenir!

Orvieto pottery is chic: black and green tones

It's said that Orvieto pottery industry was revived in the 1920s as a craft production. In Orvieto, during the medieval period (11th-14th century) colorful pottery had been produced and those antique pottery goods were excavated from caves and underground wells. In the early 20's the locale people started to reproduce them as a new industry of the town. Therefore, Orvieto pottery is based on the color and design of 800 years ago. Primarily the main theme of cute pictures is "The Myth" and many animals and nature motifs are drawn.
Unlike the colorful Mallorca pottery of southern Italy, here in Orvieto, the pottery is based on "black and green". It's very chic and "adult atmosphere".

I recommend this pottery shop, "L'ARPIA"

I recommend this pottery shop "L'ARPIA" as the best one. It's located on the main streets Corso Cavour. This workshop is owned by a friendly young couple, Mr. Valter and Mrs. Stefania. All of pottery goods are hand made, of course. They arrange medieval designs into contemporary use and their works are very chic and very useful for daily life. For example "mug cup", "cappuccino cup","Olive oil bottle", "wine bottle" and "candlesticks", "Soap Dish" etc... just looking at colorful goods is very fun.
There are also "ceramic lamp shade" or "jug" or "platter"... they are very fascinating but a little too heavy for souvenir...
A mug cup costs from 7 euros. You can find your favorite gift for your family and friends!

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Shop name L'Arpia
Address Corso Cavour, 186-05018 Orvieto (TR) ITALY
How to reach Getting off at the last stop of the cable car, go to the Duomo. It's located on the left side of the main street "Corso Cavour (Via Cavour)". 5 minutes walk from the Duomo and from the cable car.
Phone number +39 0763 341243
Closed Wednesday afternoon, Sunday afternoon
Opening Hours 9:30-13:00 15:30-19:00
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I went to this recommended shop L'Arpia to buy ceramics.
Unlike other gift shops for tourists, this shop is very calm and the owner is quietly working behind the counter. I think also the quality of the product is much better than mass production of other industrial shops. The pictures incorporating traditional patterns and colors are awfully cute! They do a very pretty wrapping service, so it's ideal for your souvenir!
Since I was tired of living in noisy Rome, I felt really be saved. It was worth to visit them. Thank you...

(October 10, 2008)