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Pasticceria Carraturo Vittorio (Pastry shop)

Pastry shop in Naples
Pastry shop and bar near the central station of Naples "Carraturo Vittorio"

Pastry shop in Naples
In the showcase there are many delicious sweets.

Pastry shop in Naples
Waiting for the train, please enjoy Neapolitan Dolce and Cafe as refreshments!

Taste 4stars Neapolitan classic pastry Sfogliatella is really delicious but not only. Cream puff is also very tasty. Inside there is a cafe space so you can take a cup of coffee with their desserts. Sounds wonderful!!
Mood 4stars
Price 4stars
Total 4stars

Neapolitan special pastry, Sfogliatella

Local pastry of Naples Sfogliatella is very popular not only to locals but also to tourists. It's shellfish-form baked pastry, which contains orange cream and ricotta cheese in the pie. It's really superb the texture of crispy crust and smooth cream.
Sfogliatella can be seen all over Italy, but please try to taste the original typical Neapolitan one.

Pastry shop with bar near the Naples central train station

This pastry shop "Carraturo Vittorio" is highly recommended. You can enjoy delicious sweets with good Caffe' (espresso). Since it's near the central train station, it's convenient for breakfast. Staffs are very friendly. You're always welcomed!


Pasticceria Carraturo Vittorio

Address Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 59, 80142 Napoli-Italy
How to reach From the station of Napoli Porta Nolana of Circumvesuviana line, go to the right oblique.
Closed Sunday
Phone number 081-5545344
Opening Hours 8:00-20:30
Price Sfogliatella and Cream puff : 1 euros
Espresso Coffee : 0.80 euros
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