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Ristorante Fammivento

The restaurant name "Fammivento" was the nickname of the owner's great-grandfather. The owner is from the island of Procida and opened this restaurant in 1999. Many locals come here to enjoy their dishes, also from Naples. On warm day you can stay on the terrace with the sound of waves outside.

Trattoria-style restaurant, simple but gorgeous atmosphere. It is better to take a table early, because it becomes really crowded. Their service is favorable.

The appetizer "smoked tuna carpaccio and paprika" 8 euros. Smell of smoked and salty anchovies together melts in your mouth with sweet red paprika. Simple & Delicious!

One of the most delicious pasta dishes in my life, "Fresch Fusilli with artichoke and squid". Only 8 euros. Bitterness and sweetness of the squid and acidity of the cherry tomatoes make an exquisite harmony. Best texture of fresh pasta!

Restaurant in Procida Island
Simple main dish "Grilled Swordfish" 9 euros. Besides the good raw material, it's cooked really well.

Restaurant in Procida Island
Impressive dessert "Torta Caprese" 5 euros. Please order it at the end of your dinner! ! !

Restaurant in Procida Island
"Mix Appetizer plate" 10 Euros. It's vey volumy and well with excellent local white wine. Being served soon after frying is evidence of their careful work.

Restaurant in Procida Island
"Crabmeat Linguine with zucchini" 09 euros. Pasta "al dente" with tomato cream and full of crab meat is great!

Restaurant in Procida Island
"Pasta with Shrimp and almond cream" 09 euros. Homemade short pasta is glutinous, and good combination with rich source of almonds and ricotta. This pasta is a rarity!!

Taste 4.5 stars This is a super recommended restaurant! If you visit Procida Island, please become a regular guest! I had all meals here for three days.
It's possible to do one day trip from Naples. Leaving the hotel early morning and using a ferry, you can come to eat lunch here, then you will also explore the island and complete a day trip back to Naples.
Their taste and service (at this price) is miraculous.
Mood 4 stars
Price 4.5 stars
Total 4.5 stars

Procida Island is a niche, few travelers!

35 minutes by hydrofoil from the port of Naples, and only 15 minutes from the western port of Naples, Procida is a really beautiful island. Floating in the Gulf of Naples, Procida Island is very romantic and perfect to escape from the hustle and bustle of Naples. Islands in Gulf of Naples are known as resort area, but most of travelers usually go to Capri or Ischia so Procida Island is just a niche of only who knows. The beautiful beaches, azure waters and lush greenery of Procida show truly the ideal resort island of south Italy.

No doubt! the most delicious restaurant in Procida Island

To enjoy a relax-time at the beach is good, and to explore the beautiful pastel colored town "Corricella area" will be also fine. Since it's a small island, so you can move on foot and it would be pleasing to try the old cyclo (micro-taxis).
However, when you feel hungry, you need delicious seafood!!! You must eat!!! You know, Procida Island has a surprisingly tasty and delicous restaurant, "Fammivento".

Many regular guests from Naples

I found this fine restaurant, but by chance or by necessity? During the lunch time travelers and local families from Naples, everyone goes into this restaurant being attracted. Along the coast line there are shops and about 10 restaurants, but only this "Fanmivento" was always busy. I would like to try the taste that attracts people so much like this. Amazing! Yummy! I went to eat their dishes every meal time during my 3 days stay.

Seafood is main but the menu changes daily!

The menu is changed daily. There are also slightly different dishes for lunch and dinner. Everyday, fresh and selected fish arrives from the fishing port directly. You can enjoy luxury Italian seafood here!
"Tourist menu" is also available at 14 euros : appetizer, pasta, choose one dish from main dish list, dessert plus wine. However, thinking just because you come from far away, let's eat a la carte instead of the set. On the menu many attractive dishes are listed at reasonable prices. You can enjoy lunch or dinner at 40-50 euros in 2 persons (including wine).

Relaxing evening you can eat at home

Since there are many local guests for lunch, at dinner time it was relatively empty. But the high season will be fully booked, so you should go at the begining of open hour or it's better to reserve a table before.

I chose an appetizer of the night, "smoked tuna carpaccio." Marinated sweet paprikas and sauce made a sweet and rich flavor, very delicious. For Pasta I ordered "
Fresch Fusilli with artichoke and squid
". One of the most delicious pasta in my life! Pasta was mixed well with squid and tomato sauce, yummy! Plus, the grilled swordfish was also simple but good taste of fresh raw fish.

Mix Appetizers of seafood and pasta dish are recommended

And the next day for lunch, I ordered the mix appetizer plate. The dish was served in beautiful and rich fresh seafood and "mountain food". A local white wine matched well with crunchy meat balls or marinated seafood.
My first dish was "shrimp and almond pasta". The sweetness of the squid with ricotta cream sauce was also excellent. It's also recommended "al dente" fresh pasta.

Please try also Dolce (Desserts)!!!

Impression dosen't stop with seafood. The good restaurant is always equipped by a delicious dessert. "Torta Caprese" was excellent. The baked cake with chocolate and walnuts is served still hot. Crispy outside, chocolate comes out and so amazing. To whom likes good wine, it would be a good to drink limoncello after sweets.

Dinner for two at 46 euros (including wine), very cheap! ! !

"Fammivento" changes the menu every day, both for lunch and dinner. From appetizers to main dishes and desserts, it comes less than 50 euros also for dinner. It's just amazing price, including wine.

  • Charge --- 1.8 euros / person
  • Water --- 1.8 euros
  • House wine --- 5.00 euros
  • Starters: Smoked tuna with paprika sauce --- 8 euros
  • Pasta: Linguine with crab meat and zucchini --- 8 euros
  • Main: Grilled Swordfish --- 9 euros
  • Dessert: Caprese cake --- 5 euros
  • Cafe --- 1.2 euros
  • 10% service charge
from ITALY
We recommend you "Fanmivento"!

If you have time to go to Naples, but want to be relaxed, "Procida Islans" is an ideal destination. This is my favorite island.


Daily Menu (March 2009)
Table charge 1.8 euros / person
Tourist Menu

a Set-menu 14 euros

  • Appetizer
  • Pasta
  • Main dish
  • Side dish
  • Desserts
  • Wine 1/4L, Natural Water 1/2L
Antipasto Fammivento: 10 euros, Zuppa di Crostacei e Molluschi: 18 euros, Soute' di frutti di mare: 9 euros, Carpaccio di polipo: 7.5 euros, Tartara di tonno: 9 euros, Sformatini di melanzane: 8 euros, Gamberoni in pasta kadaifi: 10 euros, Tonno affumicato con peperoni : 8 euros, Quenelle di baccala' con pureea di friarielli: 7.5 euros, Bruschette al pomodoro: 3 euros, Frittelline di baccala': 8 euros
Primi piatti
Spaghetti a vongole: 9 euros, Linguine con zucchine e polpa di granchio: 9 euros, Pasta e fagioli con cozze: 9 euros, Linguine all'Astice: 14 euros, Linguine con pesce spada e melanzane: 9 euros, Fusilli freschi con calamari e carciofi: 8 euros, Linguine al granchio gigante: 12 euros, Castellane con mandorle e gamberetti: 9 euros, Ravioloni alla crema di carciofi: 9 euros, Fusilli freschi ai coniglio: 7.5 euros, Risotto alla Pescatora: 9 euros
Secondi Piatti
Mein dishes
Pan di provola affumicato tra foglie di limone 9euros, Pesci di prima da cucinare a piacere (Fish, 100g) 5euros, Pesce spada alla griglia 9euros, Frittura di paranza 9euros, Bistecca di tonno scottata con rughetta: 10euros, Filetto di Branzino al guazzetto con patate: 12euros, Calamari alla griglia: 8euros, Frittura di calamari: 9 euros, Gamberoni alla griglia: 8 euros, Grigliata mista: 10 euros
Torta Caprese (Chocolate cake) 5 euros, etc.
Vino della casa (House Wine 750cc) 5 euros
Acaua 1.8 euros
Caffe' 1.2 euros

Name Ristorante Fammivento
Address Via Roma, 39-80079 Procida (NA)-Italy
How to reach Being arrived at the Procida Island Harbour (Porto) by boat, go to the left (east) along the coastline. Since the restaurant is located on the main street with many shops, it's easy to find it.
Phone number +39 081 8969020
Opening Hours Lunch 12:30-15:00
Dinner 19:30-
Budget 15-25 euros / person (excluding drink)
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