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Ristorante Duilio (Restaurant Duilio)

Restaurant in Ischia
The owner Antonio is also a painter. Actually his look seems an artist all over. He is very friendly. Behind there are many his paintings.

Restaurant in Ischia
Restaurant faces to the bright blue Gulf of Naples, the location is excellent! There is an open terrace on a hill, the wind from the sea is comfortable. I drunk too much...

Restaurant in Ischia
Local white wine served with green olives. This combination was really delicious!

"The seafood appetizer platter" is generous, and goes exceedingly well with white wine! The fish was very fresh.

Restaurant in Ischia
Mr. Antonio's recommendation "seafood spaghetti", it's also generous. Delicious and delicate. Seafood ravioli is also popular dish.

Restaurant in Ischia
We ordered a simple pasta "Aglio Orio Peperoncino". I konw, this pasta is simple but difficult to cook. It was fragrant and delicious.

Restaurant in Ischia
Fried small sardine. Hot and crispy, you can eat also the bones of course. Enjoy with a squees of lemon!

Restaurant in Ischia
The back of the restaurant there is also an outside space. On sunny days, you could be relaxing here.

Taste 4.5 stars Ischia is a major resort island welcoming many visitors so it's a little bit hard to find good restaurants. Plus, the price is also high class. The restaurant "Duilio" is situated in the excellent location, with good views and pleasant breezes of the sea.
The price is slightly higher, but their quality is different from the other cheap restaurants near the harbor. Here the delicous dised are guaranteed!
Mood 4 stars
Price 3.5 stars
Total 4 stars

At the end of being lost, we chose here, "Duilio"

Ischia is the largest island with lots of towns in the Bay of Naples. Each town has its characteristic, so a long-stay would be a good choice to visit these towns well. There are also many many restaurants and if you walk along the port, many runners will come to bring you to one of the restaurants. At the port area there are many cheap restaurants, but the menu at the restaurant entrance offers just only a simple dish like "pasta in tomato sauce"... At those restaurants, local seafood is more expensive and written in a different menu.

After having hesitated among many restaurants, finally we chose this one, "Duilio restaurant". Being located on the top of the hill near the sea, the view from the restaurant was wonderful. Price was not too high, and the atmosphere was great.

The oldest restaurant in Ischia

I heard that this restaurant had opened in 1948 as one of the oldest restaurants on the island of Ischia. That means from the time when the island became a popular resort in the 1950s. When we entered at 12:30, a little bit earlier for the lunch time, we were the first guests. However while we were having dishes, the restaurant quickly became crowded. It seems a popular restaurant where long-stay residents visit often from the pensions nearby. The owner, Antonio can speak English and there is also English menu.

Of course the best food is seafood!

The Gulf of Naples is full of delicious fish, when you come here, why don't you enjoy them? This restaurant "Duilio" has seafood main dishes with fresh fish as well. When you order grilled fish etc., a staff brings various fish on a big platter in front of you and explains about each variety. When a waiter serves the grilled fish, he carefully removes the small bones.
There is also a menu of meat so if you do not like seafood, please don't worry.

Let's start from white wine and appetizers

We ordered some dishes according to the recommendation of the owner Antonio. It's the best way to ask the recommendation to a restaurant staff, after all. The appetizer was the "platter of mix seafood (11 euros)". Salmon, small marinated sardines, octopus and celery salad, mussels, whitefish...a big plate!! We felt bliss eating them with white house wine and local bread. They gave us the green olives (Olive giganti) freely, this taste was addictive too.

Also for the pasta seafood is the best!

For the "Primo Piatto" we selected their "Seafood spaghetti Duilio (Spaghetti Duilio, 15 euros)" and the simple one "Garlic, olive oil and pepper (Aglio olio e peperoncino, 7 euros)" to rest stomachs. Mr. Antonio said, also the seafood ravioli (Ravioli di Mare) was very popular and indeed it was ordered in many other tables.
The seafood pasta had a plenty of mussels, clams, shrimp. Of course, the taste was satisfactory.

The main dish is also fish but meat is also attractive.

For the main dish we ordered "fried small sardine (10 euros)" with fried potatos. Both were served really hot so we tasted them with good wine. The owner was very friendly.
Antonio is actually artist. Inside the restaurant the walls are decorated with his paint work. His brother is also painter. They hold also exhibitions and seem indeed talented, so you can enjoy delicious food and pleasing arts together. It's a very cozy restaurant. When I go to Ischia again, I'd like to come here again.

65 euros for two persons at lunch (with wine)

"DUILIO" would be one of the very fine restaurants in Ischia. Good view and good service, plus excellent taste. The price is a little bit higher. When you enjoy a luxury atmosphere and very good food, here is recommended.

  • Charge fee --- 2 euros/person
  • Water --- 3 Euros
  • House wine --- 9 euros
  • Mix Seafood appetizer plate --- 11 euros
  • Pasta --- 7 euros (Aglio Orio Peperoncino)
  • Pasta --- 15 euros (Spaghetti with seafood)
  • Main --- 10 euros (fried sardine)
  • Garnish --- 4 euros (fried potatos)
  • Cafe --- 2 euros
from ITALY
We recommend "Duilio"!

Walking around the island of Ischia, looking inside from restaurants to restaurants, I finally chose this one. The best atmosphere, delicious taste, fun and friendly owner Antonio made me impression. Please enjoy the delicious cuisine and fine wine, hearing the sound of the ocean surf!


Daily Menu (June 2009)
Table charge 2 euros / person
Antipasto misto (Appetizer mix) 8 euros, Antipasto Mare (Fish Appetizer) 11 euros, Impepata di Cozze (Common mussel) 9 euros, Zuppa di Cozze (Soup of mussel) 10 euros, Saute' di Frutti di Mare (Saute seafood) 12 euros, Prosciutto e Fichi, o Melone (Ham and melon) 9 euros, Bresaola con Ruchetta e Parmigiano:10.5 euros, Bruschette: 4 euros
Primi piatti
Spaghetti al Pomodoro (Spaghetti with tomato sauce) 7 euros, Spaghetti alle Vongole (Spaghetti with Clam) 12 euros, Spaghetti Duilio (Seafood spaghetti) 15 euros, Risotto Pescatora (Seafood risotto, reservations required) 15 euros, Penne Scarpariello 8 euros, Spaghetti con Scampi (Spaghetti with shrimp scampi) 14 euros, Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino (Spaghetti with garlic and red pepper) 7 euros, Gnocchi: 8 euros, Bucatini al coniglio (Bucatini with rabbit) 7 euros, Spaghetti con Astice (Lobster Spaghetti) 24 euros
Fritto Misto di Pesce (Fried fish platter) 15 euros, Trancia di Pesce arrosto (Roasted Fish Fillets) 16 euros, Pesce fresco prima qualita' (Fresh Fish) 60 euros/kg, Pesce fresco seconda qualita' (Fresh fishes) 40 euros/kg, Alici Fritte (Fried sardines) 10 euros, Grigliata di pesce (Grilled fish) 24 euros, Calamari alla griglia (Grilled squid) 13 euros, Zuppa di pesce (Fish soup, reservations required) 28 euros, Gamberoni (Shrimp) 18 euros, Aragosta (Spiny lobster, reservations required) 20 euros
Coniglio (Rabbit) 10 euros, Pollo arrosto (Roast chicken) 7 euros, Cotoletta alla Milanese (Cutlet Milanese) 8 euros, Scaloppine al Marsala o al Limone (Sliced meat with lemon or Marsala) 8 euros, Bistecca di Manzo ai ferri (Beef Steak) 14 euros
Side dish
Patate fritte (French fries) 4 euros, Fagioli (White kidney beans) 4.5 euros, Insalata mista (Mix Salad) 5 euros, Insalata verde (Green Salad) 3.5 euros, Verdure grigliate (Grilled Vegetables) 6 euros, Insalata di Pomodori (Tomatos Salad) 5 euros, Insalata Greca (Greek Salad) 9 euros, Tonno e Pomodoro (Tuna and Tomato) 9 euros, Insalata Caprese (Tomato and Mozzarella Caprese) 9 euros, Nizza Salat (Nizza Salad) 9 euros
Piatti Speciali
Special Menu
Pomodori, Melanzane arrostite, Alici marinate, olive, Insalata verdure (Tomato, roasted eggplant, pickled sardines, olives, salad) 11 euros, Gamberi sgusciati, Pomodori, Insalata verdure, Salmone Affumicato, Verdure (Shrimp, tomatoes, salad, smoked salmon, vegetables) 15 euros, Calamari, Insalata mista, Alici marinate (Squid, mixed salad, pickled sardines) 15 euros
Formaggi assortiti (Cheese) , Scamorza alla brace , Grana Padano
Frutta di stagione (Seasonal Fruit)
Dolce della casa (Homemade cake)
Vino della casa (house Wine 750cc) 9 euros
Acaua (Mineral water) 3 euros
Caffe' (Cafe) 2 euros

Name Ristorante Duilio (Restaurant Duilio)
Address Via D'Avalos F., 80077 Ischia (NA), Italy
Phone (+39) 081991125
Opening Hours Lunch 12:30-15:00
Dinner 19:30-
* Closed for Holidays from November to March
Budget 20-30 euros / person (excluding drink)
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