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Soccorso Church (Chiesa del Soccorso)

Ischia Forio
Forio is a large town with boutiques and souvenir shops.
Window shopping is really fun.

Ischia Forio
There are many paths to the Soccorso church on the way. These colorful buildings refrect the color of blue water.

Chiesa del Soccorso
At the west end of the island of Ischia, the Soccorso Church stands on the precipice.
Brilliant white walls and distinctive appearance.
The sunset adds a breathtaking beauty.

Chiesa del Soccorso
A small church on the top of the stairs. It's plain, simple and very cute.

Chiesa del Soccorso
The stairs and inside of the outer wall of the church are 1700s.

Chiesa del Soccorso
Beautiful vaults of the inside of the church.

Not only in Ischia, the famous church in Italy

This Soccorso church in the town of Forio (Chiesa del Soccoroso) would be the most famous church on the island of Ischia, or maybe all over Italy. In fact, many artists realised a lot of pictures or photos of this church and became famous.
The church is used also for the design of an Italian stamp and lots of actors and models get married in this church.
The location surrounded by the blue sea is of course beautiful, but the best charm of this famous church must be the mixture of architectural styles.

The white walls of the church are made of the beautiful and colorful baked tiles, Mallorca!

Soccorso church (Chiesa del Soccorso) is located on the top of the cape surrounded by the sea on three sides. It was originaly an Augustinian Monastery, the chapel had been built around the year 1350, but on the October of the 1653 it was abolished by the bull of Pope Innocenzo X. So the current structure was built in 1864, and now it's one of the most distinctive buildings in Ischia. The building were restored after the earthquake of 1883. All exterior walls are made by white stucco, and the stairs which reach up to the front facade are embellished with Majorca tiles of 1700s. The contrast between the white wall and colorful ceramic is very beautiful. Greco-Byzantine style, Moorish style and Mediterranean style are incorporated.

Inside is simple and pretty!

This church's interior is small but interesting with beautiful arches and vaulted ceilings. Along a few wooden chair, we can imagine that here is still used for the Mass. The statue of Christ on the Cross or of Saint Anthony of Padua are enshrined. It was an important church for immigrants and maritime people, and when the storm seemd to have been coming they came to pray in this church. If you look carefully the church, you will notice that the models of a sailing boat are located everywhere.

In the evening, let's go out at sunset bringing with a camera!

This Soccorso Church of Forio is considered as a symbol for this town's people, and many tourists visit it because of its beauty. Since the church is located at the western end of the island, at dusk, the white stucco of the building becomes gradually red by the sunset reflected on the ocean. It's breathtaking beautiful scene. Unfortunately we could not see because of our tight time schedule. Since one of the most attractive scenic points of Ischia, please forget your camera! While listening to the waves of the sea, just wait for the slow sunset.

Forio is a large town where you can enjoy shopping

To go to the Soccorso Church, you get off the bus at the town of Forio. You know, also this town is quite large with fashionable boutiques and souvenir shops. You might also enjoy shopping on the way to explore the church. There are many restaurants and bars, of course, therefore you can relax well.

from ITALY
After returning home, let's show the photos to your friends!

When you visit Ischia, this church is one of the MUST to go like another spot, Sorgeto spring. Seeing postcards of the town in a souvenir shop, you will feel that you have to visit there!

The lovely day is the best time after all! During the afternoon and evening if you have time, I recommend you to see the changing color of the sun.


Name Chiesa del Soccorso (Soccorso Church)
Address Via Soccorso, 0, 80075, Forio (NA), Italia
How to reach From the Ischia harbor it takes 25 minutes by bus (CS line: see the bus timetable). Get off at the Forio stop and walk c.a. 30 min.
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