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La Baia di Sorgeto (Hot Spring of Sorgeto Bay)

Hot Spring of Sorgeto Bay in Ischia
Get off the bus at the Panza town, the hot spring is nearby. Go down following to small signs. You can ask to locals if you get lost.

Hot Spring of Sorgeto Bay in Ischia
This is a road from the bus stop. Going down to the hot spring is very easy. Of course, when you go back you have to climb this slope!

Hot Spring of Sorgeto Bay in Ischia
As Ischia is famous for it's wine, to get to the Sorgeto spring the vineyard continues like this! It's really beautiful.

Hot Spring of Sorgeto Bay in Ischia
Finally arrived, here is Sorgeto Bay. You can rent umbrellas and sheets, naturally there are bars and restaurants.

Hot Spring of Sorgeto Bay in Ischia
A shot from the cave in front of the spring. Change the clothes in this cave and leave the luggage. The clay pack is sold inside the bottles. You could get a shiney smooth skin...

Hot Spring of Sorgeto Bay in Ischia
Everyone with smile and chat. Springs of Italy are of course obligated to wear a swimsuit. It would be useful to bring sandals.

Hot Spring of Sorgeto Bay in Ischia
"Caution! Hot water at 90 degrees comes out. NOTE feet!"

Hot Spring of Sorgeto Bay in Ischia
Ischia has more town areas in the north and south bay, so Sorgeto is less touristic and more beautiful. Next to the spring you can enjoy the clear sea like this. Of course it's possible to swim!

You know, Ischia Island has six faces

Ischia, an island of only 34 km circumference will never tire you even if you stay for a week. This biggest island in the Gulf of Naples has six districts (communes) with lots of interests and charms. If you stay on the island of Ischia, please enjoy each face of these districts. Ischia area is the gateway of this island and has many restaurants and boutiques. Lacco Ameno is beautifully illuminated. Forio is a splendid sea-facing cliff, here you can see the amazing Soccorso Church which rises above the cliff.

A volcanic island, Ischia

The beautiful Sorgeto Bay (Baia di Sorgeto) is located in the Serrara area, southwest coast of Ischia. Here there is a famous natural hot spring. As you know, Southern Italy has volcanic regions. It is said that the famous Pompey city had been collapsed in one night due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
Here Ischia is also volcanic island, so natural hot water springs exist all over the town. But most of them are administered by hotels and private spas, so where hot springs are readily usable by the public is limited. One of them is located in the Sorgeto Bay.

The natural hot spring and hot seawater of Sorgeto

By the Bus of CS line (please check the Ischia bus timetables here), it takes 30 minutes from the harbor of Ischia to here, the Panza town. Get off the bus, and go down a hill along the vineyard according to signs. After 30 minutes suddenly the sea spreads ahead (if you would get lost, ask the way to a local people!).
When you see the scenery of the cobalt blue Mediterranean below the cliff, you'd become excited! Going down the stairs toward the bay, you can arrive at a natural hot spring. Here there is also the beach overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, and tourists in swimsuits are chatting happily in this hot spring.

The hot spring flows into the sea, its optimum temperature is really comfort

Seemingly ordinary normal beach, so you might doubt whether this water is hot. Actually, this natural hot water of 90 degrees springs from the cliff behind and drains into the sea through the natural bath created by reefs. You can choose the best position depends on the temperature of the water, if you prefer the hot water you should be close to the source, and if you want cooler water, just go ahead to the sea. Enjoy your favorite water temperature, and getting in the ocean can cool down your body. Eggs in hot spring water are also speciality of this area.
The bathhouse is situated in the cave, but it's best to come here directly wearing a swimsuit under the clothes. You can leave the luggage in your sight, but it would be better to leave a lot of money or valuables in the hotel.

The clay pack makes skin smooth

Nearby, the natural clay pack is sold. It's said that this clay is effective to get silky smooth skin. Massage services are also available so if you want, just try it. On the rocks some planks are installed, it may be useful to take flip flops to avoid slipping.

Also fish swim gracefully in the spring

Where there are few people, if you look carefully, you can see fish swimming gracefully in the hot spring. But the water temperature is around 40 degrees!! I saw fish swimming in a hot spa for the first time. There were also small crabs. I hadn't imagined that I'd be able to take the bath with fish in southern Italy. Please relax your mind and body, it will become very good memory of your trip.

from ITALY
Sorgeto hot spring makes you feel great!

If you stay longer, please visit this hot spring as soon as possible. I'm sure that you'll repeat to come here many times! If you'd like to spend a whole day, it's better to take sandwiches, fruit and drinks.
Please don't forget a camera to take photos. Make friends in the spring and take photos of people, it will be a good memorial!



La Baia di Sorgeto (Hot Spring of Sorgeto Bay)

Address La Baia di Sorgeto, Ischia Italy
How to reach From the Ischia harbor it takes 33 minutes by bus (CS line: see the bus timetable). Get off at the Panza stop and walk c.a. 30 min.
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