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La Scala Theater (Teatro alla Scala)

La Scala Theater of Milan
La Scala's restoration was completed. One part of inside is dedicated to the museum of La Scala (Museo Teatrale alla Scala). You can see not only the exhibition of costumes and music scores but also the inside of the theater.

La Scala Theater of Milan
A magnificent entrance.

4 stars

Pinnacle of Italian opera, La Scala in Milan

Opera was born in Italy, where people call opera a "Music for a tribute to the gods".
And in Milan, the world-famous theater "La Scala" is located in just near the center of the city. In front of the majestic building, there is a statue of Leonardo da Vinci as if he is almost watching performances quietly every night.

Many young singers and dancers dreams to come to play at this La Scala in Milan. However, only a few of artists can stand and play on the stage of "La Scala". That is just a light and darkness of the modern Europe. Talking about Milan, its image would be a city of fashion, but not only. Here you can enjoy a top quality of operas and dances in the world.

In Italy, opera theater is also a public place and a decent dress code would be asked. Let's enjoy a romantic opera experience together with local Milanese dressed in the latest fashion. That would be a luxury evening.

You can also visit the Museum of La Scala

La Scala was destroyed during World War II and the actual building was rebuilt in 1984. Therefore, please enjoy the beauty and splendor of the theater's interior than the exterior of the building. If you do not have enough time to see an opera unfortunately, it' recommended to visit the museum of La Scala. It's able to see the inside of the theater, too. To get a ticket of Opera, there is an information office at the metro station "Duomo".

Name La Scala Theater (Teatro alla Scala)
Address Via Filodrammatici 2, Milano Italy
How to reach 5 minute walk north from the Duomo through the Galleria.
Phone number +39
Museum of La Scala Theater
Opening Hours 9:00-12:30 13:30-17:30
price 5 euros
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