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Ristorante L'isola del tesoro

Restaurant in Milano
The name of the restaurant "L'isola del tesoro" means "Island of Treasure".

Restaurant in Milano
A chic entrance newly reformed in August 2009.

Restaurant in Milano
The interior atmosphere of the restaurant. Nautical design for delicious seafood.

Restaurant in Milano
Chef Andrea. He is coming out and talking in the hall with customers sometimes.

Restaurant in Milano
Recommended starter "Antipasto ISOLA". Seafood salad with shrimp and shellfish is fresh and delicious.

Restaurant in Milano
The best lobster pasta dish. Plenty rich source entangles with the shrimp flavor.

Restaurant in Milano
The restaurant's well-known dish: Spaghetti ai tre orgasmi (three kinds of pleasures). Please enjoy the harmony of sea urchins and shellfish.

Restaurant in Milano
Spaghetti with seafood "Spaghetti Frutti di mare".

Restaurant in Milano
Delicious desserts.

Taste 4 stars Their Seafood pasta is very delicious and not so expensive. It's a little hard to find the place, but it's always filled with locals in a friendly atmosphere. It's also close to the heart of Milan, so you can come here after your shopping or museum visits.
Mood 3stars
Price 4 stars
Total 4 stars

Delicious seafood in Milan

Milan is a city without sea in Italy but if you go to really good restaurants, you can enjoy wonderful seafood as well as south Italy. You know, the European largest fish market is situated in Milan! Therefore, it's possible to eat fresh fish carefully selected from all over the Italy and Europe. This restaurant buys always seasonal fresh fish and vegetables as possible. You can taste also some delicious pizza and meat dishes. That's why there are many local repeaters.

Friendly staffs and atmosphere

Interior of this restaurant is image of "sea". Plus some uniforms of the football players are adorned here and there. All staffs are humorous and friendly. It's almost like a good local restaurant rather than a fine restaurant. You can relax and enjoy a meal.

Reservations are recommended on weekends

Since it's located in the center and their price is very reasonable, this restaurant is always full of families and many local businessmen. If you would like to get a seat without problem, reservations are recommended. In particular, don't forget to do a reservation on weekends.

Course Menu

This restaurant offers also the course menu (MENU `DI TERRA O DI MARE). "Terra" means "earth" and "Mare" means "sea", in the sense that the seafood or meat course. It's composed with starter, pasta dish, main dish, dessert, wine, plus coffee after meal. Just only 35 euros!!

from ITALY
I recommend "L'isola del Tesoro"!

Normally most of restaurants are closed on Sundays pr Mondays in Italy. But this restaurant is always opened except public holidays and whole August.


MENU (March 2009)
Table charge 2 euros / person
Antipasto di Terra
Appetizer of Meat
Prosciutto crudo di parma 7 euros, Prosciutto crudo toscano al coltello con focaccina bianca al rosmarino 9 euros, Bresaola rucola e grana 8 euros, Taglieri di salumi misti per due 16 euros, Caprese 7 euros
Antipasto di Mare
Appetizer of Fish
Antipasto isola 11 euros, Salmone affumicato con burro e crostini 12 euros, Carpaccio di spada affumicato con rucola e grana 12 euros, Zuppa di cozze e vongole 11 euros, Impepata di cozze e vongole 11 euros, Cocktail di gamberi 7 euros, Acciughe del consorzio con burro e crostini 9 euros
Primi piatti
Ravioli alla nuorese con pomodoro e basilico 8 euros, Gnocchetti sardi al bandito 8 euros, Pappardelle fresche alla bolognese 7 euros, Risotto ai funghi porcini 9 euros, Spaghetti al cartoccio 22 euros, Spaghetti ai tre orgasmi 11 euros, Tagliolini agli scampi e pomodorini cherry 13 euros, Linguine all'astice 16 euros
Tagliate di Carne e di Pesce Tagliata di manzo ai funchi porcini 15 euros, Tagliata di manzo al rosmarino e pepe verde 11 euros, Tagliata di manzo con trevisana e scamorza 13 euros, Tagliata di manzo con rucola e scaglie di grana 12 euros, Tagliata di manzo con patate saute' 14 euros, Tagliata di salmone con rucola e pomodorini 13 euros, Tagliata di pesce spada al rosmarino e pepe verde 13 euros
Secondi di Carne
Mein dishes of Meat
Fiorentina 38 euros, Filetto di manzo a piacere 19 euros, Insalata di filetto di manzo all'aceto balsamico e rucola 14 euros, Maialino sardo al forno con pane carasau , Cotoletta Milano con patate fritte 12 euros
Secondi di Pesce
Mein dishes of Fish
Gran fritto misto all'isola del tesoro 13 euros, Orata o branzino al sale 15 euros, Filetto di rombo in crosta gratin con patate 17 euros, Seppie alla griglia 10 euros, Misto griglia di pesce 25 euros, Gamberoni alla griglia 25 euros, Scampi alla griglia 25 euros, Aragosta alla catalana
Side dish
Insalata mista di stagione 4 euros, Patate fresche fritte 4 euros, Spinaci a piacere 4 euros, Verdure miste alla griglia 6 euros
Margherita 6 euros, etc.
20 types : 6 euros-10 euros
Dolci di nostra produzione 4.5 euros, Coppa mista di gelato 4.5 euros, Sorbetto:limone con vodka, fragola e mirto, mela verde e calvados 4.5 euros, Tartufo nero o semifreddo al torroncino affogati al caffe' 5 euros, Meringa alla cioccolata 5 euros, Gelato affogato liquore 6 euros, Macedonia 4.5 euros, Ananas o fragole 5 euros
vino, bevande
1/4 di vino bianco della casa o rosso 3 euros, 1/2 di vico bianco della casa o rosso 6 euros, Birra in bottiglia 33cl. 4 euros, Birra alla spina media 4 euros, Birra alla spina piccola 2 euros, Bibite in latina 3 euros, Acqua minerale 75cl. 3 euros, Liquori nazionali 4 euros, Caffe' 2 euros

Name L'isola del tesoro
Address Via Ludovico da Viadana, 2 Milano-Italy
How to reach 10 minutes walk from the Duomo, the center of the city. From the stop of Missori of the Metro linea3, go through corso di porta romana to the restaurant's sign.
Phone number +39 0258307003
Closed 8月, Holiday
Opening Hours Lunch 12:00-15:00
Dinner 19:00-01:00
Budget 20 euros per person (excluding drink)
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